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SNS Brochure


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SNS Brochure

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  3. 3. p. 3 WHO WE ARE When working with us, you are working with highly experienced consultants focused on supply chain and logistics operations, and who do not hesitate to roll-up their sleeves when needed. Our services range from consulting, operations reengineering, recruiting and training to solutions development, implementation and support. We distinguish ourselves by being hands-on consultants who had their share of participating in daily operations. Our aim is to build and maintain a strong relationship with our customers based on trust, honesty and integrity. By partnering with other leading companies in the field, we strive to create for you a single point of reference for all your needs in Supply Chain. Our pledge to you is that our primary objective will always be to minimize your logistics costs, increase your visibility and control over your supply network as well as maximize the productivity and efficiency of your resources to ultimately increase your profitability. At SNS, our people set us apart from other companies and hence are our most valuable assets. They are selected from the most prestigious universities in the region after a careful and thorough screening process. To secure our guarantee of offering you only the best, we constantly invest in our associates by providing them with regular training, coaching programs and exposure to a large variety of challenging projects. We are a leading provider of supply chain solutions and consultancy services whose customers and partners are geographically spread across the globe. With offices in Dubai, Jeddah, Johannesburg, Singapore and Beirut as well as operations spanning the five continents, we are recognized in the market by our proven track record of successful projects.
  4. 4. p. 4 OUR CUSTOMERS At SNS, we have partners not clients. Your success is ours and across the years we’ve had the privilege to collaborate with many world renowned companies and local market leaders in different verticals and various countries. We have worked hand in hand with third party logistics providers, government entities as well as wholesalers and retailers of consumer goods, high tech and electronics, apparel and footwear, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, service parts, food and beverage, household equipments and others. Listed below are some of the remarkable companies with whom we have had the pleasure of collaborating on various projects. Business: Food & Beverages Business: Logistics Business: Automotive Business: Food & Beverages Business: Fast-moving consumer goods Business: Automotive Business: Spare Parts (Automotive) Business: Logistics Business: Logistics Business: Logistics Business: Tires Business: White Goods Business: Food & Beverages Business: Electronics
  5. 5. p. 5 Business: Food & Beverages Business: Logistics Business: Automotive Business: Logistics Business: Automotive Business: Fashion Business: Technology Business: Fast-moving consumer goods Business: Electrical Business: Pharmaceutical Business: Logistics Business: Logistics Business: Electrical Appliances Business: Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Business: White Goods Business: Logistics Business: Logistics Business: Food & Beverages Business: Automotive Business: Pharmaceutical and cosmetics
  6. 6. p. 6 Business: Food & Beverages Business: Fashion and Luxury Business: LogisticsBusiness: Fast-moving consumer goods Business: Food & Beverages Business: Luxury, Fashion and cosmetics Business: Fashion and Luxury Business: Pharmaceutical Business: Logistics Business: Fast-moving consumer goods Business: Logistics Business: Food & Beverages Business: Logistics Business: Petrochemical Business: Fast-moving consumer goods Business: Food & Beverages Business: Furniture Business: Industrial Business: Food & Beverages Business: Food & Beverages Business: Fast-moving consumer goods Business: Logistics Business: Automotive Business: IT Hardware
  7. 7. p. 7 Business: Food & Beverages Business: Fast-moving consumer goods Business: Logistics Business: Retail Business: Food & Beverages Business: Retail Business: Fast-moving consumer goods Business: Hospital Business: Automotive Business: Fashion and Luxury Business: Fast-moving consumer goods Business: Fast-moving consumer goods Business: Logistics Business: E-commerce Business: Automotive Business: Logistics Business: Fashion Business: Food & Beverages Business: Retail Business: Pharmaceutical Business: Logistics Business: Logistics Business: Books & Gifts Business: Various
  8. 8. p. 8 WHAT WE DO Supply Chain Diagnostics / p10 Supply Chain Reengineering / p12 Supply Network Design / p14 Warehouse Design / p15 Supply Chain Software / p16 Training / p18 Recruiting / p20 At SNS, our aim is to ensure that all your needs are catered for. To achieve this objective, we have enriched our services portfolio, developed special implementation methodologies to fit the market and established partnerships with renowned international providers. Below are the different services we offer; more details on each service can be found in subsequent pages.
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  10. 10. p. 10 SUPPLY CHAIN DIAGNOSTICS A healthy supply chain is key to a company’s profitability and ability to compete in the market. SNS’ supply chain experts are here to help you determine the current weaknesses, bottle-necks and areas to improve in your demand planning, procurement, warehousing and distribution. We can help you identify potential solutions and establish an implementation roadmap that will guarantee the optimization of your supply chain for years to come. WHEN YOU NEED IT •• Is your supply chain preventing the growth of your company? •• Do you want to reduce your supply chain costs? •• Are your inventory levels too high or your forecast inaccurate? •• Is your warehouse underutilized or simply a little old- fashioned? •• Are you unable to fulfill your customers’ expectations accurately and on time? •• Do you lack visibility and control over your supply chain? What We Deliver •• Detailed assessment report including an analysis of the different supply chain entities and processes •• List of tactical solutions and quick wins that can generate rapid improvements •• List of strategic or long term solutions •• Approximate cost associated with each of the solutions •• Supply chain organizational chart highlighting the current gaps and future requirements for human resources •• Roadmap highlighting the key supply chain initiatives How It Benefits You •• Reduction of overall supply chain costs •• Full visibility on the strengths, weaknesses and bottlenecks of your supply chain •• Improvement of your current infrastructure •• Increased flexibility and agility of your supply network •• Clear and adapted roadmap for your solutions •• Access to years of experience and a large knowledge- base in supply chain practices What Makes Us Unique •• We are specialized in supply chain operation •• We have more than 15 years’ experience in the field •• Our international exposure gives us knowledge of best practices world-wide •• Coming from the operations side, we offer practical views on solutions 01
  11. 11. p. 11 “We don’t write lengthy reports or bore you with fancy words; we focus on giving you practical solutions that you can start implementing from day 1.
  12. 12. p. 12 Supply Chain Reengineering It is not enough to just identify problems, report bottlenecks and suggest solutions; we know you are looking for someone to help you along the road of improvement. At SNS, we help you reengineer your operations, define strategies, set-up objectives, establish processes, structure your supply chain team, select and implement software solutions. 02 WHEN YOU NEED IT •• Are you reviewing your current supply chain? •• Is your team caught up in daily operations and unable to complete improvement projects? •• Are you trying to determine the feasibility of a change to your operations? •• Do you lack the experience to restructure your operations? •• Do you want to build processes based on best practices? •• Are you trying to search for providers of supply chain services? What We Deliver •• Feasibility studies of supply chain projects •• Supply chain strategies, objectives, policies •• Supply chain organizational charts with defined job descriptions •• Standard operating procedures based on best practices •• RFPs/RFQs for selection of third party providers or systems How It Benefits You •• Reduction of overall supply chain costs •• Improvement of your current infrastructure •• Increased flexibility and agility of your supply network to respond to changing conditions •• Defined job descriptions and responsibilities with full organizational flow-charts What Makes Us Unique •• We come from the operations side and have done this before •• We understand the uniqueness of various cultures and the different ways of doing things •• We are specialized in supply chain operation •• We have connections with various providers and are able to support all your needs
  13. 13. p. 13 We are getting you best practices from the 4 corners of the world and tailoring procedures just for you. “
  14. 14. p. 14 Supply Network Design When operating a large geographical area, it becomes critical to have the right number of facilities to service your customers. Our engineers can help you find out where your facilities should be, how big they need to be and what areas they should deliver to in order to minimize your overall costs and still get there on time every time. 03 WHEN YOU NEED IT •• Are you thinking of opening a new warehouse? •• Do you have too many or too few facilities? •• Do you have too many warehouse bills or employ too many managers? •• Are you unable to deliver to your customers on time? •• Do you have safety stocks in many places? What We Deliver •• Network models assumptions list •• Network models costing analysis •• Network models trend analysis •• Qualitative assessment •• Network models head-to-head comparison How It Benefits You •• Minimize warehousing overhead costs •• Deliver on-time to your customers •• Minimize your transport costs •• Ensure that your network caters for contingencies and considers non-cost related elements What Makes Us Unique •• We have extensive knowledge of the markets and geographical locations we operate in •• We understand warehousing operations and their requirements •• We understand the various qualitative elements of the Network design
  15. 15. p. 15 Warehousing Design Whether you are constructing a new warehouse or revamping your existing distribution center, our warehousing design services will allow you to maximize your warehouse capacity, increase the speed and accuracy of your operation, achieve high levels of safety and security factors as well as meet your current and future storage requirements. 04 WHEN YOU NEED IT •• Are you constructing a new warehouse? •• Are you planning to add an extension to your warehouse? •• Do you lack storage capacity? •• Is your warehouse not able to fulfill your sales demand and customers’ expectations? •• Are you facing delays and bottlenecks in your operation flow? What We Deliver •• Identification of the storage systems that best fit your operation •• Required material handling equipment •• Number of required docks •• Required size of staging area •• Detailed warehouse layout (AutoCAD) including: - Layout of racking systems - Location of warehouse auxiliary areas •• A design that caters for your expected growth in the next five years How It Benefits You •• Maximize storage capacity •• Streamline throughput and operational flow •• Minimize theft and shrinkage •• Maximize stock safety •• Increase overall facility safety and security •• Ensure compliance with warehousing best practices •• Facilitate coordination with architects and contractors What Makes Us Unique •• We have more than 15 years’ experience in warehousing operations •• We understand the different racking systems, lift trucks and other MHEs •• We have an unbiased approach towards design •• We look at the warehouse from the operational side •• We conduct an extensive analysis of your inventory to determine the most suitable systems
  16. 16. p. 16 When deploying new supply chain software at your organization, consultants’ implementation skills are as critical to the success of the project as the quality of the software itself. At SNS, our experienced operational and technical professionals follow a proven implementation methodology that is adapted to each culture and tested by our many accomplishments in the market. We are also able to help you select the right solution for your company. SUPPLY CHAIN SOFTWARE 05 Our software solutions portfolio includes Warehouse Management, Transportation Management, Demand Planning and Advanced Planning/Scheduling Supply Chain Software Selection Selecting the right system is first setup in the success of your implementation project. Our understanding of operations, experience with various supply chain software and knowledge of the various elements of software implementation make our approach to the selection exercise unique. We can help you document requirements and develop RFPs, find the system with the right features, identify the right company to implement it and even offer quality assurance on the execution project. Warehouse Management System Our Warehouse Management System is a proven, advanced software solution for manufacturing, distribution, retail enterprises and third-party logistics providers (3PLs) operating a warehouse. It is a web based solution that enables you to control and monitor all the activities in your warehouse as well as organize work and align resources and labor to satisfy customer requirements. This application will ensure the highest inventory accuracy, optimal fulfillment and distribution processes as well as guarantee that your customer orders are delivered on time and in full, each and every time.The WMS offered by SNS is compatible with latest technologies such as voice picking, pick-to-light picking and RFID. Transportation Management Managing a large fleet, planning orders and routes as well as providing proof of delivery are critical to your distribution operation. When handled manually, they often consume a lot of time and are based on one person’s knowledge of your network.
  17. 17. p. 17 “ Our solutions for route planning make sure that you are basing your decisions on optimization algorithms that minimize your costs and maximize your trucks utilization. Our Fleet Management System offers preventative maintenance aimed at minimizing cost of repairs, reducing vehicle down-time as well as ensuring on time execution of scheduled services. Demand Planning Solution Our demand planning solution allows you to predict and forecast customer demand, optimize safety stock levels as well as order the right quantity at the right time to the right location. This solution results in increased customer satisfaction levels, reduced inventory investments and minimized storage space requirements. Using forecast based on error and learning from history, the solution offers more accurate results than solution based on preset models. Advanced Planning/Scheduling Solution Our advanced planning and scheduling solutions work hand in hand to optimize your manufacturing plan, considering all constraints, making best use of your various assets and simultaneously scheduling all operations on all production lines, including any interdependencies, to deliver a totally synchronized schedule-down to the minute. Planning is a configurable solution you can mold to meet your unique requirements and address the steady stream of changing variables whereas Scheduling is a constraint-based solution that addresses the unique challenges of managing the capacity of vessels, tanks, and lines—and the flow of product between them. Thanks to our unique blend of operational expertise and software skills, we are working with customers around the world, from Japan to Argentina.
  18. 18. p. 18 Internalizing key understandings and skills in supply chain management within your organization can have significant impact on competitiveness by enhancing customer service level, reducing costs and effectively managing inventory. The list below presents a full overview of SNS supply chain courses that are designed to provide maximum knowledge transfer in a short period of time. SNS is also able to customize special training curriculums for companies looking for tailored courses. TRAINING 06 Fundamentals of Supply Chain An overview of the different processes of supply chain as well as the methods and means to analyze and assess their performance. 2 days course Warehousing Best Practices A detailed overview of the field of warehousing including the racking systems, the equipment as well as the different operations implemented in distribution centers. 3 days course Fundamentals of Demand Planning An overview of the different techniques used to generate demand forecasts from sales history, and the means to apply these forecasts to minimize inventory investments while increasing customer satisfaction. 2 days course Introduction to Warehouse Automation An overview of the most common warehouse automations from light to heavy as well as some of the newest technologies, along with an understanding to evaluate what suits your warehouse and how they can help you achieve your goals. 1 day course Warehousing Safety and Security Detailed overview on the different aspects and requirements of safety and security in the warehouse. The course provides its attendees with a high understanding of the laws and best practices of safety and security to meet world-wide standards. 1 day course
  19. 19. p. 19 Transportation Management Best Practices Necessary knowledge and skills to effectively plan, manage and control all transportation activities carried out by companies. 1 day course Getting Started with Warehouse Management System An overview on the main and nice to have features WMS solutions, the methods of selecting the most suitable one for your company and the methodology of implementation. The course includes brief demos on a best-of-breed application. 2 days course Fundamentals of Material Management and Planning Training A detailed overview of the relation between forecast and planning, the value of scheduling and planning for production, the different inventory management techniques as well as the tools and performance indicators used in these activities. 3 days course How to Measure, Benchmark and Improve your Warehouse Performance A list of the top KPIs used in warehousing and the means to measure them. This course offers you the chance to compare your performance indicators against international benchmarks and lists the solutions available to improve them. 1 day course Warehouse Costing and Billing Necessary knowledge to calculate, analyze and reduce costs incurred by the warehouse. The course offers the chance to choose the most suitable billing strategies and generate the appropriate financial indicators to monitor profitability. 1 day course How to Slot your Warehouse A detailed overview of slotting concepts, policies, tradeoffs, and methods that can be used to increase the speed and efficiency of your order fulfillment. 1 day course Introduction to RFID in Logistics An overview of the RFID technology and its fundamentals, a look at its different applications and the skills necessary to implement RFID projects in logistics functions. 1 day course
  20. 20. p. 20 Throughout the years, SNS has aided many companies in evaluating the knowledge and skills of their employees within the supply chain department. Our extensive experience and the exclusivity of our service to recruiting only supply chain professionals guarantees that your newly hired personnel is able to fulfill his duties to the fullest and assist in the growth of your company. Recruiting 07 WHEN YOU NEED IT •• Do you have a gap in your supply chain organizational chart? •• Are you unable to find suitable candidates for your open positions? •• Do you need a logistics expert opinion about potential candidates? •• Do you need to guarantee that your new recruits can handle the responsibilities to be assigned to them? •• Do you want to train new recruits prior to hiring them? What We Deliver •• Initial needs assessment to formulate criteria for candidate selection •• An extensive search among our continuously up-to- date electronic and constantly growing CV Database. •• Identification of potential candidates •• Referral of screened candidate resumes via e-mail or fax How It Benefits You •• Defined profile and job responsibility as per your needs •• Minimum effort in recruiting a new employee •• Recruit the right person for the job •• Benefit from SNS wide network of connections •• Benefit from SNS expertise in logistics and evaluating personnel skills What Makes Us Unique •• We are focused only on supply chain jobs •• We have strong connections in the markets we operate in •• We have a solid CV bank and have most of the time worked with the people we recommend •• Given our supply chain background, we understand your needs better than non-specialized recruiting agencies
  21. 21. p. 21 “We know supply chain; and we also know the people that know supply chain as well.
  22. 22. p. 22 WHERE WE ARE DUBAI1 Al Naboodah Complex, Showroom #4, P.O.Box 55397, Dubai, UAE T: +971 4 2895 011 JOHANNESBURG3 Block F, Gillooly's View, Office Park, 1 Osborne Lane, Bedfordview, Johannesburg, South Africa T: +27 11 607 8299 JEDDAH5 P.O.Box 140111, Jeddah - 21333, Prince Sultan Str., Jeddah, KSA T: +966 54 105 9722 BEIRUT2 4th Floor Hachem Center, Electricity Str., Sed El Baoucherieh, Beirut, Lebanon T: +961 1 884 700 +961 1 894 500 SINGAPORE4 16 Raffles Quay #33-03, Hong Leong Building, Singapore T: +65 6922 4134 SNS has grown in the recent years from a company serving primarily the Middle-East to a world-recognized logistics solutions provider. With 5 offices strategically located in Dubai, Jeddah, Johannesburg, Singapore and Beirut, and partnerships in the Americas and Europe, we currently have projects in more than 35 countries spanning from Japan to Chile. Our consultants are fluent in 4 languages (English, French, Spanish and Arabic) and we do not hesitate to venture into new locations and regions where our customers need us. Our international exposure has given us unique experiences as well as an understanding of the different cultures and ways of work allowing us to bring you best practices from the 4 corners of the globe.
  23. 23. p. 23 2 1 4 5 3