Lower Secondary Science-Source of Energy


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Lower Secondary Science-Source of Energy

  1. 1. Source Of Energy
  2. 2. Type of Energy Source• Renewable; Always available and will not be used up• Non-Renewable; Will be used up one day if fail to replenish it
  3. 3. Source of Energy• Fossil fuel are animal and plant’s long dead remain• Nuclear are energy in the nucleus of certain metal• Biomass are wood, rotting animal, plant, matter, waste etc.• Geothermal are natural heat energy within the Earth• Wind
  4. 4. Fossil fuels• Coal, natural gas are burnt• Crude oil must be separated by fractional distillation into different type of fuel• In power station, fuel is burnt and the heat produced heat water up to steam. The steam rotates the turbine blade and the kinetic energy of the rotating blades are changed into electrical energy by generators• Produce large amount of energy• Eveready• Non-renewable• Cause air pollution as it give out harmful gas
  5. 5. Nuclear Energy• Energy released during the splitting of an atom or combine of atom• A cooling system removes the heat released during the splitting of an atom• The hot cooling system will be used as a heat source for a boiler• The pressured steam from that boiler will power the steam turbine driven generators to produce electricity• It doesn’t pollute the environment• It gives out lots of energy• Eveready
  6. 6. Biomass• The decay of organic waste produce gas used for heating and cooking• Renewable• More Expensive to produce
  7. 7. Geothermal• Water is pumped to the Earth to change it into steam• The steam collected power turbines which turn generators to produce electricity• Natural occurring• Only available in places where the heat of the Earth comes near the surface
  8. 8. Wind• Wind turn windmill to generate the windmill which produce electricity• Renewable• Only available when there is wind• Not efficient and dependable
  9. 9. Water• Water is stored in dam/reservoir to power turbine blade . The moving blade is changed to electrical energy by generators• Renewable• Construction of dam have impact on the environment• Require great difference in tidal level
  10. 10. Solar• Solar panel absorb light to produce electricity• Non-polluting• Not available when it is cloudy or at night
  11. 11. Energy storage• Container like shed store coal• Dams store large amount of water• Electric storage cell store electric
  12. 12. Summary Renewable energy like biomass, wind andwater is always available and will not be usedup.Non-renewable energy like fossil fuel andnuclear will be used up one day if notreplenished. Fossil fuel boil water to generateturbine. A cooling system that cool the split atomwill be used as a boiler which power the steamturbine to produce electricity. Biomass producegas used for cooking and heating. Water boiledin Earth to turn generators to produce electricity.Wind generate windmill to produce electricity.Water stored in a dam power turbine blade