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Company Presentation

  1. 1. Online seminar – a summary In the following we would like to give you important information to help you make the best decision. Our co-operating partner PM-International PM- International is responsible for the supply of products to our customers and for the payment of our team partners. For about 20 years this family business has made it to combine unique, innovative health products and an efficient marketing strategy. Exactly these elements have made it a successful business. Facts: The development of this company deserves to be named a success story, because annual turnover could be constantly increased. With 180 million € (according to retail prices) it is home in over 30 countries and the increase in profit reaches double figures. The basis of this success is an innovative philosophy which aims at satisfying customer needs. Our motto therefore is “premium quality for health, fitness, inner and outer beauty”.   1  
  2. 2. An important guarantor of success is the personal ambition of the founder of the company and chief executive Rolf Sorg. His outstanding dedication was even honoured by his appointment to the European Economic Affairs Council. Thus he belongs to the board of especially successful people of politics, economy and science. In 2009 he was finalist in the ‘Ernst & Young’ award- “Entrepreneur of the Year”. „Top 100“ PM-International ranks among the 100 most innovative medium- size enterprises of Germany. 40000 companies are eligible for this contest. There are only rated the innovations of the previous year and every year you can be nominated again. PM- International has received this nomination for the 10th time, amongst which it has reached the Top 10 for five times. „TOP JOB“   In the years 2002 and 2004 PM-International has been awarded TOP JOB as one of the best employers of participating enterprises in Germany. Dun & Bradstreet   Because the company operates without any loan capital, it is safe in economic turmoil. This success was honored by the world of finance. Dun& Bradstreet rated the company with 100 out of 100 points. PM-International Charity   Social engagement is an obligation for PM-International. That is why PM-Interntional does not only want to do good to people with its products. Rolf Sorg said:” One of our most fundamental obligations is to help people in need, especially children.” PMI’s charity ambassadress adds:” We contribute to a world of justice in which all children have the same chances of having clear water, enough food, a shelter and living in a world in which education is no longer utopia.”     2  
  3. 3.   What to know about our nutrition products We all aim at a high performance until old age. We want to look good and we appreciate juvenescent natural beauty. The products of PMI, known as FitLine, exactly aim at these basic needs. A lot of our customers report about immediately visible results and long- lasting benefits. Consolidated Findings   PMI products are based on scientific research, which have been transferred into solutions that have been partly patented by using latest technologies: EP 1348343, EP 1516537, EP 1563743, EP 1698344, EP 1719519. Unique Nutrient Transport Concept “NTC“ A special feature of our FitLine products is the Nutrient Transport Concept, exclusively developed and applied in all products by PM, the FitLine NTC. NTC makes it possible that the ingredients of the products can be faster and better absorbed by the human body. So consequently results are faster and better too. GMP-Standards   The production is according to strict GMP-standards. This guarantees absolute purity and a high level of quality. GMP- standards are rules to ensure quality standards of production processes as they are applied in pharmaceutical industry. Additional check-up in Switzerland   PM has its products checked by Swiss Vitamin Institute in Lausanne.     3  
  4. 4. FitLine and Sport FitLine is one of the most popular dietary supplements of both amateur and professional sportsmen, because FitLine products are supervised by the Institute of Biochemistry at the German Sport University Cologne. The laboratory of doping analysis is accredited by IOC. Here one knows how to distinguish between positive effects of dietary supplements and inadmissible taking of performance-enhancing drugs. Fitness- and power training as well as endurance training are often insufficient to achieve top performance. Food supplements based on amino acids and vitamins form the perfect supplement, because a balanced diet is really important when going in for sports. FitLine-series are food supplements consisting of completely compatible amino acids and essential nutrients. “Activize”, for example, provides exactly those active substances the human body needs to produce energy. Additionally this product contains important vital substances for our cells. “Restorate” supplies the cells with minerals and serves as an acid-base-balance. No matter which FitLine product – vitamin preparation, food supplement with magnesium or compatible dietary supplement with amino acids, FitLine products can help to enhance your performance distinctively. A worthwhile investment for every sportsman! PMI is official supplier of vital products to optimize performance of sportsmen in: • German Icehockey Federation • German Cycling Federation • German Nordic Walking Association • German Ski Association • Austrian Ski Association • Swiss Sliding( bob sleighing, skeleton,& tobogganing) Even state-run companies recommend us (e.g. “Österreichische Sporthilfe”)       4  
  5. 5. Your chances of payment   The basic principle of payment at PM is simple and fair. Everybody can achieve their goals and this is completely independent from the usual preconditions like training, career or social status. PM offers six steps of earnings, starting off with profits gained from your personal selling of products until special bonus for the revenues of your branch office. Especially lucrative: • Car programme -> even if you work avocationally • Pension programme -> 50% payment of your pension plan • Incentives-> dream holidays “all inclusive” Have a look at the ladder of success:       5  
  6. 6. Your start   Now we would like to deal with your start. But before we do so, let us remember which goals you want to achieve with your new little business: • You start your own business, become team partner with your own branch office. • We show you how to advise and mentor five customers. • We show you how to convince team partners who want to open their own branch offices. • We show you how to train and mentor your team partners. At the beginning there is the start of your business. It all starts with free registration at PM-International. Thus you receive your PMI license which you have no further obligations, but two important rights:   • You may work with PMI products in customer advisory service   • You are allowed to build up your team partners and branch offices in order to integrate them into your business and to profit from their revenues.   If you have set yourself the goal of 500 – 1000€ supplementary income, except telephone and Internet you need the following: • Image brochure • Plan of income • Sports catalogue & DVD • Cell-energy programme To remember: The cell-energy programme consists of power cocktail and Restorate and it is a 30-day- programme to strengthen the immune system. It provides energy and better sleep. You can take these products as samples of course, but we recommend you to try these products by yourself. On the one hand you might be convinced of supplying the body essential nutrients, but by applying these products by yourself, you can tell your potential customers about your own experiences you have gained when taking these products. This might be very beneficial for your future work.   6  
  7. 7. Your starter package “cell-energy-set” You will receive the materials mentioned on page 6 - image brochure, plan of income, sports catalogue and your personal cell-energy programme – from PM- International as a starter kit. Our online seminar, which you have viewed, is predominantly for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.   If you live in Germany you will receive the starter kit for 119€ or if you buy by subscription you will only pay 99€. In Austria the starter set is 106€, in Switzerland it is 160 Swiss francs. The different prices result from different shipment prices and tax rates in the different countries.   But one thing is the same in all the countries:   If you are not satisfied with the results of the products you will receive your money back within 30 days. This is called satisfaction guarantee.   You see, you dont take a risk. We don’t want to sell anything to you either. We are only looking for successful long-term business partners and relations and we put value on transparency and fair dealing with each other. Starter Kit   Germany € 99,- / 119,- (valuable € 170,-) Austria € 106,- (valuable € 170,-) Switzerland CHF 160,- (about CHF 250,-)   Image brochure   Plan of income   Sports catalogue & DVD Cell-energy programme   (Your programme for 30 days)     7  
  8. 8. The next steps   1. Telephone talk with your personal contact person It is about making an appointment in order to talk to a leader/ senior staff member to clarify questions.   2. Telephone call with the leader Your questions will be answered competently. 3. Getting an insight into practice We will give you an insight into how to organize your home office. 4. Telephone call with the leader Getting help at the beginning. 5. Online registration at PM-International   Your personal contact person and your leader/ senior staff member will help you to register at PM free of charge. You can pay your starter kit on delivery, by credit card or per direct debit. 6. Welcome!   Now you can start your initial training. We will show you how to make first profits. Our online training, the Internet and telephone will support you.We would be delighted to welcome you in our team where exceptional success isno rarity. That is why we would like to wish you success with PM-International.   8