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IBM Netcool for Smarter Energy and Utilities

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  • Macro Drivers: Three global trends will drive decision making across all industries over the next 5 years: The Global Economic Crisis Resulting in changes to credit and funding sources and increasing pressure to reduce costs Climate Change and Environment Concerns Climate change and the environment has become an enduring public policy priority Rapid Technological Advances and Availability We are at a turning point in the history of information and consumer technologies Industry Drivers: For the utilities industry, three drivers will predominate: Increased Reliability and Power Quality, combined with Increased Pressures on Rates Deliver higher quality, more reliable power, while keeping rates low Growth in Renewable Generation and Distributed Resources and a focus on conservation Manage more green energy and a more bidirectional, less predictable network Deliver energy management to customers, not just energy Need for new business models
  • Final Screen. Once you’ve finished your presentation, leave the projector on this screen whilst engaging in further discussion.
  • IBM Netcool: Smarter Energy and Utilities 130910

    1. 1. © 2009 IBM Corporation Smarter Energy and Utilities Monitor & Manage the Intelligent Utility Network with IBM Netcool software Near real-time, consolidated event management across business infrastructure, data centres, complex networks and IT domains. Improve Efficiency, Meet Regulatory Requirements
    2. 2. © 2009 IBM Corporation2 Market forces are impacting the landscape of utilities, requiring the transformation of business models Increased pressure on operational efficiency and workforce productivity Environmental based regulation. How to measure and prove? Increased Security Requirements Aging Infrastructure with increased expectations on reliability Growth in renewable generation and distributed resources. “Co Gen” challenges Increasing consumer focus in energy management and conservation Industry challenges and opportunities
    3. 3. © 2009 IBM Corporation3 IBM has worked with clients around the world to transform the energy value chain CenterPoint Energy Consumers Energy Ontario Energy Board Enemalta ASM Brescia MVV/City of Mannheim EnBWEcotricity Essential Energy Ausgrid DTE Energy DONG Energy Progress Energy Pacific Northwest National Laboratory San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Oncor Red Electrica de Espana npower Guangdong Dapeng LNGAustin Energy Hildebrand Terna Endesa S.A. A large Brazilian Utility Company Texas Electric Delivery Company Power & Water SP Ausnet Ergon Transpower
    4. 4. © 2009 IBM Corporation Multi Industry Centers of Excellence Multi Industry Centers of Excellence North America Europe Asia Pacific Solutions Experience Lab at IBM Houston Energy & Utilities Solutions Centre at IBM La Gaude Multi Industry Centers of Excellence Integrating industry solutions with infrastructure Bridging the gap from business process to technology WW Global Energy & Utility Solution Centers In-depth Industry Solution Architecture and Integration capabilities 4 China Development Lab for E&U at IBM Beijing Demonstration centers showcase innovative solutions for the E&U Industry with many integrated, solution prototypes. Demonstrations can be projected in live video anywhere in the world!
    5. 5. © 2009 IBM Corporation Focus Areas Improved Operational Efficiency whilst meeting Regulatory Requirements “Measure, Manage, Prove” 5
    6. 6. © 2009 IBM Corporation Network transformation challenges As IT and power systems networks converge, traditional security risks impact power infrastructure C O N V E R G E N C E Source: Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
    7. 7. © 2009 IBM Corporation Consolidated Operations Challenge - How to manage the explosion of event data emanating from the increasingly complicated operating environment and to put context around the business service impact of silo’d event feeds? This challenge applies equally to the Comms Network, the Datacenter environment, and the Intelligent Utility Network (Comms and IED’s). Operational Outcome – leverage the event data coming from the silo’s of monitoring and management by placing fault conditions in a wider business service context. Identify gaps in monitoring and understand the interdependencies in play and the Root Cause/Symptom relationships to allow prioritization of effort on actionable incidents. Business Benefits – Improved Operational efficiency allowing for a leaner Operational group (headcount and Tools) whilst delivering tangible improvements in cost reduction and lowered MTTR with associated outage claim exposure. Average cost to roll a truck in Victoria is approx $1000/day. In Queensland it is closer to $2000/day. British Telecom ROI using IBM Netcool Technology: Consolidated 27 NOCs into 2 Saved costs on s/w, h/w, facilities, 80% staff reduction Reduced MTTR by 50% Reduced fault rectification costs by factor of 10 Events reduction of 2,500:1 Reduced OPEX of £736,000 a year 7
    8. 8. © 2009 IBM Corporation SmartGrid Management Challenge - How to address the management burden of the increasingly complex, IP enabled SmartDevices being deployed into the Grid? Often, these devices perform key protection roles such as Safety Switching and are typically subject to Regulatory rigor resulting in more frequent change management and audit obligations. Operational Outcome – Single, Scalable tool to manage appropriate Intelligent devices within a multi-vendor, heterogeneous SmartGrid in a controlled and timely manner. Repeatable configuration templates and “Golden Masters” allow for rapid, error free, auditable management of devices located in potentially Geographically dispersed and remote locations. Drive change through automation via Consolidated Ops. Business Benefits – Improved Operational efficiency through automation and consolidated Tools framework whilst ensuring Regulatory Requirements can be met and measured. Minimize OH&S exposure through reduced Truck Rolls ($1000/day Victoria, $2000/day Queensland)/Physical Pole Climb and litigation. $19.7m Compensation for Beechworth Fire $22m sought from Victorian Government in Kilmore East Fire Class Action Culpable for death of 119 people (out of 173 total) 8
    9. 9. © 2009 IBM Corporation SmartGrid Analytics Challenge - How to leverage the event data exposed from the grid for Automation, Reporting, OH&S and Asset Management purposes. Also how to exploit asset data held in repositories to add additional context to faults. Operational Outcome – Utilise event data such as Weather Station notifications to drive automation and for rapid identification of localized concerns. Exploit PQ event data to isolate and target failing infrastructure and provide additional layers of rigor around field maintenance (isolation). Provide quantifiable service quality data to the business. Business Benefits – Improve operational efficiency through minimising user intervention in smart grid device management. Targeted maintenance allows for pre-emptive, preventative asset management moving from inefficient and expensive scheduled inspection. Better exploit event data and reporting capabilities for PQ potentially assisting with PUF leading to tangible financial incentives from State Government. Minimise OH&S exposure and associated penalties. Victorian distributor reports multi million $credits/month through PUF reporting 9
    10. 10. © 2009 IBM Corporation Discussion Topics  What are your top challenges currently and what will they be moving forward? – Regulatory & State Government reporting? – Improved Operational efficiency?  What is your Smart Grid Strategy? – What devices do you have currently deployed and how do you manage? – What does your 5 year roadmap look like? – How has the Royal Victorian Bush Fire recommendations affected your roadmap?  Do you have challenges involving your unregulated lines of Business? – How do you ensure device configuration is compliant and hardened? – How do you assure telecommunications services provided to 3rd parties? – Do you offer service levels? How do you measure and prove? 10
    11. 11. © 2009 IBM Corporation Reference Material 11
    12. 12. © 2009 IBM Corporation E&U Reference Customers  Centerpoint Energy Houston Texas – Deployed 2.4 AMI Meters – Manages Itron OpenWay Cell Relays (neighborhood collectors) and significant events from HP OpenView, CiscoWorks and GE PulseNet. They also manage a number of servers and appliances that host Meter Data Collection Engines, DataPower XML accelerator, and the Meter Data Management System.  Oncor Dallas Texas – Oncor in Dallas, TX, recently purchased Netcool to manage 400 Smart Grid Routers and alarms from 4 million Landis & Gyr AMI meters  Oklahoma Gas & Electric – Use Tivoli Monitoring as an "event Manager of Managers" to visualize and act upon events from many sources in the AMI environment; CiscoWorks, Nortel ONG, ABB distribution management system, SilverSprings UtilityIQ, 12
    13. 13. © 2009 IBM Corporation  Great River Energy – An electric utility in the United States closes 40 percent of its service requests within two hours and satisfies 85 percent of them without escalation when it builds an integrated service and asset management solution based on IBM Tivoli Service Request Manager, IBM Tivoli Asset Management for IT and IBM Maximo Asset Management software  Light Serviços de Eletricidade S.A – A major Brazilian utility serving a large metropolitan area creates an interconnected system of intelligent devices to sense, monitor and respond to indicators of the status of an electric distribution network to improve service delivery for its customers by leveraging Tivoli Monitoring, Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus, IBM System x3500 and IBM Global Technology Services 13 E&U Reference Customers
    14. 14. © 2009 IBM Corporation14 Telekom Austria: Events reduction of 40,000:1 Processed over 4m events a day and reduced to less than 100 critical alarms Reduced fault investigation time by 50% Reduced downtime by 25% Reduced operational costs by approx €6m a year British Telecom: Consolidated 27 NOCs into 2 Saved costs on s/w, h/w, facilities, 80% staff reduction Reduced MTTR by 50% Reduced fault rectification costs by factor of 10 BT Global Services: Events reduction of 2,500:1 Reduced OPEX of £736,000 a year Saved £171,000 a year on s/w, h/w & licenses KPN: Consolidated 13 NOCs into 2 Reduced operations headcount from 700 to 300 Overall ROI $19m in 9 months Advanced intra-domain correlation for Transmission network: Reduced 10K alarms to less than 9 root cause alarms Root cause identified within 3 min Reduced 12 people to 4, covering 4 regions (1 each) Telecom Italia: Increased operational efficiencies by 10% in service assurance processes Reduced Trouble Tickets creation time by 15min Reduced correlation time between faults by 30min Reduced provisioning time by 4min per order Reduced ADSL delivery time from 21 days to 7 day Increased operational efficiencies by 20% in service delivery processes Non E&U Consolidated Ops Reference Customers
    15. 15. © 2009 IBM Corporation15 IBM Research: Smarter Energy Solution Driven Strategy Committees and standards Joint research and pilots  Regional Demonstrations  National Labs  Universities  Industry/client partners, technology consortia – Smart grids, Batteries, Plug-In Vehicles  First of a Kind projects  DOE GridWise Architecture Council  NIST SG Working Groups  ISO, IEC, IEEE, …  Smart grid enablement – Real-world aware systems-of-systems architectures – Modeling, analytics and optimization – Renewable and EV integration, optimization – Demand response – Interoperability frameworks and messaging – Cyber-physical system security – Social computing – Compute and storage clouds, HPC  Smarter Energy Platform  Intelligent buildings and green data centers
    16. 16. © 2009 IBM Corporation 1800 456 001 HOBART | MELBOURNE | SYDNEY | BRISBANE ABOUT ISW ISW is a multi-award winning IBM Premier Business Partner focused on delivering innovative and intelligent business technology solutions. Certified across a broad range of software applications and infrastructure, including Business Analytics, we provide complete support for your IT project: consultation, licensing, development, implementation, cloud hosting and training. Mark Anderson ISW Business Development Manager on