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Local Open Data - presentation for the 'Future of Open Data in the Public Sector' event


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Local Open Data - presentation for the 'Future of Open Data in the Public Sector' event 24th October 2013

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Local Open Data - presentation for the 'Future of Open Data in the Public Sector' event

  1. 1. Local open data The value of open data in improving business intelligence in local authorities Mark Braggins The Hampshire Hub Partnership
  2. 2. Information is everywhere…
  3. 3. Right of Way Air quality Post code classified as rural Motorway network Council leisure location Nature reserve area District, Ward & Parish boundaries Ward with high population density LSOA area within IMD 20% - 30% most deprived nationally National Park boundary Industrial & commercial site School & catchment area Street infrastructure Bus stop Building & land height readings Electoral division Address points Historical site Flood zone Planning application
  4. 4. Only a small subset of GI data available as opendata (so far) • A few successes: – Public Rights of Way – Long distance routes – Off-road cycle routes – Recreation sites – Schools – School catchments – Libraries
  5. 5. More on the way… • Hampshire’s Planning Data – Linked Open Data Planning Register – Breakthrough Funding
  6. 6. More on the way… – Aerial photography, height, near infa-red
  7. 7. Lots of drivers to publish, inc: • • • • • • • • Limited resources Reduced funding Joint / partnership working Need for a shared evidence base Greater transparency Economic growth Reduce (need for) FoI requests Reduce amount of time needed to respond
  8. 8. How to improve momentum? • • • • • • • • Guidance / standards (LeGSB) Help remove obstacles (Licensing) Public demand for data Identify ‘popular’ local data sets Education and guidance Open data communities – Push & Pull Procurement Funding (every little helps!)
  9. 9. What does the future of Localgov open data look like? Not just data: variety + context: •Apps •Context •User choice •Infographics •Dynamic charts •Dashboards •Story-telling •Conversation •Works on any device •Crowd-sourced content
  10. 10. Data with open licence Tools for viewing e.g. on a map
  11. 11. Storytelling and conversation
  12. 12. 5 Stars of linked open data 5 Stars of open data engagement Add in 5* of engagement
  13. 13. Thank You @markbraggins