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Indirect speech


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Published in: Technology
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Indirect speech

  1. 1. Indirect speech Simple tenses
  2. 2. Present simple – past simple He said: “ My sister does her homework every day” He said that his sister did her homework every day does - did
  3. 3. Past simple – Past perfect He said: “I was at the cinema yesterday” He said that he had been at the cinema the day beforeWas – had been
  4. 4. Future simple – Future in the past He said: “We will buy a car next week.” He said that they would buy a car the following week will – would
  5. 5. Exercises My uncle said: “I buy several newspapers every day” Ha said: “I saw you yesterday” She said: “ I will have 4 exams this spring” The old man said: “You sing perfectly” My sister said: “ You look very nice”