The journey of an entrepeneur


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Find out if you are an #entrepeneur. And then what? How to start and establish your #business.
Follow my journey, becoming a business owner. And learn from it.

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The journey of an entrepeneur

  1. 1. Europort Business School “Entrepeneurship” Marisca van den Honaard 4 November 2013
  2. 2. AGENDA • • • • • • Introduction My journey Your journey? Starting your own business Business model “Dare to dream”
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION Marisca van den Honaard • Business owner since 7 June 2012 • HR Business Partner • Management Consultant
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION WIQSupport • Solutions, Service and Strategic Consulting in managing and organizing your company • HR Strategy • HSSE • Project management
  5. 5. HOW, AND WHY WIQSUPPORT? • • • • Mission statement & vision Align management and personnel Solving issues Setting clear goals saves time, money, annoyance In practise this means: • • • • • Reorganisations Stressmanagement courses Outplacement Change management Executive coaching How? • Common sense & use it • Clear view • Pragmatic & hands on • Building bridges • No hidden agenda • Short, to the point sessions • Forget sacred cows!
  6. 6. MY JOURNEY • • • • “Be a good girl and do your best” Entrepeneurship was a dream Taking my job to the next level Always looking for new challenges, but within my comfort zone • • • • • • Life changing incident Stop dreaming; start doing Set my goals Left my comfort zone What if it fails? What if it succeeds? It is all about making choices!
  8. 8. THE NEXT STEP • The finish on Alpe d’HuZes was the start of WIQ • I resigned • It was hard work • Some small successes; some large failures • WIQ: if you want it, you can do it • Within 6 months after the start of WIQ, I won a biennial entrepeneurs prize • Chosen by a jury and public voting by 100 established entrepeneurs (>80%) • CJBHW Runner up 2012: “De Parel van de Hollandse Waarden”
  9. 9. MY BONUS
  10. 10. YOUR JOURNEY? • Today is about you • You want to become an entrepeneur? An employee? An employeneur? • Start your own business: • What? Why? How? • Of course you need a business plan, registration et cetera… • But: there is a stage earlier… YOU! Before we start, remember: today there is no good or false. It is just about you …and your choices
  11. 11. ASSIGNMENT Write down what do you think an entrepeneur needs to have? And most of all: why? Think of: • Personality • Character
  12. 12. ASSIGNMENT 2 • • • • • • • • Flexibility Enthousiasm Creativity Self-knowledge (strenghts / weaknesses) Courage Endurance Result orientated Leadership • No fear… of changing your point of view, making decisions, speaking up, asking.
  13. 13. NEUROSCIENCE FOR BEGINNERS David Rock: Neuroleadership Institute A brain based model for collaborating with and influencing others Everybody has 2-3 main drivers S – Status C – Certainty A – Autonomy R – Relations F – Fairness Question: which drivers has an entrepeneur? And which ones do you have?
  14. 14. YOUR INNER ENTREPENEUR • Most entrepeneurs have “status” and “autonomy” as main drivers • As a business owner you have to know about: • Finance • HR • Processes • Market • Cliënts / customers • Leadership • You will always have to “go first” • Find your intrinsic motivation, strenghts and weaknesses • Gather people around you who are realible specialists • Build up your network, today!
  15. 15. EARNING MONEY • Selling expertise per hour / project • Subscription ASSIGNMENT: • Write down ways to make money • Examples:
  17. 17. WAYS OF MAKING PROFIT • • • • • • • • • • • Bait & Hook (Gillette, printers & cartridges) In Game Selling (World of Warcraft & Pizza Hut) Pop Up Store (One Direction) TV Commerce (Second Screen) Intermediair (Gather supply and demand, create value) Peer to Peer Business (Rearrange surplus in the market) Fractional Ownership (Wind turbines, solar panels) Open price / valuation afterwards (“Dare to ask”) Offering discount (2=1) Selling an experience (Catering: All you can eat…) Adding status to a product (Car & roof rack)
  18. 18. SO FAR, YOU KNOW: • A success story • If you could be a potential entrepeneur • Examples of different companies and their way of making money • That you need to know your strenghts and weaknesses • That you need ambition and goals • Being a business owner is not easy, but very rewarding • It is all about making choices… • Your choices! And then, maybe you are about to start your own business…
  19. 19. STARTING YOUR BUSINESS IN 10 STEPS 1. Test your idea. Test your qualities as a business owner 2. Explore your market 3. Gather information about permits (local government, Chamber of Commerce) 4. Come up with a name for your company and check availability 5. Choose a legal status (private company, partnership) 6. Compose Terms of Conditions and arrange insurances 7. Check financing and any subsidies 8. Prepare for taxes and business administration 9. Make your business plan (mission, vision, your distinctiveness, branding) 10. Find your customers / clients (networking, business clubs, marketing)
  21. 21. REMEMBER What have you got to lose vs. what can you achieve? There will be challenges and limitations. Regardless. What you do not know, you can ask or learn. You are responsible for your: • Life • Choices • Success • Happiness It is all about making choices!
  22. 22. DARE TO DREAM