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Assignment 1


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Assignment 1 of the sims 3

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Assignment 1

  1. 1. THE ASSIGNMENTA complete view of the barn. I’ve followed thetutorial for this bit, but i felt like adding a windmilland some other details. These can be removed ifthe next assignment requires so.
  2. 2. FIRST FLOORAn overview of all the rooms on thef rst f oor. The upper left room is aworking space, for example craft-ing horseshoes. The middle roomcontains the saddles for the horses.The upper right room is a storageroom. The lower right room con-tains a storage of nectar and someextra details.Detailed images are shown on thenext pages.
  3. 3. SECOND FLOORThe hay loft and living room. The liv-ing part is quite small but cosy. I triedto only use furniture that is essentialfor living. The wall in the back dividesthe kitchen from the bedroom.Detailed images are shown on thefollowing pages.