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Infographic eindversie

  1. 1. The world around Mission Vision CompetitionTo empower children and A peaceful future foryoung people in conflictareas trough community -based programmes all children. 1. Strengths & weaknesses Independent Financial income 2. trough partners to Well known low brand name Large partner- schips 3. Trends Target group, Potential Demographic Donors give preferably local and to single issue causes, which Partners & Relationships arguably makes a difference or fit into their world. International collaboration creates opportunities for the Netherlands Consultancy companies in a globalizing world. One of War Child’s target groups are consultancy com- Economic panies with who they would like to cooperate. War Child Radical Transparency needs experienced project managers from these consul- tancy companies to work on the numerous projects and Organizations lose their role as catalyst and campaigner and have programmes of the ministry of foreign affairs. to renew itself Socio-Cultural Potential Partners The border between profit and non-profit disappears The potential partners of consultancy companies that could be interesting to cooperate with. It is about Increasing focus on operational transparency for donors companies that are large enough and that might be capable of sending out T project managers to consu he ‘big fo world ltancy ur ’ le ad Politics manage various pro- 140 c . All a companie ing ountr ctive in m s in the Focus on safety jects of War Child in a stro ies. ore ng co Three of f than Child nnect o the next fouryears. trough ion w ur have Focus on food security Resp ith onsib Corporate War ility p Socia rogra mmes l Focus on safe drinking water and water management . Focus on sexual health Five forces model Relationschips Low High Various companies are an official partner of War Child. Some of them are very tight, Suppliers they can be called as the four main sponsors. Furthermore there is a large Substitutes New entrants group of supporting companies, Customers including Ben & Jerry’s, Bird & Bird, United, RICOH, and Radio 538. For each company there is a different situation, so War Child creates together with each supporting Competition company a sponsoring policy which is interesting for both parties. Conclusion: Market not attractive, but easy accesible, difficult to survive. Follow UP.... CSR Existing Trends Partners To create a new business con- cept by connecting the dots: War Child Consultancy Companies Through CSR, trends & existing partners