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Cafe Kolache Content Calendar


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A content calendar for a week with an author visit to accompany the social media plan.

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Cafe Kolache Content Calendar

  1. 1. Time Copy Photo/Link Facebook 11:00 AM Meet with one of our local authors THIS Saturday! Facebook Event, the event will RSVP and check out their books here! include a link to the author's website 7:00 PM Check us out on Snapchat (cafekolache) Picture of Snapcode for a special surprise with our author event! Twitter 8:00 AM Sundays just aren't complete without coffee! Get some whole beans during the week! 1:00 PM What's your favorite thing to do on a #lazysunday ? Instagram 10:00 AM Starting the day with our Columbian Roast, Shot of the ground coffee freshly ground at home! #wholebean beans at owner's kitchen #freshground #local #localcoffee 6:30 PM Spy on our sweets and get a sweet surprise Picture of Snapcode Snapchat 6:00 PM We're holding a snapchat contest Owner with an excited face 6:05 PM Video and text on Snap: We're going to be Owner in her kitchen checking our Snapchat Story every day 6:10 PM Video and text on Snap: And we'll randomly Owner in her kitchen select a winner from someone who checks the story each day 6:15 PM Video and text on Snap: And they'll get a Owner in her kitchen free, signed book! Facebook 8:00 AM Stop in and start your week right with some Link to article talking about benefits breakfast and coffee of starting the day with breakfast Twitter 9:00 AM Make Mondays managable with coffee and Kolaches Video of Hugh singing it 4:00 PM Treat yourself to something sweet link to Instagram image Instagram Sunday Monday
  2. 2. 4:00 PM Treat yourself to something sweet #bakedgoods Picture of the cinnamon twists #cinnamon #kolache #kolachedough #localeats Snapchat 8:30 AM Monday wake up call Video: coffee being brewed 10:00 AM We need the help too Video: Employees drinking coffee Facebook 9:00 AM We'll be having a Facebook live event with the author Tag the author today at 5! Leave questions below or tweet us @cafekolache 5:00-7:00 PM We're answering your questions LIVE with our author! Video: Live stream, tag the author Twitter 1:00 PM Be sure to send us the questions you want answered for our livestream on Facebook at 5! 2:00 PM Too antsy to wait for the livestream? Check our Snapchat of the employees Snapchat to see what our employees are up to! making a funny face Instagram 7:00 PM We had such an amazing time chatting with our Photo taken during the livestream (not a screenshot) author today! If you want to ask them some more questions, be sure to visit when they stop by on Saturday. Event link in the description! #localauthor #local #indieauthor Snapchat Throughout until 5 Employees showing various behind the scenes shots: Mostly video, make sure there's text dancing to the playlist, putting things in the oven, each on photos other making drinks (at least three Snaps) Facebook 9:00 AM Today is a HUGH HUMP DAY TAKE OVER Picture of Hugh hamming it up #kolachehugh Throughout until 8 Posts of things Hugh says, videos of him singing, pictures of him making silly faces. Should share the FB event once 8:00 PM What was your favorite party of #kolachehugh 's Action shot from during the day Tuesday Wednesday
  3. 3. takeover? Twitter 8:00 AM It's HUGH HUMP DAY! Tweet us your favorite lines from Hugh using #kolachehugh Throughout until 8 Retweeting people who tweet in the hashtag and tweeting our own lines from Hugh 8:00 PM Favorite your favorite lines from Hugh today! #kolachehugh Instagram 11:00 AM #kolachehugh takeover is underway! Be sure to stop Video of Hugh singing in and experience it for yourself and then tweet us your experience! And check out more shenanigans on Snapchat: cafekolache! #humpday #takeover #local Snapchat 7:00 PM Video and text: Today's the day of Hugh's takeover! If Video of the owner, Kristi, with Hugh you can't make it in, follow us right here! in the background Throughout until 8 Videos of and by Hugh of all his shenanigans throughout the day. Limited to 6 so the story doesn't get too long Facebook 3:00 PM Why Kolaches? Why in Beaver? Learn about our little "NowThis" style video that gives a store: look at the store and making kolaches Twitter 2:00 PM Who else is obsessed with #GBBO ? What's your Screencap of competitor on Great favorite episode? Ours is advanced dough! British Bake-Off making kolaches 5:00 PM Is this a good bake @paulhollywood ? Shot of kolaches just out of the oven Instagram 10:00 AM kolaches (ko-la-cheez): fresh-baked, slightly Shot of three different types of kolaches (one fruit, two stuffed) sweetened yeast dough filled with meats, eggs, cheeses, fruits, or veggies #kolache #kolaches #bakedgoods #pastry Snapchat 6:00 AM We start bright and early! Video of bakers preparing the dough Thursday
  4. 4. for the day, time stamp filter 2:00 PM-4:00PM Employees saying why they like working there, owner talking about the events (plug author event) Facebook 10:00 AM Happy FriYAY! It's almost the weekend and almost our Share FB event author event! 4:00 PM Treat yourself for the weekend! Try one of our Shot of freshly iced cinnamon rolls cinnamon rolls to kick it off! Twitter 1:00 PM Poll: Would you rather go out or stay in for the weekend? Go out, Stay in, Why not both? 4:00 PM What flavor of kolache should our author try Shot of various fruit kolaches tomorrow? Instagram 12:00 PM Don't forget to follow us on Snapchat for author Picture of Snapcode updates tomorrow! Cafekolache Snapchat 6:00 PM Video and text: We'll be contacting the Snapchat One of the employees in the store winner tonight! See you at the signing tomorrow! Facebook 8:00 AM Good morning! Can't wait to see everyone today! Picture of setting up the books 12:00 PM Lunch break! Our author is enjoying the spinach and Picture of author eating kolache with feta cheese kolache today! employees 3:00 PM Thank you to everyone who came out today! And Picture of Snapchat winner and here is our Snapchat contest winner! If you haven't author (shared from Instagram) followed us yet, check us out at cafekolache! Twitter 10:00 AM Who are we going to see at the event today? 2:00 PM Tweet us your pictures with the author! We'd love Pictures of employees with author to see how you enjoyed the event! Instagram 3:00 PM Thank you to everyone who came out today! And Picture of Snapchat winner and author Friday Saturday
  5. 5. here is our Snapchat contest winner! If you haven't followed us yet, check us out at cafekolache! #local #localeats #localauthor #indieauthor #shopsmall Snapchat Throughout event Videos of the author interacting with the community, Various videos employees, and signing books. Be sure to note Snapchat winner