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Choice project


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Find out about my interests, and qualifications I have that would make me a great a teacher!

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Choice project

  2. 2. EDUCATION I am a graduate from Marist College in Poughkeepsie NY. I am a proud member of the class of 2015 I have bachelors degrees in Psychology, Elementary Education, and Secondary Education I am currently working on obtaining my Masters degree for Elementary Education
  3. 3. WHAT WOULD I BRING TO THE CLASSROOM? Adventure, and room for imagination  Lessons today have sometimes become boring because they resort to straight lecture. It is important that students can be imaginative and create their own stories, or go on their own adventures by acting out scenes from a book. Or maybe even seek to go on a field trip, so students can experience the content of the lessons in the real world.
  4. 4. WHAT WOULD I BRING TO THE CLASSROOMCONTINUED An open mind- I will be willing to try new things and adapt my lesson plans to better differentiate instruction. A kind heart- I promise to love all my students and treat them with equality and help them reach their potential. Excitement!- I want my classroom to be fun and welcoming, a place where students are excited to come to, where they can learn in interesting ways.
  5. 5. POSITIVE QUALITIES THAT WOULD MAKE ME ABENEFICIAL TEACHERPositivity- I always try to see the good in any situationCompassion- I always put other peoples’ needsahead of mineFriendly- I am a welcoming person, and easy to talkto. I will be able to communicate well with mystudents, as well as their parentsDetermination- I am determined to make the schoolyear the best it can be
  6. 6. MY PERSONAL INTERESTS Writing Dancing Reading Being around kids Animals Beach Traveling Rollercoasters
  7. 7. TECHNOLOGY I USE Computers Smart boards iPads/apps Projectors Television/video Learning how to use Assistive Technology Educational Software
  8. 8. EXPERIENCES Internship with St. Leo Elementary School, Lincroft NJ (senior year of high school). Once a week for 6 weeks I spent the day in a first grade classroom. I got to learn about all different types of students, and how to make use of the smart board, truly an amazing experience. Student taught senior year of college Nanny over the summer, so I have a great understanding of how to care for kids, and how to let them use their imagination Observed my cousin teach her freshman and junior classes at Sheepshead Bay High School, In Brooklyn NY. It was interesting to see how different the school was compared to my high school in NJ. I learned a lot about how to reach all students’ needs, especially since my cousin taught an ESL class. It was an amazing experience.
  9. 9. CLUBS I was in Teachers of Tomorrow (TOT), all four years of college. We did activities that would help prepare us to be better teachers, and to raise money  We have a tricks or treats party every year, where elementary school kids come in, and we do Halloween crafts and activities  We celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday in the Spring, and we have an event where children can come in and color pictures, play games and listen to Dr. Seuss stories.  We also raised money to send girls in underprivileged countries to school.
  10. 10. CLUBS CONTINUED I am a member of the sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma, and our philanthropy is reading is fundamental, so we help young people discover the joy of reading I am in CEC which is Council for Exceptional Children, which is an organization dedicated to improving the educational success of children with disabilities. One popular event we take part in is the special Olympics, which gives every child a chance to do what they love.
  11. 11. WHAT TYPES OF THINGS WILL I DO WITH MY CLASS? Webquests-. Students will work in groups to solve real-world problems using webquests Project- Based learning activities, so students can collaborate and put their own individual talents together. Class debates and discussions- It is important that students express their ideas, and listen to others’ ideas on a specific topic. Create a class video- I would love to give the students a topic and together we can designate roles and create a class video to represent the topic. Music- Students will listen to and interpret music, as well as create their own lyrics.
  12. 12. I PROMISE AN EXCITING YEAR FILLED OF…Laughter New experiences Happiness CreativityCuriosity Potential Discovery New Beginnings