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Shake hands with your user 12-28-2012 (1)


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A lead generation program used to clean up your database and engage customers and prospects with intriguing content.

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Shake hands with your user 12-28-2012 (1)

  1. 1. Shake Hands with Your User A Lead Generation Program for Bentley12/27/2012 Marion Guthrie-Gut3Marketing 1
  2. 2. Shake Hands with Your User Bentley CONNECT How to begin: 1. Update your user*data files via an incentive program 2. Discover current users’ interests through opt in offers 3. Use the information to better target Bentley’s users within a three pronged relationship program (customers, users, prospects) Objective, long term, is to create strong user relationships and user dependency. By providing infrastructure solutions and cloud storage systems, Bentley becomes known as the go-to expert. *User = customer or prospect or actual user.12/27/2012 Marion Guthrie-Gut3Marketing 2
  3. 3. Shake Hands with Your User How to Begin: Update User Records with an Incentive Offer Email Sent (a series) Bounces Received Customer Record update - email Customer Opens? eliminated Customer mailed offer(series) includes Email not opened Unsubscribes Updates telephone outreach informationNo response Responds Enters Sweeps Receives email confirmation and Thank You The goal is to have clean reliable information on “opt-in” contacts in your database.12/27/2012 Marion Guthrie-Gut3Marketing 3
  4. 4. Shake Hands with Your User How to Begin: Segment Customers with Targeted Opt-In Offers Emails to your database that enable recipients to respond and opt-in to download an offer like: • The Essential Step-By-Step Guide to Geographic Information Systems • How to Crush Your Competitors with 3D Movie Animation • Free eBook: Learning Point Clouds from the Expert • How to Unlock the ROI of Your Next Substation Project • Use your Tablet to Edit Geospatial Features, it’s easy * *These are rough draft examples12/27/2012 Marion Guthrie-Gut3Marketing 4
  5. 5. Shake Hands with Your User How to Begin: Segment Customers with Targeted OffersHere’s an email example: ….To learn more about CAD-based design for electric, gas, water and more! Download this free guide: In this 38-page guide, you will learn: • How to integrate job and workflow A Practical Guide To • How to leverage existing GIS KILLER • How to integrate GIS with simulation tools GEOSPATIAL • 10 tips to higher quality designs DESIGN How to DOWNLOAD Create Remarkable NOW Designs that XXXXX ( free-ebook-offerA12/) …………………………………….. Bentley……………………………………………………………………………………………………………SHARE THESE TIPS 12/27/2012 Marion Guthrie-Gut3Marketing 5
  6. 6. Here’s a Landing Page example: Download Your Free Guide: First NameFree Ebook: A Practical Guide to Killer Geospatial Design Last Name When the user arrives on your landing page, you want them to stay and engage. Email (privacy policy) So keep the page clean by clearing distractions. Phone • Remove the main navigation from the page. Company • Keep the language, the page design, and the Company Website lead generation form simple. • Emphasize the benefits Role at Company of the offer and repeat Please Select the key selling points i.e. Number of Employees - This essential guide to Please Select remarkable cost effective designs Major are of Interest? Be sure to include social Please Select sharing 12/27/2012 Marion Guthrie-Gut3Marketing 6
  7. 7. Shake Hands with Your User How to Begin: Opt-In Offers Use High-Value Fulfillment Formats Some formats perform better than others at gaining and converting leads. So even though eBooks and guides tend to perform the best, switch things up by offering (and testing): • Templates or Presentations • Research & Reports (ex: State of Geospatial) • Whitepapers • Kits • Videos • Live Webinars, Blogs and other12/27/2012 Marion Guthrie-Gut3Marketing 7
  8. 8. Shake Hands with Your User How to Begin: Don’t Overlook the Power of Social Media to Drive Leads Use Social Media to Drive Leads to Your Offers – In addition to email, you can drive interested prospects via Twitter, Facebook, blogs, direct mail, public relations, organic search to your offer pages – Also within your eBooks and other downloaded content, you can include links to other offers as appropriate12/27/2012 Marion Guthrie-Gut3Marketing 8
  9. 9. Shake Hands with Your User How to Begin: Conclusion Generating leads online has the power to transform your database and your marketing. Using great offers, calls-to-action, landing pages and forms – while promoting them in multi-channel environments-can reduce your cost-per-lead, while delivering higher quality prospects to your sales team and building brand awareness. Gut3Marketing can help (610-717-7814)12/27/2012 Marion Guthrie-Gut3Marketing 9