Spire Portal Introduction


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Welcome to the Spire Portal, the first web based payment solution designed to make ckecking out at the end of your fundraising event a snap!

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Spire Portal Introduction

  1. 1. Spire Portal <br />Introducing the Spire Portal, your gateway to a New World of event payment processing<br />Introduction<br />
  2. 2. Spire Portal - <br />What is the Spire Portal ? <br />The Spire Portal is a secure web based payment solution designed for Non Profit Organizations hosting fund raising events. The Spire Portal allows organizations to efficiently manage all aspects of payment processing from beginning to end. <br />Not only is the Spire Portal secure and efficient, it is very easy to use! The Spire Portal was designed with volunteers in mind; eliminating the complex component of traditional payment options.<br />
  3. 3. Spire Portal - <br />What exactly does the Spire Portal do?<br />The Spire Portal provides the following capabilities to ensure a successful and profitable event!<br /><ul><li> Pre-sell tickets and pre-register guests.
  4. 4. Register and check in guests at the door.
  5. 5. Provides guests with a Quick Check Out option.
  6. 6. Guests can split payment methods for purchased items.
  7. 7. Allows guests to pay with credit cards, cash or checks, and even make additional donations.
  8. 8. The Spire Portal is compatible with virtually any event management software.</li></li></ul><li>Spire Portal - <br />How do I access the Spire Portal at my event?<br />Spire Portal can be accessed anywhere there is an open WIFI Connection via a computer, laptop, iPad, or a Spire netbook. <br />Spire Payment Solutions will provide the necessary payment processing equipment including a card reader, and internet/WIFI enabled Netbook(s) should you require.<br />The Spire Portal is compatible with most auction software on the market today; assuming files can be exported and imported using a csv or txt format.<br />
  9. 9. Spire Portal - <br />How do I sign up to so we can use the Spire Portal?<br />Establishing an account is a snap using Spire Payment Solutions easy application process. It’s our goal to help provide your organization with the piece of mind that the payment processing component of the event is taken care of! <br />Once established with Spire Payment Solutions, a unique user name and password will be created for access to your organization’s private account. <br />123456214<br />PASSWORD<br />
  10. 10. Spire Portal - <br />What will the Spire Portal allow me to do?<br /><ul><li>The Pre-Event link allows you to; pre-sell tickets and pre-register guests for Quick Check Out, assign bidder numbers, and run important reports.
  11. 11. The Event Night link allows you to; register guests at the door, process credit cards, accept check and cash payments , and receive additional donations at the end of the night. Run key event night reports
  12. 12. The Post-Event link allows you to process your Quick Check Out transactions, upload sales for batching, and run essential reports for post event reconciliation.</li></li></ul><li>Spire Portal - <br />Getting started using the Spire Portal<br />One of the most valuable aspects of the Spire Portal is it’s flexibility and versatility!<br />You can use any PC, laptop, or even an<br />iPad to access the Spire Portal as long as you have internet access. <br />The only equipment requirement is a Spire Payment Solutions pre-configured card reader.<br />Spire also offers a complete and affordable package should your organization need additional equipment.<br />
  13. 13. Spire Portal - <br />Setting up equipment is very simple!<br />Spire’s Complete Solution including the following items:<br /><ul><li>SpireNetbook with Windows 7 & mobile internet connectivity (WIFI, & AT&T wireless).
  14. 14. Pre-configured card reader.
  15. 15. All essential power cords.
  16. 16. Micro mouse.</li></ul>Spire’s Complete Solution is a snap to use!<br /><ul><li> Power up the Netbook, plug in the card reader and the mouse…you’re ready to go!</li></li></ul><li>Spire Portal - <br />Logging onto the internet is just a click away<br />If your organization chooses to use the Spire CompleteSolutionthe next steps apply. <br /><ul><li> If using your own hardware proceed to the next page.
  17. 17. Power up the Netbook. The first window to appear is the “Communication Manager”.
  18. 18. This window will allow you to connect to the internet via AT&T wireless or WIFI.
  19. 19. Select either the AT&T wireless network or the WIFI connection by clicking the button.
  20. 20. When the button turns orange, you are now connected to the internet.</li></li></ul><li>Spire Portal - <br />You are ready to step into the world of the Spire Portal<br /><ul><li> If you are using the Spire’s Complete Solution, launching Internet Explorer automatically directs you to the Spire Portal home page.
  21. 21. If you are using your own hardware, launch your web browser and navigate to www.spireportal.com.
  22. 22. Simply click the “Admit One” ticket to securely log on.</li></li></ul><li>Spire Portal - <br />Logging on to the Spire Portal<br />Click on the “Log In” link and enter your organization’s unique user name and password issued by Spire Payment Solutions.<br />
  23. 23. Spire Portal <br />You’re now ready to proceed to the Pre-Event activities.<br />