Talis Aspire - QMUL - Making an effective business case - 17 November 2011


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Pat Simons, Assistant Library Director e-Strategy, Queen Mary University Library

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Talis Aspire - QMUL - Making an effective business case - 17 November 2011

  1. 1. Making an effective business case Pat Simons Queen Mary, University of London
  2. 2. About Queen Mary• 21 academic departments• 18,000 students• 1,600 academic staff• A wide range of subjects.• Ambitious
  3. 3. Once upon a time…We had an in-housereading lists systemthat worked– For one School– When we got the lists– With 4 hours inputting from library assistants per list– Only understood by our in- house systems team
  4. 4. Everything is changing New virtual presenceSocial learning Teaching Collection
  5. 5. Everything is changing Importance New of student management experience PedagogyValue formoney New VLE Library priorities IT Transformation
  6. 6. What is a reading list?• Who uses them?• Who gets them?• Reading list or bibliography?• Directional or optional?• Who cares?
  7. 7. What about the Library• Desperate to get reading lists• No formal channels• No staff time for processing lists• Poor quality of many lists
  8. 8. Is a system what we need? Yes No• Time-poor students • Research intensive• Constrained budgets • Don’t want to “spoon feed”• In house service was • “Academics will never popular change”• Need to promote e- • “Reading lists are too resources restrictive”• Improve communications • Reading lists are too long• Centralisation and • Time-poor academics standardisation
  9. 9. Strategic fit • SA2: Knowledge Dissemination • Improving standards of teaching • E-learning • Student satisfaction • Efficiency
  10. 10. Getting the money• A proper business case• Investigate possible systems – Visits – Demonstration• Project proposals – Library projects fund – Student Experience Grant
  11. 11. Two projects for the price of oneLibrary Humanities• Stock management • Quality of teaching• Helping students 24/7 • Guidance for• Exploit resources academics• Reduce workload • Better communication• Student experience • Student experience
  12. 12. Then the work began2 Project teams • Pilot in one faculty orProject managers all together?Appoint project worker • Teaching & Learning Advisory Groups • Presentations to academics • Identify champions
  13. 13. Good thingsWe caught the zeitgeistSenior support from day oneWe’re in good companyAcademic liaison librarians “got it”Fast progressProject governance and procurement procedures
  14. 14. Not so goodLack of communication between the twoprojects at the startTime slippage caused by staff leaving andrecruitment delaysProject governance and procurementprocedures
  15. 15. The verdict This isn’t a library thing Academic liaison is crucial Senior support Strategic fit Student demand More than technologyHas become a factor in other changes
  16. 16. Any questions? p.simons@qmul.ac.ukhttp://lists.library.qmul.ac.uk/index.html