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Why blogging still matters


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Learning Professionals need to understand why blogging remains a key activity in their ability to stay connected and to stay current. This presentation was given as a Webinar to the Central Ohio Chapter of ASTD 7/1/14.

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Why blogging still matters

  1. 1. Why Blogging Matters
  2. 2. So… what do you want to learn today? What drew you to this topic?? The title of this webinar doesn’t follow the typical pattern of “How
  3. 3. Blogging is Dead… "We are moving to collections and curations, to mobile content, and to different authoring tools. Think for a moment about the incredible popularity of Tumblr, or of Pinterest. I believe they are early iterations of the content revolution." - Francine Hardaway, Fast Company
  4. 4. - Things have clearly changed. In the hay day of blogging most were locked down to Desktop then Laptop computers - Gigaom (Giga Ohm) research article by Stowe Boyd – people are moving to smaller sets vs. scenes - Article speaks of mobile behavior and trust and work group vs. enterprise-wide interaction But there are parallels • enterprise/ • Twitter – a thought, a question, a link, a comment • Blog – a commentary, a solution, a deeper opinion High HighLow Frequency Volume Blog Micro-blog
  5. 5. 1.415 450 Million English Language Blogs – a new one started every half second OR 1.415 Blogs for every single person in the US
  6. 6. It’s not about the technology.
  7. 7. Do you blog? So I conducted a survey across Twitter and G+ channels to gather insights among learning professionals about blogging
  8. 8. Why do you blog?
  9. 9. Blogging and the Learning Professional
  10. 10. Why did I start
  11. 11. What do I get out of it? Balance Personal and profession Opportunity, motivation, connections,
  12. 12. Why Write
  13. 13. “Real” Learning – experience, practice. conversation, reflection – Charles Jennings It’s the bottom right I fear we don’t put enough time or emphasis on. We learn in our jobs, through our practice and we can use social media like Twitter for conversation But when do process and make sense of it all. Blogging is a big part of PKM Experience Practice ReflectionConversation
  14. 14. Why did you or do you blog? Brilliant… but wait! Why not a private journal or diary even online to support images, links, etc? “To clarify my thinking… how am I to know what I think if I don’t see it?”
  15. 15. “writing ourselves into existence.” - Dave Weinberger
  16. 16. The 21st Century Resume
  17. 17. Writing Out loud
  18. 18. What to Write
  19. 19. Tom’s Restaurant on 2880 Broadway, New York by Christophe Gevrey CC BY-SA 3.0
  20. 20. How do you perceive bloggers?
  21. 21. "Bloggers are free – nay, encouraged – to write in the first person. It gives you, the reader, a sense that I’m talking straight to you. Like we’re buddies.” Mari Kane, Blog Site Studio
  22. 22. Got to have a thick skin
  23. 23. What if nobody likes it?
  24. 24. What makes a blog one you will revisit?
  25. 25. Getting Started
  26. 26. Start Think Move Blogging Strategy
  27. 27. Notes
  28. 28. Blogging in the Org
  29. 29. My World
  30. 30. Harold Jarche Life in Perpetual Beta Jane Hart Center for Learning & Performance Technology Charles Jennings The 70:20:10 FORUM Jay Cross The Working Smarter Field Book Euan Semple Organiza ons Don’t Tweet People Do Jon Husband Wirearchy You?
  31. 31. My fav is not the public fav.
  32. 32. Better for having begun
  33. 33. Write about now, Right about now!