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Modal verb spp


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Modal verb spp

  1. 1. MODAL VERBS1.- followed by a bare infinitive/ perfect infinitive ( past)ex:It must be trueIt must have been true2.-no need for auxiliarCan I phone him now?3.- no –s for 3rd person singularHe must be here by six o’clock
  2. 2. • It’s used to express:• ABILITY: She can play the piano very well• REQUEST : Can I use you telephone?• POSSIBILITY: I can tell you what you needCAN
  3. 3. • ABILITY ; for all the other tenses• I was able to speak when I was 1 year.• I will be able to speak French and English when I leave school.BE ABLE TO
  4. 4. • INABILITY: I can’t speak French• PROHIBITION: You can’t use a calculator during the Maths test.• DISBELIEF : That can’t be so expensive; my sister bought two yesterday.CAN’T
  5. 5. • ABILITY IN THE PAST• I could run very fast when I was twelve years old• POLITE REQUEST:• Could you please open the window?• POLITE SUGGESTION:• You could exercise and eat healthier food• POSSIBILITY:• She could come and tell us everythingCOULD
  6. 6. • POSSIBILITY• I may go to England this summer, perhaps my aunt is going to invite meMAY/MIGHT
  7. 7. • POLITE REQUEST:• May I go to the toilet, please?MAY
  8. 8. • FORMAL REQUEST• Would you open the door please?• OFFER• Would you like some coffe?WOULD
  9. 9. • OBLIGATION:• You must bring your books to class• CERTAINTY THAT SOMETHING IS TRUE/ strong belief:• She has got a great job; she must be very happyMUST
  10. 10. • OBLIGATION, NECESSITY• I have to get the tickets todayHAVE TO
  11. 11. • OBLIGATION, NECESSITY:• I need to cook dinner tonightNEED TO
  12. 12. • LACK OF OBLIGATION/ NECESSITY• You don’t have to come to school on Wednesday afternoon.• You needn’t bring anything to the partyNEEDN’T/ DON’T HAVE TO
  13. 13. • PROHIBITION:• You mustn’t speak during the examMUSTN’T
  14. 14. • ADVICE/OPINION:• You should improve your pronunciation• You shouldn’t have been to that party; you had an examn the following day….SHOULD / OUGHT TO
  15. 15. • OFFER/SUGGESTION• Shall we go to the party?SHALL