Program - American Chemical Manufacturing Summit 2013, Pittsburgh


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The American Chemical Manufacturing Summit brings together industry leaders to discuss the current state of the industry and the impact of new regulations. The summit provides chemical manufacturing, quality and supply chain executives valuable insight into new manufacturing strategies, technology and Operational Excellence.

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Program - American Chemical Manufacturing Summit 2013, Pittsburgh

  1. 1. Program Researched & produced by
  2. 2. DAY 1, 18 June 2013REGISTRATION AND BREAKFASTCHAIR’S WELCOME ADDRESSLawrence D. SloanPresident and CEOSociety of Chemical Manufacturers and AffiliatesCO-CHAIRKen ClanskyCEOChemical WatchKEYNOTE PRESENTATIONMaximizing your facilities: Optimizing layout to reduce production inefficienciesHow can you reduce costs by improving the layout of your facility?Recognizing inefficiency and redundancy in chemical manufacturing facilitiesAchieving ROI through the 3 E’s: Engineering, Equipment, and ExecutionAnalyzing successful projects that have avoided scope creepCase study: Developing partnerships for project logistics and local engineering in RussiaMurray CovelloVP, Global Supply Systems, Engineering and ConstructionPraxairCASE STUDYExploring the impact of an abundant shale gas supplyWhat can the rest of the industry do to take advantage of the shale revolution?Identifying strategies that Dow Chemical implemented to maximize benefitsReviewing the direct impact on Chlor-Alkali productionPutting successful results into perspectiveAndrew JonesVP, Chlor-Alkali and VinylThe Dow Chemical CompanyPRE-ARRANGED 1-2-1 BUSINESS MEETINGS AND REFRESHMENTSHEALTH AND SAFETYCase study: Chemturas experience rolling out and integrating PSM programming toenhance global and local safetyDescribing Chemturas five-year journey to safety excellence and an incident-freeworkplaceOvercoming roadblocks and hurdles during key phases of the programWalking through Chemturas leadership foundations to earn enterprise-widecooperation and buy-inStimulating employees to achieve new performance goalsOffering best strategies and tools for mapping and managing monthly metricsWhat does taking productivity and process excellence to the next level look like?Kief HessGlobal Director, Chemical Process SafetyChemturaMANUFACTURING STRATEGIESMaking the transition to pull-based supply chains in industries when forecasting failsRecognizing when forecasting cannot be relied upon to inform decision-makingMaking the business case for a switch to pull-based, demand-driven supply chainsA four step approach for moving from push to pullUsing the forecast to “condition” the supply chain as opposed to driving itImplementing tools and processes in order to provide remote access to the system foryour field forceMatt TichonHead, Supply Chain, Medical Specialties, North AmericaClariant Corporation07:15-08:1508:15-08:2008:20-08:5508:55-09:3009:30-11:1511:15-11:50
  3. 3. INTERACTIVE WORKSHOPMeeting established regulatory requirements, managing risk and expediting time tomarketEnsuring you and your organization effectively comply with regulatory and safetyrequirementsMitigating risk, maintaining product integrity and qualityLeveraging an extensive global network of analytical laboratories to expedite time tomarketNaeem Mady, Ph.DVP, Regulatory USAIntertekINTERACTIVE WORKSHOPInnovative analytical technologies that support sustainability initiativesExamining analytical technologies - UltraPerformance Convergence Chromatography(UPC2) and Advanced Chromatography (APC)How these technologies support laboratory sustainability initiativesHow they support your corporate pipeline for innovative new productsJeff MazzeoSenior Director, Global Chemical Materials MarketingWaters CorporationNETWORKING LUNCHKEYNOTE PRESENTATIONEmerging chemistry and technology platforms to meet manufacturing and production challenges of the futureAddressing global trends in demand and innovation that will drive business for the next 5-10 yearsPushing innovation forward in agrochemicals and agricultural products to support expanding economiesNew technology systems to drive global growthMichael Stern, Ph.D.VP, Americas Row CropsMonsantoHEALTH AND SAFETYCase study: Correcting process errors in a chemical plant where exposure resulted ina fatalityWalking through before, during and after a fatal incident and reviewing the lessonslearnedBuilding a safety plan for your facility - What does the Globally Harmonized System ofClassification and Labeling of Chemicals look like?How will GHS impact domestic chemical plants and your day-to-day operations?Improving outcomes of site-specific inspections - Ensuring manufacturers arecompliant with GHSCapitalizing on the benefits of hazard communication in PSM and scheduled PSMinspectionsStreamlining communication for materials handling and manufacturing to reduce riskChristopher RobinsonActing Director, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, PittsburghUnited States Department of LaborJan OleszewskiIndustrial Hygienist, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, PittsburghUnited States Department of LaborMANUFACTURING STRATEGIESCase study: Developing paths to implement the LEED rating system in chemicalmanufacturing facilitiesUnderstanding processes for rewarding leadership standards of the U.S. GreenBuilding Council LEED programNew building products disclosure and optimization - LEED v4 Material Ingredients creditImproving ambient air temperatures for formulation and safety precautionsExploring the challenges in energy and water usage - Overcoming the barriersInnovating science during R&D to create safer, more "green" formulations formanufacture and the product lifecycleSara CederbergManager, LEEDU.S. Green Building CouncilINTERACTIVE WORKSHOPAchieving leading edge functional and financial supply chain performance: PragmaticINTERACTIVE WORKSHOPCase study: Maximizing your control systems potential11:50-12:2512:25-13:2513:25-14:0014:00-14:3514:35-15:10
  4. 4. insights into optimizing your chemical supply chainUnderstanding the financial benefits associated with leading edge supply chainperformance in the chemical sectorExamining the sector peer group performance along Celerants SCM ProprietaryPerformance ContinuumLeaning Practical ways to enhance supply chain capabilities while reducing costsGaining perspectives on leading SCM approaches and the key secret to optimizing yoursupply chainUsing transformational management controls and reporting systems to drivesustainable changeJoseph CooteSVP, Global Practice LeaderCelerant ConsultingTroubleshooting unacceptable deviations in your processes to greatly increase ROIReducing continuous process start-up/shutdown from 24 hours to 2 hoursCorrecting cooling tower water evaporation losses in facilities with higher temperaturesImproving automation systemsEd ElliottBranch ManagerAvid SolutionsPRE-ARRANGED 1-2-1 BUSINESS MEETINGS AND REFRESHMENTSTECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATIONDriving enterprise-wide growth through innovation while managing for decreased manufacturing complexity, product lifecycles and reduced costs: an R&D perspectiver Selecting cutting-edge technologies to reduce costs and improve development timelinesr Leveraging partners to develop innovative technologies and products for enterprise-wide growthr Getting the most out of your investments - Better decision making in an R&D portfolior Strategies for reducing working capital and strengthening market sustainabilityr Managing manufacturing complexity when introducing new products and line extensionsCharles Kahle, Ph.D.VP, Coatings R&D and Chief Technology OfficerPPG IndustriesPANEL DISCUSSIONFacilities of the futureWhat will chemical manufacturing facilities look like in the next 5-10 years?How do we create smaller, safer, more efficient, better-controlled chemical plants?Best strategies to improve sustainability and energy efficiency, and cut costs where necessaryBreakthrough technologies poised to revolutionize the industryBill SeatonVP, U.S. OperationsSigma-AldrichKeith MoserInnovation ManagerExelon NuclearLawrence MaynardPlant ManagerValsparSteve BurginSenior Plant Manager, Packaged ExplosivesDyno NobelCHAIR’S CLOSING REMARKSLawrence D. SloanPresident and CEOSociety of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates15:10-16:3016:30-17:0517:05-17:5017:50-17:5517:55-18:55
  5. 5. DAY 2, 19 June 2013NETWORKING DRINKS RECEPTIONNETWORKING AND BREAKFASTCHAIR’S OPENING REMARKS AND REVIEW OF DAY ONELawrence D. SloanPresident and CEOSociety of Chemical Manufacturers and AffiliatesCO-CHAIRKen ClanskyCEOChemical WatchKEYNOTE PRESENTATIONUnderstanding the challenges facing U.S. competitiveness innovation in chemical industriesWhat can large multinationals and medium-size chemical companies expect to see in the next 5 years?Outlining how the modernization of the Toxic Substances Control Acts (TSCA) will impact new product development and IPHow will recent trends in outsourcing and the rise of emerging markets affect labor, cost, sourcing and product supply?Looking to the future - what is on the horizon that supports American jobs and increased chemical production?Charles BennettCEODixie Chemical CompanyREGULATION AND COMPLIANCENavigating the current and future chemical regulatory environmentThe following session will be jointly presented by the EPA to present the regulator’s perspective and SOCMA to bring industry’s point of view forward in effort to understand impact ofchanging regulations in chemical manufacturing. The session will end with joint questions and discussionDiscussing how upcoming regulatory changes could impact chemical manufacturersOffering lessons learned from Europe’s experience with REACH and other international regulationsUnderstanding what the EPA is looking for and how you can exceed their expectationsStaying ahead of the curve by leveraging other chemical control law, increasing transparency and voluntary programsJim JonesActing Assistant AdministratorEnvironmental Protection AgencyLawrence D. SloanPresident and CEOSociety of Chemical Manufacturers and AffiliatesOPERATIONAL EXCELLENCEBuilding a culture of continuous improvement in chemical manufacturingDeveloping a CI culture in your businessAligning the company functions to strive for CI beyond the shop floorDemonstrating ROI from CI initiativesTom WalshVP, Engineering and Functional ExcellenceHoneywell Performance Materials and TechnologiesPROGRAM IMPLEMENTATIONCapitalizing on the benefits of outsourcing non-core supply chain functions andautomated processesExamining how third party logistics can benefit large chemical companiesBreaking through the challenges of outsourcing supply chain functions - Saving timeand moneyUsing 3PLs to better assess the viability of improvement measuresValidating cost savings of the outsourced modelIdentifying new opportunities with third party partners to propel future growth08:00-08:3008:30-08:3508:35-09:1009:10-09:4509:45-10:20
  6. 6. Sean RitchieDirector, Logistics OperationsBayer MaterialScienceNETWORKING AND REFRESHMENTSOPERATIONAL EXCELLENCECase study: Reducing costs by $1m per month by utilizing statistical-based inspectionsand lean programmingImplementing lean manufacturing and operational excellence initiatives across youroperationsIdentifying areas where OpEx will generate the most ROIOvercoming roadblocks to make lean the best fit for a batch production modelMaximizing current capabilities and expanding plant productivitySharing best practices to serve your business in the most economical wayBill SeatonVP, U.S. OperationsSigma-AldrichPROGRAM IMPLEMENTATIONSupporting global growth by improving manufacturing and sourcing processes in AsiaIn-house vs. outsourcing - which manufacturing model and operational models areworking?Increasing your manufacturing footprint through smart planning, capital efficiency andtalent developmentDeveloping processes and implementing new technologies to help drive down costUnderstanding the opportunities and risks of expanding chemical operations into newregionsBuilding solid foundations for accelerating business into emerging marketsKevin ShoemakerVP, Global Operations and Supply ChainPuracKEYNOTE PRESENTATIONAddressing industry-wide challenges of making the transition to green chemistry and sustainabilityHow has the move toward green chemistry shaped vendor relationships and the cost of supply chains?Taking a holistic approach with partners and government to deliver on customers growing sustainability needsBuilding a business infrastructure to be more reliant on renewable feedstocksDeploying and integrated sustainability strategy for manufacturing and supply chainsCase studies: Examining process bottlenecks and supply chain successes to improve sustainabilityStrategically managing and improving energy efficiencyMike BerryVP, Global Procurement and Chief Procurement OfficerEastman Chemical CompanyNETWORKING LUNCHOPERATIONAL EXCELLENCECase study: Expanding production capabilities through process and facility build-outDeveloping a manufacturing strategy and constantly building on itGetting cash now - Maximizing existing assets to support growthDebottlenecking existing assets to support the next 2-3 years - Capacity and capital forinvestmentsExpanding production in the right place at the right timeDan KeyVP, Integrated Supply ChainUOP LLC, a Honeywell CompanyPROGRAM IMPLEMENTATIONIncreasing manufacturing manpower - Tackling the challenges of talent retention andrecruitment in the chemical industryBuilding more robust talent pipelines in Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and NorthAmericaAssessing talent trends and challenges in manufacturing over the next 3-5 yearsDeveloping processes to build-up young, highly skilled workforces to secure the futureof American manufacturingIngolf ThomDirector, HR Center of Expertise, Workforce Planning and Talent AcquisitionThe Dow Chemical CompanyKEYNOTE PRESENTATIONTaking advantage of the reshoring trend in chemical manufacturing10:20-11:2011:20-11:5511:55-12:3012:30-13:4513:45-14:2014:20-14:55
  7. 7. What are the cost and risks of implementing a reshoring initiative in your business?Understanding requirements to reshore manufacturing and supply chain functionsExamining your in-house and outsource capacity to determine the most cost effective options for the long-termHarry MoserFounder and PresidentReshoring InitiativePANEL DISCUSSIONManaging the global challenge of supply in a fluctuating raw materials marketHow can chemical manufacturers and supply teams reduce the cost of raw materials?What are the best strategies to forecast raw material availability and stability?What are some alternative ways to control costs of safe, quality raw materials?Preserving product quality during transportation from manufacturing facilities to terminals or overseas for export salesChelsea LangManaging EditorDigital Manufacturing ReportJeff PresleyManager, Alternate Methods of Supply (AMS)Eastman Chemical CompanyJohn ConleyPast PresidentNational Tank Truck CarriersMike McConnellVP, Supply ChainSherwin-WilliamsScott MasonEVP, Global Supply ChainStepan CompanyCHAIR’S CONCLUDING REMARKS AND CLOSE OF SUMMITLawrence D. SloanPresident and CEOSociety of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates14:55-15:4015:40-15:45
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