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Why less is more for mobile maps


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Presentation at GeoMonday the 2nd

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Why less is more for mobile maps

  1. 1. www.touch-code-magazine.comWhy less is morefor mobile appsMarin Todorov
  2. 2. www.touch-code-magazine.comMarin Todorov“Touch Code Magazine”“Ray Wenderlich iOS Team”www.raywenderlich.comActive on GitHub, Stackoverflow, what have you...
  3. 3. www.touch-code-magazine.comThis talk* how maps evolve* purpose of desktop and mobile maps* optimize your mobile app experience !!!
  4. 4. www.touch-code-magazine.comPaper mapsOnly importantinformationCC Image by “tv”Most info that can fit!CC image by “Pictr One X”
  5. 5. www.touch-code-magazine.comDigital maps!
  6. 6. www.touch-code-magazine.comMobile maps!Images by @teehanlax
  7. 7. www.touch-code-magazine.comInformed Approach* Who are you* When are you* Where are youThe map knows ...And probably what youwant right now ...
  8. 8. www.touch-code-magazine.comProblem solving1.2. 3.Images by
  9. 9. www.touch-code-magazine.com2D coordinate systemgeolocation data
  10. 10. www.touch-code-magazine.comAdding dimensionsCome for the lollypop,stay for the location data ...
  11. 11. www.touch-code-magazine.comTazza app- solves a problem- location & time aware- makes an informedapproach to thesolution
  12. 12. www.touch-code-magazine.comTime dimension- now- tomorrowmorning- weekend
  13. 13. www.touch-code-magazine.comBeatguide- solves a problem- location & time aware- makes an informedapproach to thesolution
  14. 14. www.touch-code-magazine.comStyle & soundclound
  15. 15. www.touch-code-magazine.comWrap-upDesktop - to exploreMobile - on the gooptimized experienceWithin reason !
  16. 16. www.touch-code-magazine.comBack to* surfing map* wintersports*football!Images:
  17. 17. www.touch-code-magazine.comQ & A ?Thank you!