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  1. 1. B IBLIOGRAPHY DEFRA Presenter  Teaching Online by Nicky Hockly and Lindsay Clanfield 2010 Delta Publishing GMEN MARISA CONSTANTINIDES  Teaching Online – a Practical Guide By Susan Schor Ko, Steve Rossen   The Internet and the language classroom Gavin Dudeney - 2000 Language Learning in Distance Education by Cynthia White – 2003 Cambridge TING   Digital Play by Graham Stanley and Kyle Mawer – 2011 –Delta publishing E-moderating: the key to teaching and learning online‎ illy Salmon - Education - 2000 – G FOREI  Conquering the content: a step-by-step guide to online course design‎Robin M. Smith - Education - 2008 GN  Language Learning Online – Towards Best Practice 2003 LANG Dip.RSA, M.A.WEBLIOGRAPHY App.Ling. TeacherONLINE CLASSROOM SPACES UAGE Educator – CELT AthensElluminate LEARNVyew ING Follow my BlogsSecond Life http://marisaconclassroom?width=800&height=600&zoom=1&live_update=1 [Type your stantinides.edubl address]  [Type WIKIS AND COURSEWARE your phone http://celtathens number]  [Type your e-mail address] Greek Blog http://celt- athens-tefl- courses.blogspot. com/ Follow me on Facebook Twitter OTHER TOOLS blogs (wordpress. Edublogger, Blogger) SECOND LIFE Athens, 77 Academias Street, 106 78 Athens, GreeceTel: 0030 210 3302406 or 0030 210 3301455 Mobile: 0030 6974065437Fax 0030 210 3301202 E-mail:
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