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Marine Objects


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Marine Objects

  1. 1. L-VDR & Voyage Performance Analyser L-VDR (voyage data recorder) Blackbox for all available ship’s data. Voyage Performance Analyser Multi purpose software tool for interpretation of ship’s data.
  2. 2. L-VDR • Is the blackbox of the vessel. Stores all available ship’s data (date, time, position, heading, speed, wind, depth, etc.). • Very low power consumption. 50-100 times less than a standard computer therefore no risk of empty batteries. • Better protected against shock and flooding (IP67). • Makes use of onboard navigation electronics. Therefore all collected data is much more precise and complete than collected from standard ‘track and trace’ unit. • The unit is dismountable within seconds In times of calamities, the vessels data won’t be lost with the ship. • Solid State Memory. Even after sinking of a vessel, changes are that all L-VDR data will be still accessible. • No personal intervention. Automatically capturing of information without any personal intervention.
  3. 3. Voyage Performance Analyser • Processes standard NMEA 0183 ship’s data. Both data from L-VDR or different sources, like laptop and/or navigation software. • One tool for different target groups. Trip documentation, match analyse, surveillance, checking for damage, insurance prove, carrier for your marketing message. • Creates a 3d presentation in Google Earth format. Not a simple line, but a complete 3d curtain with clickable information points. World wide accepted standard format. Easy for distribution since the final result is just 1 file. • Automatic Alerts. Simple icons will alert you concerning possible problem spots. • Self learning polar. The program calculates the real polar of the ship (360°). Even improper mast trim and straightness of the ship will become apparent. • Special editions for events possible. Free distribution during a regatta or sailing event. Event organisers or main sponsors can have their company logo's integrated in the final Google Earth presentation.
  4. 4. Samples An example of the Challenge Cup 2010 from IJmuiden to Lowestoft. Every point is clickable and the different segments of the race can be reviewed in detail.
  5. 5. Samples The 3d curtain in full glory. The difference between speed over ground and speed through water are clear to see. Wind and rudder indicators complements the picture.
  6. 6. Samples All the movement of the vessel can be checked out precisely afterwards. No discussion in damage situations.
  7. 7. Samples An example of an automatic alert. Alerts will be created in situations of strong winds, too much drift, low depth, high speed over ground combined with low speed through water or a sudden stop of the vessel.
  8. 8. Samples The polar of the ship is calculated automatically. It’s clear that this ship is not completely straight. Reasons can vary from; not having a straight keel, bent rudder and/or improper mast trim.
  9. 9. Samples The performance of the ship and crue can be reviewed in easy readable charts.
  10. 10. Samples
  11. 11. Questions ?
  12. 12. MarineObjects Eemlaan 15 2105 XA HEEMSTEDE Nederland General office Tel +31 (0)85 8773780 Managing Director Ernest Scheffelaar Mob +31 (0)6 53492130