Funny Animals


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Four animated stories by Marjory Kinnon students

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Funny Animals

  1. 1. “Funny Animal” stories By students on the Marjory Kinnon school link digital photography class
  2. 2. Pandigecapuchonkey By George Thomas Osborn
  3. 3. The Pandigecapuchonkey is swinging through the jungle
  4. 4. Then a Silverback Gorilla challenged the Pandigecapuchonkey to a swinging contest I challenge you to a swinging contest, Mr Bring it Pandigecapuchonkey on Gorilla
  5. 5. The Gorilla gains a head start
  6. 6. The Gorilla was near the finishing line
  7. 7. But when the gorilla grabbed a vine, it snapped when he was holding on to it
  8. 8. The Pandigecapuchonkey won the contest in a fair game
  9. 9. The tigorinaphant and the Crocodile By Christopher Brooks
  10. 10. The Tigorinnaphant got caught by a big crocodile, He took one step back, and ran for cover.
  11. 11. The tigorinaphant raced down tow The tigorinaphant raced towards the tree and hid behind the tree to keep safe. He must be by that tree, but I don’t know where he is.
  12. 12. The crocodile searched about for the tigorinaphant but, he was nowhere to be found. Where has he gone?! I can’t find him anywhere!
  13. 13. He went home to his cave and had a rest on the rocks. Phew !, that was close, Now I can have a rest on the rocks in my cave.
  14. 14. lidewhalog By Lee smith
  15. 15. He fell of a rock and his friend animal safe him.
  16. 16. The north pole By Thomas Misra
  17. 17. The polecheewolgan is running in the Antarctica
  18. 18. The polecheewolgan was walking on the Sahara desert but then suddenly a scorpion came to gobble it up I’m gonna gobble you up for my dinner
  19. 19. The polecheewolgan runs away from the scorpion
  20. 20. The scorpion was trying to catch him but then he had to breathe fire out of his mouth
  21. 21. the creature goes back home to his igloo.