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Lesson two


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Lesson two

  1. 1. Lesson Two: Building the Farmhouse Hello there, welcome back to my presentation! Today, we’ve finished the seccond assignment, and we’ve built this beautiful farmhouse! By: MariskaAmy
  2. 2. Lesson Two: Building the Farmhouse As you can see, we’ve added some places to sit on the porch, with light and a flower basket. We’ve also landscaped the front and side of the house. Now for the basement.. Let’s see what we’ve done with that. By: MariskaAmy
  3. 3. Lesson Two: Building the Farmhouse This is basement bedroom. Do’nt worry, I’ll show you an overview picture after the tour, so you’ll know where everything is. Whoever sleeps here will have a nice place to sleep, sit, and get dressed. I’ve also added one of my own paintingsas a decoration. Of course, this bedroom has a private bathroom as requested. We’ve tried to keep the bed and bathroom in an oldfashioned style so they’d fit the farmhouse best. The toilet, sink and shower have all been upgraded so they clean themselves. By: MariskaAmy
  4. 4. Lesson Two: Building the Farmhouse That’s right! We’ve actually added an inside pool for a little R&R! What would be a better way to get to rest after a long and stressfull day.. When you get out of the water, there’s towels you can use, and behind that door is the bathroom. Everything in the bathroom is self- cleaning to make life a little easier.. By: MariskaAmy
  5. 5. Lesson Two: Building the Farmhouse Outside we’ve created a nice and relaxed patio, where any sim could find rest. Theres a fridge and grill to cook on, and a dining area where you can eat at on those warm summer nights with the family.We’ve added some stairsso you can still get to thepatio when its muddy orslippery out As you can see, the stairs are accessably, I can walk up and down without hassle. By: MariskaAmy
  6. 6. Lesson Two: Building the Farmhouse And as promised, here is the overview picture. I hope you like what we’ve done so far, we’ve certainly tried our hardest. If you’re curious to see what the endresult will be, check back next week when we do another assignment! By: MariskaAmy