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Café kolache social media strategy plan


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Final Social Media Strategy Memo for Cafe Kolache

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Café kolache social media strategy plan

  1. 1. Café Kolache Café Kolache To: Nicole Usher From: Marissa Dever CC: Café Kolache Social Media Team Date: 5/25/17 Re: Social StrategyPlan Census:Whatis already happeningonthe social media. Website: Facebook:  2,622 people likethe page  1,517 people have checkedin  It has a verycomplete profile,withall the informationaboutthe restaurant provided.The profilepicture issharp,butthe bannerneedstohave a higher qualityphotothatfitsthe dimensionsof Facebook.The postsaboutemployees getthe mostcomments,typicallyfromfamily. Twitter:@cafekolache  458 Followers  Again,there’s acomplete profile,buthalf the tweetsare repeatsfromFacebook that simplydonotlookgoodon the platformwithmessyFacebooklinks.The bestengagementare whenthe followersare askedaquestion andactually replytothe account, rather thanpromotion. Instagram:@cafekolache  193 Followers  There’sa lowpostingconsistencywiththisaccount,andnotall of the images are of the same quality.Additionally,the name forthe accountneedschanged fromthe name of the ownerto “Café Kolache”to avoidconfusion.Whenthe imagesare of goodqualityandengage withhashtags,there’sahigherratioof likes. Comparingtotwo competitors:Kretchmar’sBakeryandWafflesInCaffienated.  Kretchmar’sBakery:It’solderandmore established,sotheyhave higherlikes on Facebook.However,theirTwitterfeedwill have deadFacebooklinksandhas the same issue of repeatedFacebookcontent.It’sevenworse inawaywith mosttweetssaying“Ijustposteda photoon Facebook.”Theydon’thave any othersocial media,and theirsocial mediaisnotlinkedontheirwebsite.
  2. 2. 2  Waffles,INCaffeinated:It’sabreakfastrestaurant that’sevennewertothe area, but hasa lotmore likesonFacebook.Theirpostsare a majoritypromotional, but whenpeople docommentonthem(mostly onFacebook),they’re respondingtocustomerseverytime.Manyof the posts feature avarietyof high-resolutionphotosof the food,buttheykeepitsolelyfocusedonthe food. They don’tfeature anyphotosof employees,whichhasthe bestengagement for Café Kolache. Goals:How we want to grow General:  We wantto increase engagementonsocial mediaby30% bythe endof the summer(endof August2017).  We will be targetingpeople withinwalkingdistance of Beaver,PA since thereis limitedparking,womensincetheymake upslightlymore thanhalf of the populationof the borough,andpeople withsome college educationsince they have the highestuse of social media,accordingtoPew ResearchCenter.  Thiscan be achievedwithaconsistentpostingschedule andunderstanding whatcontentpromptspeople tocomment,like,share,etc.more.Itwill be measuredbycomparingthe numberof unique engagements(comments,likes, shares,etc.) tothe page reach.  Return on Investment:We wantto fosterthe same sense of communitywe have inperson,online,sincemembersof ourcommunityalsoexistonline. Facebook:  We wantto examine those unique commentsandsharesandgetthose to increase bythe endof August2017.  We are tryingto target womenoverthe age of 50, since overhalf of that age range is on Facebook.  They’ll wanttoengage withthose employeepicturesandwanttoshare them withfriendsandfamily,somostof the Facebookcontentwill be centered aroundthe employeesandthe sense of communitysurroundingthe store (small profilesonemployeesandregulars,behindthe scenesvideos,etc.).  Return on Investment:We cantrack thiswithFacebookpage analytics and Crowdtangle.Spendingthe moneyonananalyticstool forFacebookis importantsince it’s the largestsocial mediaplatform andwe wanttomake sure we’re providingcontentthatthe large audience wantstoengage with. Twitter:  We wantto encourage more mentions,replies,andretweetsonthisplatform by the endof August2017.  For thisplatform,we wantto engage bothmillennialsandthe over40 local theatre crowd.  We hope toachieve thisby postingunique postsfromFacebookand encouragingpeopletotweetthe favorite thingstheyoverhearfromemployees, includingthe co-ownerHugh andwe wouldtweetthingswe hearfromhimto getthat startedin the firstplace.  We’dalsowant to create our ownhashtag,#kolachehugh,toencourage trendingandto getmore eyesonthe brand. People whoknow Hughorwho
  3. 3. 3 justcome in and findhimfunnycanshare theirexperience andmake people wantto also share inthat experience.  We alsowantto keepan eye outfor people inourareacomplainingabout Starbucks,and encouragingtocome downto the café.  Return on Investment:We’ll trackthisengagementsuccesswithTweetbinder, lookingatconversationsandhow muchthe hashtag isused. Instagram:  We hope toincrease the numberof followers andpeople commenting on Instagramby Augustof 2017.  Here we’re still targetingpeopleinthe area,especiallythose wholist“foodie” or similarideasintheirdescriptions.  We wantto have a more consistentpostingschedule inadditiontousinga largernumberof hashtagsand trackinghow well differenthashtagsdo in encouraginglikes,comments,andfollowers.We alsowanttomake sure all the photosare highquality(especiallybeingcarefultomake sure none of themlook fuzzy).  Instagramis the platformtoreallyplayupthe uniquenessof the café,since we are providingbakedgoodsandcoffee,butnottypical bakedgoods.  Return on Investment:We’ll be trackingourgrowth usingIconosquare, especiallylookingathashtagsas comparedtoposts witha lotof likesand comments. Snapchat:  We’re goingto create a Snapchat,as well asa filter(whileitwouldcostmoney for the filter,itcreatesmore of a chance to engage and fosterthatonline community),andthenwe will trytohave at least25 followersviewingour Snapstoryconsistentlybythe endof August2017.  Cross-promotiononothersocial mediawill alsobe importanttogetpeople over to the platform,andwe can tease whatemployee istakingoverthe platform that day to garnerinterestandkeeppeoplecomingback.  SimilartoTwitter,we can encourage peopletoshare Snapsof themselvesinthe café,whichwe couldshare on othersocial media.  Café Kolache doesn’tcurrentlyhave aSnapchat,butitreallyneedsone since it’s a way to engage withamillennial audience,create unfinishedcontentforthem to engage withandshare,and provide the behindthe scenesimagesthat alreadydowell onsocial media.  Return on Investment:We’dtrackthisgrowthwith Snaplytics, since the platformisstartingfromscratch, it’ll be reallyimportanttostill spendthe moneytogain a deeperunderstandingof how wellthe platformismovingasit begins.