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Secondary 2 History-Life of The Singaporeans During the Japanese Occupation


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Secondary 2 History-Life of The Singaporeans During the Japanese Occupation

  1. 1. Life of theSingaporeansduring theJapaneseOccupation
  2. 2. Socially• The Japanese sponsored the JapaneseSpirit known as the Nippon Seishin to takeaway the Western cultures and introducingthe Japanese cultures. This is known asNipponisation.• The Japanese made mass drills, known astaisho compulsory for everyone• Everyone must sing the JapaneseNational Anthem, known as Kimigayo,facing Japan
  3. 3. • Everyone is forced to learn Japanese• They also expand Propaganda to affect thepeople’s thought in order to increase thefaithfulness of the people• They managed the publications of thenewspaper to put news inside the newspaperthat the Japanese like They renamed theStraits Times to the Syonan Sinbun• They managed social medias like thebroadcasting stations and the cinemas. TheJapanese only allow the people to watch moviesin the Japanese-controlled broads casting
  4. 4. • Those who are caught to watchinappropriate broadcasting stations will bepunished
  5. 5. Economically• The Japanese Occupation caused thedisruption of Singapore’s entrepot trade.This caused a shortage of food.• The other resources are controlled to theother parts of the world for the support forthe Japanese war effort• The Japanese present Food Rationing tohelp solve the problems of the shortage offood.• Every house was given a ‘Peace living
  6. 6. • It was a certificate that allows people to getration cards before they can buy their dailynecessities like rice,salt etc. at the distributioncenter.• Because of this, it caused many people tosuffer from malnutrition because there islimited food for them to eat• The Food Rationing also cause people oopen black markets where they will sell thegoods that the Japanese don’t approve• The black markets sold food that areexpensive. Only rich people can buy them
  7. 7. • They have printed banana notes with noserial number. This cause them to lo lowerthe value of the notes and it cause peopleto be poor• Banana notes are Japanese moneys
  8. 8. Political• After Japanese possessed the Japanese,itwas renamed to ‘Syonan-to’ which meansthe light of the South or the Radiant South• The Japanese military police, theKempeitai were asked to restore thepeace and order in Singapore.• They threatened the people using fear sothat they will obey them. This causedpeople to be living uneasily because theminor offences could give them seriouspunishment
  9. 9. • Those who have anti-Japanesesentiments would be tortured in theKempeitai centers• The European Prisoners of War wereforced to work on the Thailand’s DeathRailway. Many of them died out oftiredness and disease• The Japanese promised the Malays andthe Indians to give them freedom from theBritish to win over the support of them butthose who obeyed their orders were also
  10. 10. • The Europeans are treated as their threatsand put them in prisoners camp• The Chinese were also treated as theirthreats as they defended China when theJapanese invaded China. Tan Kah Kee,the leader of the local Chinese hadrejected the Japanese goods and triedopposing the Japanese. This caused theChinese to be fined $50000000 as a formof punishments
  11. 11. • The Japanese carried out the Sook Chingwhich was a mass screening process. This isto scan and identify the Chinese who had theanti-Japanese sentiments• All Chinese man, with the age range of 18 to50 must report to the interrogation center atthe YMCA building and the Central PoliceStation to be examined by the Japanese• Informers who were hoods, paper bags ormask would be pointed out as the anti-Japanese suspects and would be killed at the
  12. 12. • The people who don’t like the Japaneseformed the anti-Japanese groups. There are2 main groups formed, the Malayan PeopleAnti-Japanese Army and the Force 136• The Malayan People’s Anti-Japanese Armyconsist of the Malayan Communist Party.They will carry out the sudden attacks on theJapanese soldiers in the jungles• Force 136 consist of the British. Theyrecruited people and will secretly send themto India for their trainings. They will gather
  13. 13. • Some help assist the Malayan PeopleAnti-Japanese Army to fight the Japanese• Lim Bo Seng was one of the leader whowas caught and tortured