The Role of Aesthetics in Computer Engineering


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The Role of Aesthetics in Computer Engineering

  1. 1. The Role of Aestheticsin ComputerEngineeringA Case Study
  2. 2. IntroductionModern world‟s innovativeideas all started from a singleimagination.
  3. 3. IntroductionToday‟s century is the Age ofInformation and technology playsa critical part in determining thegolden times of the era.Computers were created to easelife, to color it at the least.
  4. 4. IntroductionThe problem with today‟seducation is not realizingthe importance ofAesthetics in the curriculum,especially the course ofEngineering.
  5. 5. IntroductionThe aim of the researchers isto determine the mainpurpose of Aesthetics in thefield of ComputerEngineering.
  6. 6. Main Objectives To formulate the function of Aesthetics inHardware Engineering. To develop the concepts supportingProgramming and Software Engineering withrelation to Aesthetics. To identify the significance of Aesthetics toHardware-Software Integration.
  7. 7. AestheticsAesthetics is the theory of theperceptibility, appreciation,responsiveness, and enjoymentof the beautiful in art and nature(Cometa, Aquino and Santillana, n.d.).
  8. 8. AestheticsWelsch (2003) summarized in hispaper that aesthetics isconsidered as „artistics‟, as anexplication of art with particularattention to beauty.
  9. 9. AestheticsIt is the judgment of taste to castout what is beautiful.
  10. 10. Aesthetics in EngineeringIt is only important that the researchersdetermine the significance of Aesthetics in thefield of engineering as a whole so as todetermine the extents of Aesthetics in the sub-fields of engineering. As stated:Engineering involvement with aesthetics is vitalfor the creation of innovative and successfulproducts in today‟s fast changing world.(Faste, 1995)
  11. 11. Aesthetics in EngineeringWith today‟s world bringing innovationsthat would not just suffice humanneeds but also their taste, it is justimportant to consider Aesthetics inthe field of Engineering.
  12. 12. Computer EngineeringTryEngineering (n.d.) has specified thetasks accomplished by a computerengineer. It stated that computerengineers analyze and evaluatecomputer systems, both hardwareand software.
  13. 13. Computer EngineeringResearchers have deducted thatComputer Engineering is divided intothree major fields: HardwareEngineering, Software Engineeringand Hardware-Software Integration.
  14. 14. Hardware EngineeringHardware engineering tackles thedesign and functionality of thehardware devices and how they willbe properly built to be able to performfunctions connected to software
  15. 15. Hardware Engineering andAestheticsThe job of the computer engineers is toensure that their products are well-defined with their features. Designcomplements that of aesthetic valueof a product for this is what affectsthe taste of a human being.
  16. 16. Software EngineeringSoftware engineeringconcerns itself to theprogramming of a system.
  17. 17. Software Engineering andAestheticsAs discussed in the design of hardwareengineering, humans will tend to useprograms that will be elegant in theirgraphic user interface. It is already anorm in the human mind to utilizethings that are perceived to bebeautiful in their own tastes.
  18. 18. Hardware-Software IntegrationHardware-software integration isthe proper connection of thehardware and the software.
  19. 19. Company ProfileThe interviewee of the researchers forthe conduct of the case study is Engr.Mario Andal, Systems Administratorof the Information Technology Center(ITC) of the University of Batangas.
  20. 20. Role of Aesthetics in ComputerEngineeringComputer engineering, as defined by theinterviewee, is “the combination of computerscience and electrical engineering, both areneeded to create software and hardware.Computer Engineering is involved fromdesigning Microprocessors to circuit design.This field of engineering not only focuses onhow computer systems themselves work, butalso how they integrate into the larger picture.”
  21. 21. Role of Aesthetics in ComputerEngineering“Aesthetics is really important in any software orhardware products, because the user willenjoy doing his work or job just by looking atthe thing he/she is using, [utilizing] beauty [forsatisfaction].”
  22. 22. Role of Aesthetics in ComputerEngineering“Developing software [or] programsmust be eye-catching.”
  23. 23. Role of Aesthetics in ComputerEngineering“We choose the vendor that hasproducts with high standards andhigh quality.”
  24. 24. Role of Aesthetics in ComputerEngineering“It (Aesthetics) is important [for] usComputer Engineers. It makesour life colorful, [and it allows usto do] what [is] best, and that iscomputer engineering.”
  25. 25. SynthesisComputer engineering has been defined as ananalysis of computer systems both hardwareand software. While the interviewee relatedthe field with Computer Science and ElectricalEngineering, it can be deemed that computerengineering covers hardware, as the concernof Electrical Engineering, and software, as theconcern of Computer Science.
  26. 26. SynthesisIt was earlier defined that Aesthetics is thephilosophy of art and beauty, or the philosophyof art and the aesthetic. Thus, the case studywas centered on how beauty affected thepractice of computer engineering.
  27. 27. SynthesisThe interview has stressed out that the design ofthe hardware devices affect greatly the level ofsatisfaction of the users to the extent that hewill have to choose sellers that produce high-quality raw materials to produce high-qualityproducts.
  28. 28. SynthesisThe quality of the raw materials to be used washighly emphasized by the interviewee as itwas pointed out in Chapter II. Before computerengineers can build any product, they mustfirst assure that the raw materials to be usedare evaluated properly and ensured that theywill function.
  29. 29. SynthesisBoth literature presented concerning softwareengineering and interviewee‟s point of viewregarding the application of Aesthetics insoftware engineering pertained to how theusers would satisfactorily respond to thedeveloped software to the extent that will it beuser-friendly enough or not.
  30. 30. SynthesisThe elegance of the program couldcritically determine the functionality ofthe software itself as discussed in theprevious chapters.
  31. 31. SynthesisThe researchers have assumed that thehardware-software integration cannotcreate the significance of Aesthetics inComputer Engineering for its conceptsare purely theoretical and scientific thatthe researchers limited it to how thesoftware and hardware were individuallymade to create aesthetic impacts to theusers or consumers.
  32. 32. SynthesisThe researchers have obtained resultscentered on how the users will respond tothe products constructed for it is onlythrough there that Aesthetics can beclearly seen with effects and functions.
  33. 33. ConclusionFrom the data gathered andanalyzed, the researchershave formulated the followingconclusions:
  34. 34. Conclusion1. In hardware engineering, Aestheticspose significance to the creation of thehardware devices with the user‟s levelof satisfaction of the hardware and theutility of the product.
  35. 35. Conclusion2. In software engineering, theprograms developed are created forthe users to efficiently maximize itsuse. Aesthetics enters the scene withthe graphical user interface affectingthe user-friendliness of the programand how the users will be satisfiedwith programs developed.
  36. 36. Conclusion3. Computer engineering utilizesaesthetic judgment to create end-products that would suffice the taste ofthe users and the level of satisfactionof the users.
  37. 37. Conclusion4. With the vague definition of Aestheticsdefined in the previous, the aesthetic valueand judgment of taste greatly affect thedecision of the users to appreciate thoseproduced by the Computer Engineers. It isthrough there that Aesthetic greatly definesthe art in Computer Engineering. The role ofAesthetics is to ensure that the products willcognitively and intuitively satisfy the users ofthe software and hardware devices.