Twitter In-Depth 1


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How to organize and use Twitter

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Twitter In-Depth 1

  1. 1. Social Media: Twitter Twitter In-depth May 9, 2012 Robert Lawrence III @mark_biersdorfFor the Intermediate Twitterer
  2. 2. Why Twitter• Research, learn, stay up to date in your field (e.g., CPA, IT, HR, Medical Devices, etc.)• Follow topics and people of interest• Look for jobs• Be seen; get your brand out• Participate in a community (e.g., Cubs, Sox, CPA, IT, Mac)• Send out important information to others
  3. 3. Understanding Twitter
  4. 4. How is Twitter Like Email?• Both are communication tools• Tweet like email message• @handle like email address• Sending Tweet like sending message to an email group• Private list like email group• Public list like public group in email
  5. 5. How is Twitter Like Email?• Both can have addresses in the message• Both can contain text, URLs, pictures• DM like sending email to one person• Both can become unmanageable if not organized
  6. 6. How is Twitter Not Like Email?• 140 characters in Tweet• Tweets sent to people you don’t know with #hashtags and @handles• @handles, URLs, #hashtags in Tweet body• Don’t delete Tweets
  7. 7. How is Twitter Not Like Email?• Show brand in Twitter (Profile, Tweets)• Find information in Twitter, including jobs; someone must send them to you in email• Followers and Following• Communities, social aspect• Can link Twitter to Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  8. 8. Twitter Elements and their Application
  9. 9. Twitter Elements• Profile Information• Handles - @xCubs2016 or @xwhitesox2013• Hashtags - #socialmedia• URL added to Tweet• Direct Messages (DM) and Retweets (RT)• Lists
  10. 10. Twitter Profile• Information about you• Connection to LinkedIn, Facebook• Your Brand
  11. 11. @handles• Unique to every Twitter user• Use handle to send a Tweet to someone that is not following you• Placed anywhere in Tweet body, acts like a c.c. in email• Click on a handle to show other messages
  12. 12. Using @handles• Expand audience beyond followers• Add handles in the body of the Tweet• c.c. contact in Retweet
  13. 13. Hashtags• Relevant keywords• Placed anywhere in Tweet body• Clicking on a hashtags shows other messages with that keyword• Can be trend topics
  14. 14. Hashtags
  15. 15. Using # and @ togetherClick onhandles andhashtags tosee similarTweets
  16. 16. Adding URL to Tweet• Share article, information or blog with others• A long URL is shortened in Tweet so it fits
  17. 17. Direct Messages (DM)• Send a message only to the recipient• Recipient must be a follower• Other followers cannot see• Not listed in Tweet timeline• Two ways to send DM
  18. 18. Direct Messages #1• Place “d” in front of the handle• Now it is direct
  19. 19. Direct Messages #2
  20. 20. Retweets• Send out someone else’s Tweets
  21. 21. Lists:Private and Public
  22. 22. Too Much InformationSo, how doyou find theimportantstuff?Lists!
  23. 23. What are Lists• Sort Tweets by topics and people for easier viewing• “A curated group of Twitter users”• Two kinds; Private and Public• Create or join lists
  24. 24. Lists:Private
  25. 25. List Types - Private• You create - 25 characters per list name, 20 lists/account, 500 members/list• Think group of people, you can organize by topic or interest• Separates important information from a storm of Tweets• Only you can view private list
  26. 26. View Lists in Profile
  27. 27. How to Create Lists
  28. 28. New Private List
  29. 29. Adding Twitterer to Your Private List
  30. 30. List View• List shows only list member tweets• Easier to find topical tweets
  31. 31. Changing Lists • Public or Private from Twitter • Click on List to open • Edit or Delete • Can change name, public or private
  32. 32. Lists:Public
  33. 33. About Public Lists• Community of members, share tweets with others that appreciate them• Anyone can find and join• Create your own public list in Twitter• Subscribe to already created public lists• Create or join public list on Listorious
  34. 34. Public ListsCreated in Twitter
  35. 35. Create Public List• Pick unique name• Enter appropriate description for public to see• Select Public and save list
  36. 36. Add Members• Look up handles to add to public list• New member will be notified
  37. 37. Join a Public List from Twitter• Click on follower/following profile• Click on their lists; only Public lists show• Click on the list that you like
  38. 38. Join a Public List• Subscribe to list• New List will show under your profile
  39. 39. Removing Yourself From a Public List• First step; what lists are you on?• See what lists you are on (i.e., “Member of”• To remove name from list, block list owner• Unblock owner if you still want to follow them (Still off the list)
  40. 40. Public Lists Listorious
  41. 41. Subscribe to Public Lists• Listorious – search lists and people to follow by topic, region or profession• Twitter log in• Follow or create public lists
  42. 42. ListoriousType search term or Click on list titlepick from existing list
  43. 43. Adding Public List • View on Twitter • Subscribe to the List
  44. 44. New List Added to Profile Before Just added public list
  45. 45. Dashboards:Managing Tweets and Lists
  46. 46. Unmanaged Lists• A lot of steps to see unmanaged lists – Go to profile – Click on list – Up to 20 lists to open and view Tweets• Dashboards group lists in columns – Columns are open lists – Don’t have to open list to see tweets – Tweets still organized by lists
  47. 47. Dashboards• Dashboard displays your lists in column form• Used to manage private or public Twitter lists• TweetDeck, HooteSuite, Seesmic, others• Top 10 Dashboards -• Versions for iPhone, iPad, Windows, Mac
  48. 48. TweetDeck
  49. 49. ColumnsColumns linked to your lists
  50. 50. Changing Views• Each column represents a list from your Twitter account• Column lists Tweets by order received• Add columns to TweetDeck as you create lists• Navigate columns by clicking on bars
  51. 51. Create ColumnChose columntype – Lists
  52. 52. Create Column 2• Select the list (e.g. Mac)• Click on the column button
  53. 53. New Column
  54. 54. Additional Resources• How to create a List -• TweetDeck Tutorial -• How to use Listorious -• Using #hashtags -
  55. 55. Conclusion• Understand Twitter Elements, experiment• Lists organize and display similar Tweets• Lists are starting point for Dashboards• Dashboards display lists in columns• Columns display Tweets w/o opening lists
  56. 56. Questions?