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Principles of the implementation of youth policy


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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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Principles of the implementation of youth policy

  1. 1. Communication and co-operation: youth organisations of Parity : state and municipal Lithuania communicate and co-operate institutions and agencies as well with youth organisations of Lithuania as youth organisations are and other countries, state and represented equally municipal institutions and agencies, other natural and legal persons Subsidiarity: youth-related decisions must be made at a Self-governance: in their level in which they are most activity young people set down effective ways, forms, responsibility and evaluation of the implementation of the purposes of this activity Interdepartmental co-ordination: when solving youth-related issues, state and municipal institutions and Voluntarily: young agencies communicate and people participate in a Principles of the co-operate with each other chosen field of activities implementation of their own will and without pressure of youth policy Participation: youth-related issues are solved with the participation of young people and by co-ordinating Independence: young them with youth or youth people themselves choose a organisations field of activities, set its purposes, take an active part in it and are responsible for Informing : state and municipal the fulfilment of the said institutions and agencies, as well as purposes youth organisations inform young people on the matters relevant to him in an acceptable and accessible formPrinciples of the implementation of youth policy .mmap - 09/02/2012 - Marius Ulozas