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Powerful and easy to use platform to create and manage unlimited Facebook fan pages with unlimited Apps

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Socialsoft.Com Fpb Presentation

  1. 1. drag & drop fan page builder
  2. 2. Drag & drop brand page builder for successful enforcement and promoting of brands, products, services and activities on Facebook . Modern solution for advertising, corporate PR, personal image making, digital marketing, uniting business and social communication through which to engage the attention of current and potential customers. Powerful tool to make social media users to become consumers and to turn customers into fans of their own Love-brand .   Brand Page Builder!
  3. 3. WHITE LABEL sales option under own brand name. Expand your company portfolio with new activities and services to current and future customers. Provide long term customer service and brand management of your clients fan pages. Fast and very effective response during campaigning on Facebook. Easy to use controlling work with fan page builder from each of employees in your company. Opportunities for developing and applying individual widgets . Optional offering and providing of more value added services to your company clients. New market niches. Enforcing and promoting your own company image as expert presence in online marketing and social media. Advantages with
  4. 4. Select a page Choose a template Customize the template Like Gate Preview 5 steps for Landing page!
  5. 5. many widgets! WIDGETS!
  6. 6. The platform offers a simple interface, drag & drop function for placing the objects in the working field, layers , and Auto Save . drag & drop!
  7. 7. Dragging and dropping the objects on the desktop. Editor. Setting and editing the necessary data and parameters. Building the Tab!
  8. 8. Moving and positioning the objects using the mouse by dragging on the desktop. Editing, replacing with others. Mobility of the objects!
  9. 9. The platform offers templates for tabs, arranged in categories. The selected template is loaded into the box and can be fully edited. Uploading templates!
  10. 10. The system allows by clicking the Download button to download and save your templates. Keep in zip format. Download template!
  11. 11. You can see what it looks like on Facebook through Preview button at any time during the construction and editing your brand page. Preview on Facebook!
  12. 12. Be Social media Influencer and Facebook marketing strategist, re-socialize your customers brands! Socialsoft EMEA e-mail: [email_address] [email_address] skype: sales.socialsoft socialsoft partners +44 20 7617 7732 contacts!