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Drinking & driving


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Drinking & driving

  1. 1. Drinking & Driving 4113037 Marin Nakachi
  2. 2. About Drinking & Driving 2 type of Drinking & Driving• driving while intoxicated• driving under the influence of alcohol
  3. 3. In Japan…These things can not drive with alcohol too.
  4. 4. Drinking & Driving by food and/or disinfectant Some foods & mouthwashes include alcohol!
  5. 5. In Okinawa…Reasons• Society of motorized• The Okinawan Characteristics of “Nankurunaisa”
  6. 6. Criminal Punishment of Drinking & Driving ・Driving while intoxicated Maximum of 5years in prison or 1 million yen in fines ・Driving under the influence of alcohol Maximum of 3 years in prison or 500,000 yen in fines ・Rejected the sobriety test Maximum of 3 months in prison or 500,000 yen in fines
  7. 7. Responsibility of other people Provide alcohol Rend a car Fellow passenger
  8. 8. Problem of Drinking & Driving・Can’t drive safety ・Sadness・High possibility of traffic ・Regretaccident
  9. 9. How to solve the problem GovernmentEnrichment of checkpoint and surveillance MyselfRaise funds for eradicationorganization of Drinking &DrivingDon’t do Drinking &Driving and/or keepsomeone from it
  10. 10. Thank youfor listening!