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Using facebook 4 business 2012


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Guide I use to teach seminars about how to use Facebook for commerce.

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Using facebook 4 business 2012

  1. 1. Using Facebook forBusiness by mark atkinson 2012
  2. 2. Page |1
  3. 3. Page |2What is Facebook really?Data from Wikipedia and CNN.comWhere did the idea come from?“A Facebook is a printed or online directory found at American universities consisting ofindividuals’ photographs and names. In particular, it denotes publications of this typedistributed by university administrations at the start of the academic year with the intention ofhelping students get to know each other.”What is it really; how is it used and by whom?A place on the web to discuss common interests with otherslike family, places, food, schools,and just about anything else we think and speak about daily..The average Facebook user has 130 friends.There are about 750 million active users, 146 million in the US, nearly ½ of Americans have anaccount. With so many people in one place, it makes sense that organizations use it to connectwith it members and/or, current and potential clients.A successful business?2010 gross revenue $2 billion, up 158% from previous year. Most revenue comes from sellingbanner ads.Paid 8.5 million for the domain name:
  4. 4. Page |3Create a Page on FacebookMust have a personal profile first.Use the address below to create a Facebook Page.
  5. 5. Page |4Communicate/Connect with your AudienceFrom the Wall to the News Feed: Conversation with your Audience is the Main Goal
  6. 6. Page |5Advertise to your AudienceEventsQuestions
  7. 7. Page |6Paid Advertising: No other known way to specify and target Segments of Population So Well
  8. 8. Page |7Paid Advertising: Estimate your market by determining who you will advertise to
  9. 9. Page |8Sell to your AudienceFacebook StoreYou can use third-party vendors for stores like:
  10. 10. Page |9End NotesWould you like to learn how to do these things with Facebook? Please register as a client for free consultingby going to the link below, then carefully reading and following the instructions.If you are already a registered client or are not sure, I am just an email away at:,Mark AtkinsonRegister for Free Business Consulting: