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UX cambridge 2015 - Designing with small audiences - Marine Barbaroux


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It's widely expected nowadays that the UX of your product will have a massive impact on its adoption and success. We're all about delighting customers - particularly when you have thousands of them.

But if a feature is used by a handful of people, it is hard to justify the cost required to make their experience better. And nearly impossible if the user base is made of experts who 'know what they're doing anyway'.

Is this right? Business users are also people and they've often used web sites and smartphone apps that are far better than their enterprise software.

I will give examples where focusing on design, even for a small number of users, has made a big difference to them and the businesses they work for.

This deck was first presented at UX Cambridge in sep 2015.

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UX cambridge 2015 - Designing with small audiences - Marine Barbaroux

  1. 1. Why invest in UX for a handful of users? Marine Barbaroux - UX Cambridge 2015
  2. 2. Designer @miss_embe
  3. 3. B2C End Consumer (You and me) B2B Average (You and me at work) B2B Super Niche (The people we are talking about today)
  4. 4. Case Study 1
  5. 5. "BaggagehandlerLAS"bySaskjon-Ownwork.LicensedunderCCBY-SA3.0viaCommons
  6. 6. Case Study 2
  7. 7. Copyright Iridium - all right reserved
  8. 8. 99.999%availability (ie. 5 min 26 sec donwntime / year)​
  9. 9. Copyright Iridium - all right reserved
  10. 10. PhotoonCClicencefromtorkildronFlickr
  11. 11. 5 Lessons
  12. 12. Lesson 1: Customer is unlikely to ask for UX
  13. 13. Lesson 2: It's easier to do your job well
  14. 14. Lesson 3: It's cheaper to do your job
  15. 15. Lesson 4: If you mess up, it's easier to fix
  16. 16. Lesson 5: People will love the tool/you
  17. 17. This works for B2B too.
  18. 18. You can make the world a better place.
  19. 19. Thank you.
  20. 20. One more thing... Cambridge Consultants are recruiting talented UX people. Drop me a line or visit