iSchool Presentation to Mobile Monday in Zambia


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iSchool Presentation to Mobile Monday in Zambia

  1. 1. Mobile Monday Zambia: almost ready for mass market and mobile Internet?Mark Bennett 21 May 12
  2. 2. Predicted growth of Internet usage From 2010 to 2020Some Google Predictions…
  3. 3. The effects of the Internet
  4. 4. Some other facts
  5. 5. In the last 3 minutes
  6. 6. But not moving as fast in ZambiaInternet still expensiveLack of awareness of its usefulnessLack of Zambian web contentToo few (affordable) Internet devices
  7. 7. Why the Internet is expensive in ZambiaCore reasons: Nearest peering point is in London Overland cable more expensive than under-sea Most traffic is international and not in-country The ISP has to provide new last-mile infrastructure Power, security etc. are issues and create cost More expensive still to get to areas outside Lusaka Support levels are high (ICT literacy levels low) Up to 40% of an ISP’s income goes in taxes Costs are not shared: we pay to receive mail and calls as well as send them.
  8. 8. Moving from satellite to fibre Has allowed bandwidth to increase by thousands of times
  9. 9. Coverage IncreasingMobile phonecoverage WiMAX coverage PLANNED OPTICAL Mbala FIBRE NETWORK Kasama Mansa Mpika Lumwana Solwezi Luano Kitwe Serenje Chipata Kasempa Mongu Kaoma Lusaka Kabwe And prices Katima Choma Kazungula Kariba TRANSMISSION CAPACITY: 2.5 Gbps falling fast V/Falls
  10. 10. In the future the web must bePersonalLocalMobileSimpleAffordable
  11. 11. Some stats from Google.. Showing that internet usage grows when people have access to computer/tablet devices
  12. 12. We will move away from conventional PCs
  13. 13. Our friendlyNokia isbeinggraduallyedged out….
  14. 14. There willsoon besmartphonesavailable atless than $80
  15. 15. Nomadic as well as mobile devices are appearing And prices of devices falling fast
  16. 16. So, within a year it is likely that we will have much cheaper internet and much lower cost devices…We may then see massmarket internet useoccurring for the first timein Zambia.The key then becomes,what do we do with it?What content is there thatwill drive the take-up?
  17. 17. So what do we expect this large numberof new users to do with internet access? Portals will be launched with a dynamic range of materials, including localised news, music, entertainment and social networking. Facebook already has 200,000+ users in Zambia and now needs more localisation.
  18. 18. Health and Agricultural Information is KeyAnd language is critical
  19. 19. An example of content being built especially for Zambia Online eLearning content being developed to cover the entire Zambian curriculum from Grade 1 to Grade 12. All early grade material available in English and 8 vernacular languages. Lesson plans – which use interactive enquiry-based learning – available for every single lesson. Every other lesson the students will be using the computer and will interact with stimulating multi-media material that is fully Zambian centred. One year teacher training course also included.
  20. 20. A sample lesson andexercise in Englishand Nyanja
  21. 21. An online language lesson, which is also voiced and animated to make literacy fun
  22. 22. Differentiated interactive group learning is being introduced
  23. 23. Other facilities being introduced for rural areas,including access to agricultural information and learning
  24. 24. Target < $10 per child per termFor the total package, to include all equipment needed, as well as the learning content and support
  25. 25. Also to be availablevia open internet andin App form for smartdevicesWill include health,agricultural, tradingand other services forlocal communities
  26. 26. Can we reach 2 million Internet users by next year? And can we give them all the content they need?Thank you!