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Secondary 2 Geography-Transport and Communication


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Secondary 2 Geography-Transport and Communication

  1. 1. Transport andCommunicatio n
  2. 2. • Transport is activities that help the physical movement of things from a place to another• It help to move things from one place to another by transport system such as truck, train, aircraft, ships etc. People also travel from one place to another by these transport systems• It is very important for industry activities with their manufacturing plant
  3. 3. • A well-organized transport system is needed to send the raw materials to the manufacturing plant so that the finished product can be can be moved out fast• Passing messgae from one place to anbother is communication• It help people share ideas, experience, thought etc. It help exchange information between customer and business organization in business• Technology advancement is the use of technology to help improve the present technological invention which would help
  4. 4. • It help transport goods or people to another place over long distance using a more stylish and infrastructure mode..• This could help reduce the time for transportation