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Olympic games and the Royal Family


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Published in: Sports, News & Politics
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Olympic games and the Royal Family

  1. 1. OLYMPIC GAMES AND THE ROYAL FAMILY Maris Pukk C.R.Jakobson Gymnasium Form 9c Supervisor Marje Maasen 2012
  2. 2. XXX OLYMPIC GAMES OF 2012 In summer 27 July-12 August 26 Olympic sports in 34 venues 20 Paralympic sports in 21 venues To build a better world thorugh sport Excellence, respect, friendship
  3. 3. THE ROYAL FAMILY Group of close relatives of the monarch By birth or marriage The House of Windsor Buckingham Palace
  4. 4. PRINCE WILLIAM The Duke of Cambridge The ambassador of 2012 London Olympics Polo and football
  5. 5. PRINCE HARRY Prince of Wales Polo, skiing, motocross The ambassador of 2012 London Olympics
  6. 6. CATHERINE Duchess of Cambridge Wife of Prince William The ambassador
  7. 7. ZARA PHILLIPS World Eventing Champion Granddaughter of the Queen of England Horse-rider Only daughter of princess Anne
  8. 8. THREE AMBASSADORS Prince William, his brother Harry and Catherine Give their best to encourage the public Honoured to be ambassadors Hugely looking foward Will pay visits to the training centers Will pay visits to the stadiums
  9. 9. PRINCESS ANNE First in the family who compete in the Olympic games 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics President of British Olympic Association UK member of the International Olympic Committee Board Member of London Organizing Commitee
  10. 10. SUMMARY Royal Family loves sport They are involved withOlympic games
  11. 11. REFERENCES