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Digital Skills for Early Teacher Courses


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First presented at the 4th Annual IATEFL Web Conference on November 23 2018

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Digital Skills for Early Teacher Courses

  1. 1.
  2. 2. New Tech Good morning – afternoon – evening! Type some new technologies in the text chat please!!!
  3. 3. Every old tech was new tech Remember these? Too young to remember all? 
  4. 4. Reading 1 How many of these do your early course trainees know already?
  5. 5. •Text processing •Searching •Using images •Presentations •Handouts – text editing •Interactive whiteboard •Data projector •Searching the web •Searching a resource website •Books – scanning - adapting •Presentations •Handouts – text editing •Interactive whiteboard •Data projector •Audio - video input preparation assignmentsteaching Tech on an early teacher course
  6. 6. For teaching
  7. 7. From the World Economic Forum
  8. 8. Why should early course trainees bother with tech? •Creativity •Critical thinking •Reflection •Teacher Talk •Student talk and participation •Model good digital behaviours •Continuous Professional Development • To design new or adapt existing materials • to avoid replicating PPP or other tenets without thinking • To look back (on lessons taught) and forward (on future lessons) • To reduce unnecessary teacher talk • To maximise student talk and participation • Model good digital behaviours • To show things that the trainees can make use of in their own classes • to connect and learn with and from other teachers
  9. 9. And in the long run, to…
  10. 10. Create your own PLN Image Source
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Reading 1 The trainers – in 2011
  13. 13. What do trainers want?
  14. 14.,%20Digital%20Immigrants%20-%20Part1.pdf
  15. 15. Understanding your learners Digital Pro Digitally Evolved Digital Adopter Pre- Digital
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Trainers now - What do trainers want?
  18. 18. Most prefer this way TP peer evaluation comments
  19. 19. TP peer evaluation comments But some are beginning to see the value of sth like this
  20. 20. A pledge for leaders of tomorrow-trainers included • Fostering and Leading a Culture of Digital Learning Within Our Schools. • Helping Students and Families Transition to High-speed Connectivity, blended learning & eventually, digital content. • Empowering Educators through Professional Learning Opportunities. • Universal Access for All Students to Quality Content. • Providing Access to Quality Digital Content. • Offering Digital Tools to Help Students and Families. • Mentoring colleagues and teachers and helping them transition to Digital Learning. Courageous Leadership Empowered Teachers Inspiring spaces Community Infrastructure Hardware- software Student autonomy The future in education depends on courageous leadership
  21. 21. What kind of trainees are we talking about? •Higher education graduates … •of recent years •of long ago •Candidates with … •little experience of basic tools •no experience at all beyond emails and occasional text documents •confidence and tech savvy •fear in their hearts which sinks at the challenge of yet another tech tool Since this is the mix, it may be possible for some to mentor others – but when is the question
  22. 22. Understanding your learners Digital Pro Digitally Evolved Digital Adopter Pre- Digital Mixed level of ability regarding tech…
  23. 23. Reading 1 New Tech Help needed to create their basic toolkit
  24. 24. A little and often /11/21/a-little-often-integrating-technology-on- teacher-development-courses (my blog post written in 2011) This is what I wrote in 2011 – AND believed that it was the best solution for all trainees
  25. 25. But not every training context or trainer are exactly the same
  26. 26. With the ”No Input” Option, this is what one group learnt
  27. 27. Tech tools and apps a different group of trainees learnt to use
  28. 28. •Fast internet – available everywhere? •A laptop or tablet for every trainee? •Mobile skills of trainers and trainees? •Mindsets of trainers and trainees that motivate to use educational technology tools? •Leadership which supports digital skills in trainers and trainees Different solutions may apply to different contexts Depending on whether they have…
  29. 29. Reading 1 Is it our job to teach them some of these tools? e.g. Some trainers ask… And it is not, even trainees know this
  30. 30. Interactive Whiteboards Search Skills Voice tools Community Social Media Text Creation & Editing Hardware- software Wiki or similar But they need to be able to use some basic tools
  31. 31. A very messy diagram which is a work in progress – the basics analysed
  32. 32. Then I asked them to vote on these options - which one do they think would have helped them most? Different needs and wants Input sessions on ed tech tools On day one or two of their course In week two or three No input session at all Introduction before the course I asked some of our current CELTA trainees to share their thoughts And a whopping 100% when I suggested combining 4 and 1 – this is what we plan to do now
  33. 33. Before a course begins • Find out their level of comfort with different tools with a questionnaire • Use wiki or other LMS to give access their preparation materials and self-access tasks • Use a social media platform to get them to meet and greet each other before the course • Give them access to You Tube tutorials on how to use some standard digital tools useful to teachers • Make some screencasts for them on some of the early use areas, e.g. how to use their wiki • Give them links to good online tutorials for Word and Powerpoint • Test them by asking them to make a small presentation about themselves using one of these tools Some ideas
  34. 34. Before a course begins •Show a checklist of some of the digital skills we need to have even on week one •Make the checklist graded • - from top priority down or • - from basic to advanced •Include some simple tutorials or screencasts •Link to where people can find training prior to the course • - You tube • - a short course • - an EVO?
  35. 35. Make the checklist graded some examplesElementary or Basic Skillset list e.g. E.g. using Microsoft Office - Creating a table / fixing column width - Inserting images – fixing size – editing image - Text-chatting on a chat forum or facebook group Searching for materials in resource website Searching for materials online Intermediate skillset e.g. - Editing images - Adding text or captions to images Advanced Digital skills e.g. - Animating a dialogue with some animation tool e.g. Plotagon or Nawmal - Creating your own Personal Learning Network on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter - Taking part in an online debate using tricider - Taking part in a Twitter Chat such as #ELTchat
  36. 36. Create your own PLN Image Source
  37. 37. Join or create a circle of trust through one or more online communities of educators
  38. 38. Thank you! Email Twitter CELT Athens Blogs Facebook Thank you for watching