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Secondary 2 History-Hock Lee Bus Riot


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Secondary 2 History-Hock Lee Bus Riot

  1. 1. Hock Lee Bus Riot
  2. 2. • This riot took place in the 12th of May 1955 during thegovernment of David Marshall• The workers of Hock Lee Amalgamated Bus Companywere members of the Singapore Bus Worker Union andHock Lee Employees Union. The leaders of the unionwere Lim Chin Siong and Fong Swee Suan• In April, the workers from Singapore Bus Workers’ Unionwant to go on strike because they want to work in abetter condition and pay under Communist influence• 229 workers were fired by Hock Lee Bus Company
  3. 3. • The fired workers then blocked the gates at the companybus depot at Alexandra Road and don’t let the bus fromleaving the depot. . They did this because they want toprotest against the company’s action• When the police were called, the fired workers were somad that they stoned the police. The police then fightback with their batons. The fight lead to 15 people injured• The protest gained it’s support from the Chinese Schoolstudents who came in lorries and entertained the firedworkers.
  4. 4. • Those fired workers finally got back their jobs after theriot.• The riot caused the British to think that David Marshallwas not capable of solving the problems of the riot andthe communist attack because he made an emptyagreement• The British don’t think that David Marshall can protectSingapore from falling into communist attacks. Thiscaused the Merdeka talks to fail
  5. 5. • David Marshall tried to talk with the fired workers byforming the Commission of Inquiry. However, nothing wasdone and no agreement was made so the strike continue• 6 other companies also strike which worsen the condition• The police uses fire hose to control the workers andstudents from doing anything.• A riot took place in the 12th of May 1955 which was alsoknown as the Black Thursday. The workers attacked thepolice with bricks, stones and bottles• The riot was put down in the 14th of May 1955.