Program - 3rd Annual Drug Delivery and Formulation Summit 2013, San Diego


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Program - 3rd Annual Drug Delivery and Formulation Summit 2013, San Diego

  1. 1. Program30thApril - 1st May 2013Manchester Grand Hyatt,San Diego, USAResearched and Produced by:
  2. 2. DAY 1, 30th April 2013 (Tuesday)REGISTRATION AND BREAKFASTCHAIRS WELCOME ADDRESSKeith Horspool, Ph.D.VP, Pharmaceutical DevelopmentBoehringer IngelheimOVERCOMING THE PATENT CLIFFLifecycle Management - Paradigm Shifts Toward More Effective Development and Commercializationr Comparing and contrasting the development model of today to that of 10 years agor Examining roadblocks toward game changing innovation and delivery routesr Overcoming the patent cliff and maintaining a competitive edge over genericsr Improving clinical trial timelines - why is it taking so long?r Helping scientists, formulation and development teams become highly efficientRiccardo Panicucci, Ph.D.Global Head, Chemical and Pharmaceutical ProfilingNovartisACADEMIC-GOVERNMENT PARTNERSHIPSBioavailability and Solubility - Improving Sustained Release Formulations through Nanotechnologyr Developing high absorption and sustained release formulations that last from 24 hours to 1 weekr New hydro gels and macroscopic dosage forms - exploring applications to HIV/AIDS and cancer medicinesr Developing methods for the design, fabrication and evaluation of drug and diagnostic delivery technologiesr Looking internationally for ground breaking research in stability and commercial scale-upr Where will nanotechnology be in the next 5 years? - Steps to formulating Class 4 drugsFatih M. Uckun, M.D., Ph.D.Professor, Research Pediatrics at Childrens Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases, Childrens Hospital Los AngelesUniversity of Southern CaliforniaPatrick J. Sinko, Ph.D.AVP, Research and Professor II in the Ernest Mario School of PharmacyRutgers UniversityPeter S. Kim, M.D.Deputy Director, Therapeutics Research ProgramNational Institutes of HealthPiotr Grodzinski, Ph.D.Director, NCI Office of Cancer Nanotechnology ResearchNational Cancer InstituteINTERACTIVE WORKSHOPTechniques for Enabling Better Treatments through Oral Drug DeliveryKeeping up with industry pressures to bring more drugs to market and fasterEnabling the development of better treatments through proven technologies andtechniquesINTERACTIVE WORKSHOPFirst-in-Human Formulation Strategies - New Paradigms Challenging the Status QuoAssessing formulation and manufacturing techniques available to development teamsUnderstanding the drawbacks and benefits of preclinical, in vitro and in silico methodsTranslational Pharmaceutics - What is it? How can it help?07:30-08:0008:00-08:0508:05-08:4008:40-09:2509:25-10:00
  3. 3. Enhancing solubility through modifying release profiles of oral drug delivery formulationsMichael ValazzaVP, Business DevelopmentCatalent Pharma SolutionsCase studies on Enabled First-in-Human studiesMark Egerton, Ph.D.Managing DirectorQuotient ClinicalPRE-ARRANGED ONE-TO-ONE MEETINGS AND REFRESHMENTSSMALL MOLECULE - API CHARACTERIZATIONCase Study: One-Year Progress Report on Initiatives to Further Integrate APICharacterization in Developmentr Applying predictive and simulation modeling in formulation and deliveryr Utilizing particle engineering and predictive pharmaceutical modeling to predict formand performancer Exploring how to best capture early phase data, analyze and forward screen to assessriskr Readily accessing necessary tools for data comparison in development - TheCambridge Crystal Databaser Balancing the challenge of becoming smarter and faster while maintaining complianceVal Harding, Ph.D.VP, Global Pharmaceutical Science R&DPfizerBIOLOGICS - ANTI-CANCER AND ANTI-FIBROTIC THERAPIESCase Study: Rapid Establishment of Biologics at Gilead Sciencesr Building a biologics portfolio from the ground-up to advance Gileads product pipeliner Addressing the challenges and benefits of operating in a small group with end-to-endCMC responsibilitiesr Improving tech transfer from process development to clinical drug substance and drugproduct fill/finish operationsr Case studies on antibody production and managing complex relationships with externalpartnersScott Sellers, Ph.D.Senior Research Scientist II, Biologics DevelopmentGilead SciencesINTERACTIVE WORKSHOPCapitalizing on Microfluidic Technology to Enhance Drug Formulationsr Utilizing new technologies to determine the process variables of drug formulationsr Developing drug delivery formulations with a high degree of uniformity, solubility, tailoredrelease, benign processes and reproducibilityr Combining all process critical equipment into one compact and robust apparatus that iseasy to control and ready to use in environments that meet pharmaceutical standardsRobin de BruijnFounder & CTOEmulTechINTERACTIVE WORKSHOPOvercoming the Solubility Hurdle and Reducing Time to MarketTransforming Class 2 and 4 compounds into usable Class 1 drugs through thedeployment of the NanoActive TechnologyImplementing high throughput screening cascade to generate hits within daysPredicting in-vivo performance of Super-APIs from well-established in-vitro assaysEstablishing development and optimization process - focusing on final dosage fromcompatibilityExamining fully industrialized production process from discovery application to cGMPproduction scaleKatalin FerencziPrincipal Business Development ManagerDruggability Technologies HoldingsSMALL MOLECULE - HUMAN VS. ANIMAL PRODUCT DEVELOPMENTLessons to be learnt from Animal Health Developmentr What unique safety goals must be met for animal health products?r What are the parameters that animal product formulators have to reach?r Comparing and contrasting human and animal health product development timelinesr New opportunities for novel, cost-effective delivery technologies for animal healthproductsJames E. FreemanVP, Laboratory Sciences, Veterinary Medicine R&DZoetisMartin Folger, Ph.D.Head, Pharmaceutical DevelopmentBoehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica GmbHRobert Waranis, Ph.D.Head, Formulation Development and Pharmaceutical TechnologyMerial, a Sanofi companyBIOLOGICS - PK/PD STUDIES OF HIGH DOSE FORMULATIONSCase Study: Assessing Immunogenicity in Single Dose and Multiple Dose StudiesWhy is immunogenicity observed in a fraction of individuals and not all the population?Does high dose formulation induce immune tolerance?Examining the impact of immunogenicity on PK profiles of large moleculesUnderstanding responses to strength, onset and longevity and its impact on PK studiesComparing and contrasting clearance of novel drug constructs compared to full humanmonoclonal antibodiesAddressing the need for a universal method to overcome inconsistencies in reportingtypes of ADA responses that impact PK/PDVibha Jawa, Ph.D.Principal Scientist, Clinical ImmunologyAmgen10:00-11:4511:45-12:2012:20-12:5512:55-13:3013:30-14:30
  4. 4. NETWORKING LUNCHPANEL DISCUSSION - IMPROVING DEVELOPMENT RELATIONSHIPSReducing Costs and Risk in Drug Development Partnershipsr Overcoming hurdles of partner communication and data managementr Balancing partnerships in early drug development with measures to minimize riskr How do we better manage the development lifecycle and risk sharing with partners?MODERATED BYElizabeth ThomasEditorAmerican Pharmaceutical Review, Pharmaceutical OutsourcingFrank Diana, Ph.D.VP, Pharmaceutical DevelopmentEndo PharmaceuticalsJessica BallingerSenior Director, Protein Pharmaceutical DevelopmentBiogen IdecKeith Horspool, Ph.D.VP, Pharmaceutical DevelopmentBoehringer IngelheimRiccardo Panicucci, Ph.D.Global Head, Chemical and Pharmaceutical ProfilingNovartisBIOLOGICS - IMPROVING M&S CAPABILITIESModel-Based Quantitative Approaches in Formulation Development - Pushing theEnvelope of Regulatory Acceptancer Examining "near-miss" translation of BE resultsr Using PK/PD models to predict the effect on clinical outcome in situations of minorexcursion beyond BE boundsr Case studies - leveraging data to predict the effect of Cmax excursion on the clinicaloutcomer Assessing regulatory responses: Successes and failures to convince regulatorsThomas Kerbusch, Ph.D.Executive Director, Modeling and SimulationMerck & Co.INTERACTIVE WORKSHOPEnhancing Solubility through the Micronization (Nanonization) of APIr Exploring opportunities, challenges and applications for Micronization (Nanonization) ofAPIr Understanding the fundamentals and methodology of utilizing Bead Mills to increasethe solubility of APIr NETZSCHE DeltaVita®: Critical design parameters and units availabler Real world applications utilizing Micronization of API to nanoscaleRandall SmithPresidentNETZSCH Premier TechnologiesINTERACTIVE WORKSHOPRapid Trace Impurity Control and Resolutionr Understanding the sources of unqualified trace impuritiesr Approaches to impurity structure elucidation and identificationr Case study: Screening for unqualified impurities in late-stage productr Navigating roadblocks to correct and control impurities or degradant formationClare L. Murray, Ph.D.Director, Integrated Pharmaceutical SolutionsScynexisPRE-ARRANGED ONE-TO-ONE MEETINGS AND REFRESHMENTSSMALL MOLECULE - PROCESS VALIDATION AND TECH TRANSFERBest Strategies for Commercialization and Rapid Product Introductionr How can drug development and manufacturing groups work together to correctinefficiencies in technology transfer?r Avoiding roadblocks in the process - what are the preferred techniques?r Integrating development and manufacturing teams to reduce time to marketr Overcoming process validation challenges for technology transferShabbir Anik, Ph.D.SVP, Technical OperationsOnyx PharmaceuticalsBIOLOGICS - VACCINE TECHNOLOGIES AND DEVELOPMENTCreating Universal Vectors for Therapeutic Recombinant Viral Vaccinesr Case study - Phase 1 human clinical results of genetically modified killed whole-HIVvacciner Prime-boost vaccine development using two different serotypes of recombinantvesicular stomatitis virusesr Developing therapeutic vaccines to clear chronic HCV infection, and asymptomatic HIV-positive patientsr Examining cellular immune responses against HIV and HCV proteinsChil-Yong Kang, Ph.D.14:30-15:0515:05-15:4015:40-17:0017:00-17:35
  5. 5. DAY 2, 1st May 2013 (Wednesday)Professor of Virology, Department of Microbiology and ImmunologyWestern UniversityKEYNOTE PRESENTATION - CONTINUOUS MANUFACTURINGContinuous Manufacturing in Pharma - Advancing Science and Technology to Improve Product DevelopmentImplementing a strategy for continuous processing for formulated productsAssessing new technologies, operational impacts, trends and driversAddressing the challenges and benefits of continuous processingWhat facility designs are required for successful deployment for continuous manufacturing?Discussing the application of continuous processing with a QbD frameworkMatthew Ling, Ph.D.Manager, Continuous Manufacturing, Formulation Sciences GroupAstraZenecaCHAIRS CLOSING REMARKSKeith Horspool, Ph.D.VP, Pharmaceutical DevelopmentBoehringer IngelheimNETWORKING DRINKS RECEPTIONSponsored byNETWORKING AND BREAKFASTCHAIRS OPENING REMARKS AND REVIEW OF DAY ONEKeith Horspool, Ph.D.VP, Pharmaceutical DevelopmentBoehringer IngelheimKEYNOTE PRESENTATION - PROCESS OPTIMIZATION AND LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENTDriving a Culture of Innovation to Break Past Development Barriers and Formulate Products for Unmet Medical Needsr Examining milestones of formulation and drug delivery key to MedImmunes successr Gaining a competitive edge on the competition through utilizing drug delivery technologiesr Uncovering future trends for the development and application of prefilled syringes and other devicesr Finding new technologies that enable lifecycle management opportunitiesAndrew Donnelly, Ph.D.Head, Drug Delivery and Device Development, Formulation SciencesMedImmuneSMALL MOLECULE - DEVELOPMENT BEST PRACTICES BIOLOGICS - TRENDS IN BIOSIMILAR DEVELOPMENT ANDREGULATORY PATHWAY17:35-18:1018:10-18:1518:15-19:1507:30-08:0008:00-08:1008:10-08:4508:45-09:20
  6. 6. From Basic Research to Market Introduction - Setting Best Practices to EnhanceProductivity and Efficiencyr Working as a team to improve organizational development to solve drug delivery andtechnology needs for the new and existing productsr Opening lines of communication between all R&D, formulation and manufacturingpartnersr Avoiding costly delays through continuous transfer of knowledge and technologyr Developing strategies for tech transfer from lab to pilot and from pilot to commercialproductionr Defining and measuring success throughout the processLaman Alani, Ph.D.VP, Pharmaceutical Products and Technology DevelopmentAlcon LaboratoriesBreaking into Biosimilars - What does it Mean to be a Global Player in Biosimilars?r What clinical phases can be skipped when manufacturing a generic of an approvedproduct?r Tevas journey in creating and filing BLAs for Neutroval and Balugrastimr Leading developments of Tevas pipeline - BioSimilars and BioBettersr Addressing the challenges of achieving bioequivalencer Looking to Europe for an abridged knowledge of bringing biosimilars to marketr Demystifying the regulatory pathway for biosimilarsDavid Shen, Ph.D.VP, Global Head of Biologics Development; Head, Teva-Lonza Joint Steering CommitteeTeva PharmaceuticalsINTERACTIVE WORKSHOPIntelligent Deployment of High Resolution Analytics and Informatics to ImprovePharmaceutical Development and QC Processesr Deploying high resolution analytical tools in late-stage development and QCr Simplifying data acquisition, automating data processing and managing informationr Generating customized reports without the use of external software to format andcommunicating resultsr Simplifying and reducing costs for analytical lab complianceRobert F. BurgoyneDirector, Americas Field MarketingWaters CorporationINTERACTIVE WORKSHOPPatient-Centric Drug Formulation Principles - Balancing Formulation Requirements andPatients Treatment NeedsProviding an overview of challenges experienced during formulationDeveloping patient-centric oral drug therapies using versatile drug delivery technologiesSuccessfully navigating drug development pathwaysCase studies - taste-masking, orally disintegrating tables and formulation techniques topreserve efficacyEnsuring acceptance among niche patient populationsAnthony RecuperoSenor Director, LicensingAptalis Pharmaceutical TechnologiesMichael GosselinManager, FormulationsAptalis Pharmaceutical TechnologiesMORNING REFRESHMENTS AND NETWORKINGSMALL MOLECULE AND BIOLOGICS - ADVANCES IN DRUG DELIVERYDEVICESPanel Discussion: Expanding Developments in Drug-Eluting Devices and OcularPharmaceuticalsr Investigating the opportunities and challenges in developing drug-eluting devicesr Capitalizing on the latest treatment advances in age-related macular degeneration anddiabetic macular edemar Analyzing drug-eluting devices to treat and monitor diabetesr Identifying common bottlenecks and interdisciplinary challengesr What will ophthalmic drug delivery look like in the future?Andrew Luk, Ph.D.Senior Director, New Technologies, R&DCooperVisionChris Rhodes, Ph.D.Former Chief Technology OfficerSKS OcularGeorge BaklayanDirector, Pharmaceutical DevelopmentBausch + LombBIOLOGICS - INNOVATION IN PEPTIDE AND PROTEIN THERAPEUTICSDeveloping an Injectable Formulation for a Poorly Water Soluble Moleculer Assessing the potential opportunity lost with poorly soluble moleculesr Case study - Preclinical through clinical investigation of a Roche oncology compoundr Examining platforms and examples for handling poorly soluble compoundsr Achieving the target product profile for such molecules and risk assessmentFarooq Qureshi, Ph.D.Research Leader & Senior Principal Scientist, Global Formulation ResearchRoche09:20-09:5509:55-10:5510:55-11:30
  7. 7. Laman Alani, Ph.D.VP, Pharmaceutical Products and Technology DevelopmentAlcon LaboratoriesThierry Nivaggioli, Ph.D.Director, Drug Delivery Product TechnologyGenentechINTERACTIVE WORKSHOPNLAB Silica - Not for any Poorly Solubles but for the Rocks and Brick DustsHow does NLAB Silica differ from other technologies like lipids, polymers andnanomilling?Mechanism behind increased solubility: lock in of the drug in an amorphous state, evenAPI spread out and molecular dissolution from nano-sized poresShowcase dramatically increased solubility and sustained releaseUncovering which APIs are suitable for the technologyNext generation applications of mesoporous silica carriersAndreas BhagwaniNanologicaCEOINTERACTIVE WORKSHOPSolubility Enhancement Platforms - Bridging API Synthesis and FormulationDevelopmentr Enhancing API solubility through particle engineering technologiesr Amorphous solid dispersions: screening to select the best performing and stableformulation and process scale-upr Nanoparticles technology: combination of particle design technologies for advancedformulationsr Streamlining tablet formulation development and manufacturing capabilitiesr Applying QbD in solid dispersion and nanoparticles process developmentEunice Costa, Ph.D.Scientist, Drug Product DevelopmentHovioneSMALL MOLECULE - ENHANCING DRUG BIOAVAILABILITY ANDSOLUBILITYChallenges and Opportunities in Developing Intravenous Crystalline Nanotechnologyr Approaches for formulating crystalline nanosuspensionsr Overcoming issues of poor solubility and erratic absorptionr Our story of finding the right particle size and toxicokinetic profiler Looking internationally for inspiration in breakthrough nanotechnologiesNicholas Barker, Ph.D.VP, Pharmaceutical SciencesCubist PharmaceuticalsRX-TO-OTC SWITCHCreation of Value after Loss of Exclusivity for Rx DrugsHow can Rx-to-OTC switch extend a branded product and create value after Rx loss ofexclusivity?Examining critical considerations for evaluating the switch of Rx compounds to OTCUnderstanding how drug delivery technology, route of administration and formulationenables "switchability"Extending the lifecycle of molecules for the creation of value to consumersJoseph Reo, Ph.D.Head, Lifecycle Management, Rx-to-OTC Switch Center of ExcellenceMerck Consumer CareTHEMED LUNCHWhat Makes Formulation-MindedPeople Turn to Powder in aCapsule?Timothy ScottPresidentPharmatekTHEMED LUNCHBioavailability Enhancement – AnIntegrated Approach to SolvingBioavailability Enhancement fromFormulation to ProcessDevelopment to MarketMichael SarmentoDirector, Business Development,Modified Release TechnologiesCatalent Pharma SolutionsMichael ValazzaVP, Business DevelopmentCatalent Pharma SolutionsTHEMED LUNCHCaptisol-Enabled® RepurposedCompounds - Maximizing Safetyand Improving Solubility, Stability,Bioavailability and Dosing of APIsGlenn DouradoDirector, Business DevelopmentLigand PharmaceuticalsJames D. Pipkin, Ph.D.Senior Director, New ProductDevelopmentCaptisolTHEMED LUNCHSize and Shape Analysis forFormulators: How Can we Gain aGreater Understanding of ourParticles?Jon MoleEVPSirius AnalyticalTHEMED LUNCHCan Automated Technologies beused to Accelerate DOE Studiesfor Drug Substance and DrugProduct Development?David YamaneProduct Marketing Director, LifeScienceFreeslateINTERACTIVE WORKSHOPExperimental Methods for Investigating Supersaturation, Dissolution and Precipitation Behavior of Poorly Soluble DrugsIncreasing bioavailability of drugs for GI absorption through the use of supersaturationUsing solid dispersions to enhance solubility and supersaturationEvaluating the performance of solid dispersions through the use of dissolution assaysUtilizing Surface Dissolution Imaging and real-time particle size and shape measurement to enhance mechanistic understanding of solubility and dissolution11:30-12:0512:05-12:4012:40-14:0014:00-14:35
  8. 8. Jon MoleEVPSirius AnalyticalSMALL MOLECULE - INNOVATION IN SPRAY DRIED DISPERSIONSCase Study: Expediting Inhalation Product Development by a Novel CosuspensionFormulation Platformr Examining spray-dried, low-density particles to deliver microcrystals by using standardmetered dose inhalersr Focusing on the nature of fine particles and the barriers they create in respiratoryproduct developmentr Using nature instead of fighting it - handling instability of fine particlesr Overcoming regulatory challenges without the need for a novel devicer Simplifying clinical development and removing CMC from the critical pathSarvajna Dwivedi, Ph.D.EVP, R&D and Co-FounderPearl TherapeuticsSMALL MOLECULE - IMPROVING POORLY SOLUBLE CANDIDATESOvercoming the Development Trap - Examining Poor Solubility and Bioavailability ofNCEsExploring the benefits of bimodal mesoporous silica for poorly-soluble drugsExamining new developments in inorganic carriers as a safe and effective optionEnhancing solubility with state of the art technologiesDieter Lubda, Ph.D.Head, R&D Excipients and FormulationMerck KGaAPANEL DISCUSSION - FUTURE FORECASTMoving Forward - How is Drug Delivery and Formulation Evolving?What will nanotechnologies, patch infusers, cloud networks, and biobetters look like in 2020?What implications will these advances have in the drug delivery and development arena?Improving solubility - what advances can we expect in the next 5 years?How will outsourcing and emerging markets evolve partnerships and the development landscape?Andrea Leone-Bay, Ph.D.VP, Pharmaceutical R&DMannKind PharmaJames J. CollinsVP, Packaging & Device Design and DevelopmentEli Lilly and CompanyJerry Murry, Ph.D.VP, Small Molecule Process and Product DevelopmentAmgenWilliam Rowe, Ph.D.Associate Director, Formulation DevelopmentVertex PharmaceuticalsXiaoping Cao, Ph.D.Technology and Sourcing Lead, Pharmaceutical Sciences Development Center in ChinaPfizerCHAIRS CONCLUDING REMARKS AND CLOSE OF SUMMITKeith Horspool, Ph.D.VP, Pharmaceutical DevelopmentBoehringer IngelheimPLANT TOUR - PHARMATEK FACILITYBuses will depart from the foyer at 4:25PMJoin Pharmatek for a tour of its manufacturing plant, a 60,000+ sq. ft., custom built facility with six cGMP manufacturing suites, analytical labs, formulation labs and dedicated spacefor Highly-Potent and Cytotoxic (HP/C) compound development and manufacturing. There will be a cocktail and appetizer reception before the tour followed by a hosted dinner.For more information concerning the facility tour please ask one of the World Trade Group staff members on-site or speak directly to a Pharmatek representative.Kevin RosenthalDirector, Manufacturing14:35-15:1015:10-15:5515:55-16:0016:00-19:00
  9. 9. Pharmatek
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