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Secondary 2 History-1959 Election


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Secondary 2 History-1959 Election

  1. 1. 1959 Election
  2. 2. 1958 Constitution for Internal Self- Government • The Executive will be the Head of State or Yang-di- Pertuan Negara, prime minister and local minister • 51 member of the Legislative will be elected in 1959 • The responsibility of the Singapore’s internal self- government is on trade, industry, health, education, finance, housing, law and finance • The British will be in charge of external affairs and external defence • Internal security is what both party share responsibility
  3. 3. 1959 Election • This election was the first fully democratic election so it was significant in Singapore’s history. • All the members in the Legislative Assembly were elected by the people. There were no nominated members. • It was compulsory for eligible members to vote. • The Citizenship Ordinance was passed in 1957 and this let those people not born in Singapore to be Singapore citizens. This help to increase the number of voters to 525000
  4. 4. • 13 political parties took part in the election. There were 194 candidates contesting for 51 seats in the Legislative Assembly. • The political parties worked hard for more votes by the newspaper, radio, door-to-door visit, pamphlets, rallies and loud speaking on vehicles
  5. 5. Results of the 1959 election • The People’s Action Party was the biggest winner in the 1959 election winning 43 seats. IT has so many votes because it was seen to be an honest political party.. It also have a completed plan for Singapore’s development including education and medical health. A large group of trade unions and Chinese Schools showed their support for the People’s Action Party. It also look more organized than the other parties. • The People Action Party formed self government sucessfully, The leader of the Party, Lee Kuan Yew, became the first prime minister
  6. 6. • The national flag, national anthem and the national crest were developed. Zubir Said composed and wrote the national anthem • Singapore was not independent yet because the British still hold the power in some area of government including External Affair and External Defence