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Curriculum VitaeName: Marina SmirnovaAddress: SpainSkype: MarinadePuigE-mail: marishasmirnova@hotmail.comMobile Phone: +34...
Curriculum VitaeiPhone and Android Apps Development Package (Blue Mountain Course, UK)Additional qualifications:          ...
Curriculum Vitae•   More than 7 years as an International SAP Account Manager, International Customer    Service Manager w...
Curriculum Vitae     •    Experienced as a Websites SEO Content/ Title/ Key Words Manager.     •    Experienced in project...
Curriculum Vitae-------***Russia***Meta, OOO (2000-2002)Export Manager   • Relationship with assigned channel or LCA accou...
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Marina smirnova cvms1_sense


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Looking for new job opportunities.

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Marina smirnova cvms1_sense

  1. 1. Curriculum VitaeName: Marina SmirnovaAddress: SpainSkype: MarinadePuigE-mail: marishasmirnova@hotmail.comMobile Phone: +34Professional profile:I am a Professional International Digital Marketing Manager (SEO, SEM, PPC, KPI, KSI,Database, and Search Engine Organic Positioning), with experience in international customerservice, account management, risk management and SAP sales. I wish to combine myextensive and in-depth knowledge of tools, methodologies and environments to enable theorganization to provide optimum solutions in a variety of business sectors. I have a strongresearch, analysis, diagnosis and troubleshooting ability, excellent client/ suppliercommunication and team leading skills combined with a strong business strategy acumen andprofessional business judgment. I have experience in competitive landscape monitoring andam focused in making any website a leader in a desired market/ country/ region providingstrong analytical KPI’ s across the sites. Highly mentored to assimilate new technologies andapply previous experiences to new situations.Qualifications University Degrees:University Degree in Business Sciences –------English/ German/ Russian Philology – TGP University(September,1988 - June,1993), Skills: translation/ interpretation (English/ German/ Russian).------Post Graduate Degree:MBA - Master University Degree/ SME Direction –University EFEM (Madrid), 2010-2012------MASTER University Degree/ MARKETING Senior Executive –(E-commerce, relational marketing, URL analytics, Virtual Sales, Market Research, potentialclient investigation/ affiliation, SWOT, etc.) – EAE, Barcelona, 2008-2011Master Degree Higher Financial Mathematics – Business school,Formación Docencia, S. L., Madrid, 2008- 2010------Senior Tax Consultant Degree - IMAFE, Madrid, 2010-2011------Ph. Degree in foreign languages, (1994 -1997)Currently studying:NLP Practitioner Course Training (NLP Centre of Excellence Ltd),
  2. 2. Curriculum VitaeiPhone and Android Apps Development Package (Blue Mountain Course, UK)Additional qualifications: 1) Data base (Access XP) - Madrid, 10/07/2009 2) PowerPoint XP - Madrid, 09/07/2009, 3) Windows XP (File Management) - Madrid, 09/07/2009, 4) New Technologies for SME Managers - Madrid, 31/07/2009, 5) New technologies Applied to Human Resources - Madrid, 22/07/2009, 6) New technologies applied to Fiscal and Labour Management - Madrid, 26/07/2009, 7) New Technologies for SME - Madrid, 20/09/2009, 8) "J2EE - WEB development, JSF, Spring - 1269" and "AJAX: 9) ASYNCHRONOUS JAVA SCRIPT +XML - 1299 ", CEOE - EI - EI (Barcelona), July, 11th, 2010 10)Data protection - ELYSION, MG CALA CONSULTING, S.L., Tarragona, 29/12/2010 11) Community Manager 2.0 – CursaPlus, 2012, 12) Web Development and Positioning (DREAMVIEWER) – KDL Formación, SL., 2012 Foreign Languages:1. Russian – fluent,2. English – fluent,3. German – fluent,4. Dutch – intermediate,5. Spanish – fluent,6. French – intermediate,7. Catalonian –fluent. Technical SkillsExpertise: Google Analytics, Key Code reading/ improving, Content Management, Organic Positioning, Accounts, Factoring, Banking, Tax Management, etc.Languages: Experienced in reading HTML, Java, JavaScript, AJAX, etc.Environments: Windows (XP, Vista, 7), Linux, LincatTools: Office 2003/ 2007 (Word, Excel (competent user: formulae, graphs, etc .), Access, PowerPoint, FrontPage2003, Publisher, Outlook, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.), SAP, Spreadsheet, CRM, KPI, KSI, Database, CAT, Trados Translators, Workbench, TagEditor, TranWise Global, Translator’S Red Tools, Calendaring STW, SEO, SEM, PPC. Management Summary 1) Marketing/ Sales/ SEO/ SEM• More than 3 years as an International Digital Marketing Manager (SEO, SEM, PPC, KPI, KSI, Database, CRM, Market Research/ Development, Search Engine Organic Positioning)
  3. 3. Curriculum Vitae• More than 7 years as an International SAP Account Manager, International Customer Service Manager with SAP Sales experience and Risk Management across Europe• Experienced in international project/ product management and successful product developing (including new product launch, key products continuous advertising).• Extensive experience as Export and E-commerce Manager (EU/ EEU/ EMEA).• Global Emerging Markets Manager• Solid background in all aspects of content development, including full project life cycle• Direct/ Relational/ Mobile Marketing skills• Direct Management / Team Leading experience• Effective client affiliation• Extensive industry experience• Long-term international work experience in Spain and Russia. 2). Content Manager/ Translator/ Interpreter/ Professor• Excellent communication and presentation skills in both Russian and English; proved by more than 10 years experience. Perform translation of background related to project implementation documents using specialized translation software. Publications and documents translation done in accurately, clear, concise, targeted manner.• Skilled in audio transcripts and voice over’s.• Experienced in philology, including pedagogical and psychological background.Work experience***Spain***STM- Digital Marketing (2010- 2012)Certificated STM Senior Executive Consultant • Highly qualified and experienced Market Development Manager focused on Russian, Spanish and German companies. • More than 5 years leading a team of +5 employees engaging and collaborating with cross-functional teams including sales, traffic acquisition, partnerships, product, content and marketing. • Organic positioning in the most important search engines such as, etc. depending on the strategically assigned country (countries)/ region (regions)/ city/ town, etc. • Used to manage key code (title, keywords and description) adapting a strategic word combination to the web page content. • Focused and Qualified in business strategy digital fulfillment. • Ensure high quality internal and external links, administrating popularity and notoriety as well as online reputation, monitoring the competitive landscape; ‘Getting that company website turned into a leader’ in each market in Russia/ Eastern and Western Europe. • Proved to have strong analytical skills. • In-depth knowledge of the Internet and its functionality, including Social Network, Email-Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, etc. • Highly experienced in Google Analytics, Page Rank and Indexation.
  4. 4. Curriculum Vitae • Experienced as a Websites SEO Content/ Title/ Key Words Manager. • Experienced in project/ product digital management. Strong business acumen. • Flexible and open to change, fast grasping the essence of new information and priorities. • Used to be responsible for continued development and company growth. • Experienced in delivering multiple projects on schedule; tracking them forward productively. • Good business judgment when making decisions, identifying market, site and consumer research needs. • Strong in troubleshooting, diagnosing and giving solutions to complex business and technical problems in Russia, Spain, Germany.---------------------L.S. Group, S. A. (2007-2012)Export Manager (Marketing Division) • Focused on improving efficiencies and reducing costs. • SEO internalisation, emerging markets investigation/ expansion. • Sales and marketing research in foreign trade (intra - and non- EU) • Expansion and consolidation. • Responsible for driving Customer Support (extensive client interaction), Accounts, Administration. • Release Management – coordinate all aspects of new products: business plan fulfilment, compatibility testing, inter-groups coordination, web updates, announcements, and management of distribution. • Translation/ interpretation, Negotiation, Annual Trade Exhibitions coordination, • Risk Management cooperation with Global Trade Safety (ATRADIUS GROUP).-------- F. International (2004 – 2006) Chief executive officer – CEO Marketing/ Chief operating officer – COO Marketing • Mentoring and coordinating a team updating data in the CRM tool effectively, accurately, timely and properly navigating the system. CRM content has to include all leads, opportunities and customer interactions. • Interface and collaborate with marketing focused on driving programs, collateral and lead follow up. Primary roles: • Search engine optimisation, • Organic positioning, • Page Rank Improvement, • Technical support design, • Sitemap updating, • Browser visibility preserving, • International sales score increasing.
  5. 5. Curriculum Vitae-------***Russia***Meta, OOO (2000-2002)Export Manager • Relationship with assigned channel or LCA accounts, performing cold calls, as well as lead follow up in order to achieve and exceed assigned quota’s to assigned accounts. • Directly promoting to channel accounts converting them from competitors and developing new business. Calling channel partners to provide support in specific needs or to identify potential opportunities. • Research potential and current customers in advance of interaction. Determine opportunities and approach based on research findings. Map influencers in the account. • Qualify leads to determine potential. Turn qualified leads into opportunities. Pass on qualified leads if it requires the attention of an external Account Manager, disqualifying lead if it has no value to the company. • Ensuring that leads are being followed up in a timely manner. Manage leads to opportunities, or pass on qualified lead to Account Manager. • Maintaining leads on database for continued development and forward qualified leads, • Protecting and retaining current accounts as assigned. Providing consistent communication. Coordinating and influencing throughout the value chain. • Communicating the companies’ offerings/ advertising including the benefits and features and has a strong understanding of competing products and how to position the company for success. ------- Foreign Languages Academy (1993-2000) Foreign Languages Professor Russian/ English/ German. Extensive pedagogical & psychological research, development and performing experience. Additional information: Valid Spanish drivers license, Class A&B