The New Telco


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The Telco is space is changing!

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The New Telco

  1. 1. Telecommunications Providers Opportunity
  2. 2. The traditional telecommunications industry is commoditising and driving prices down, making it harder for businesses within this industry to maintain margin. One of the reasons for this is the internet (threat), however the internet also represents the opportunity . The next generation of telecommunications providers will understand that it is about storing the information - not just moving the information. The Change
  3. 3. The internet based collaborative space, will become a key way that businesses communicate - replacing a lot of the redundant transactions that occur today, which currently are a large source of revenue for telecommunications providers. This revenue is under threat. The telecommunications provider of the future will recognise this and start re-modelling their business today , to deal with this change. myworkspace is a business oriented collaborative (and indirectly communications) space. Allowing a business to communicate internally and externally through secure shared information - incorporating all the functions and information a business needs to operate successfully - making it a complete solution. The Next Generation
  4. 4. The demand for myworkspace based services is growing rapidly - through a partnership with myworkspace a telecommunications provider can aggressively move into this market – and build a new source of revenue to augment traditional revenues. By helping a business store it’s information your value to them grows considerably and improves customer retention significantly. The Opportunity
  5. 5. Traditional Telecommunications Services Business Do It Your Self Software Moving from… Today
  6. 6. Next Generation Telecommunications Service “ Information Utility” Traditional Telecommunications Services Business Software As A Service To.. Full Service Offering
  7. 7. Business Oriented Solution The business owners life just got a lot simpler, introducing How did we do business in the past?
  8. 8. Thank you for your time. Talk to us, if you want to find out more about how we can work together to become significant providers in this new emerging market. We look forward to talking. [email_address] Thank you