Programming Opportunities 2012


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Available Spanish language programming opportunities for your radio station...

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Programming Opportunities 2012

  1. 1. Grupo Latino de Radio Content Syndication Offering
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONGLR Networks supplies Spanish language radiostations in the USA with world class news services,compelling sports, entertainment and communityprogramming, as well as a variety of musicalformats. GLR Networks is part of PRISA Radio, holding company for Grupo PRISA’s radio assets. Every day, 26 million people tune into PRISA Radio’s more than 1,275 stations around the world. With over 75 years of experience, PRISA Radio is the leading Spanish language content producer and distributor worldwide. Our radio formats have cemented our leadership position in news, sports, talk, music and special events coverage in every country in which we operate. We offer you access to our large and unrivaled network of top journalists, radio personalities and sports commentators around the world. We bring to your station exclusive access to premier content and sports rights including Los Torneos de la Primera División de Fútbol Mexicano.Grupo PRISA is the #1 Spanish languagecontent production and distribution companyin the world, operating in 22 countries. Ourbrands are among the most trusted names inSpanish language media worldwide.
  3. 3. OUR BRANDSEvery day, over 26 million people tune into ourprogramming. Our brands are market leaders in radio.The Grupo PRISA brands are among the most trustednames in Spanish language media worldwide.
  4. 4. INDEXNEWS SERVICESMinuto 60Hora MundoHora MéxicoSPORTSFútbol MexicanoFútbol Mexicano ¡al día! con Jorge CamposMinuto DeportivoHEALTHSalud y FamiliaENTERTAINMENTFlash GruperoMUSICDe Paisano a Paisano40 PrincipalesBásico 40
  5. 5. NEWS SERVICESMinuto 60 is our top-of-the-hour headlinenewscast covering the most important nationaland international news. Minuto 60 tailors it’squick and energetic newscast to the interestand daily lives of Hispanics in America.Minuto 60 has the valuable support and accessto GLR’s vast network of talk/news/sportsjournalists and correspondents in 22 countries.We bring America and the world to yourlisteners every hour, on the hour.Our News Services offer you the best qualityand the most varied and tailored offeringsavailable in America.Day: Monday - FridayLength of Newscast: 5 minutes (Including two 00:60 network spots)Number of Daily Newscasts: 15 per dayClearance Time: Every hour, on the hour, between: 4:00 am – 6:00 pm Pacific 5:00 am – 7:00 pm Mountain 6:00 am – 8:00 pm Central 7:00 am – 9:00 am EasternDelivery: Live, via Satellite (option for Web delivery is available)
  6. 6. News Services…Hora Mundo is a 4 minute summary ofthe World’s top news stories of the day.It brings together the best of Grupo PRISA’sworld news coverage with its team ofworld class journalists and correspondents.Day: Monday – FridayLength of Newscast: 5 minutes(including one 00:60 network spot)Clearance Time: To be aired once a day,at affiliate’s discretion between7:00 am – 7:00 pm local timeDelivery: Via Web download
  7. 7. News Services…With the support of our W Radio Network inMéxico, we offer Hora México as a 4 minutedaily recap of Mexican national news, state-by-state. For all affiliate stations with a strongMexican audience, Hora México: ¡conecta atu gente con su pueblo!Day: Monday – FridayNumber of Daily Newscasts: 2 per dayLength of Newscast: 5 minutes(including one 00:60 network spot)Clearance Time: To be aired twice a day, between: -First Edition: 7am–10am Local Time -Second Edition: 12pm– 3pm Local TimeDelivery: Via Web download
  8. 8. SPORTSCoverage of Mexican 1st Division Soccer League.GLR is home to the Exclusive Radio Rights for Chivas de Guadalajara,and we also cover 6 other Top teams!We bring listeners live coverage of the Mexican First Division Soccer Team matches,directly from the stadiums throughout Mexico: Highlights, stats and commentaries, plusin-depth interviews and a look-ahead to the prime time match-ups to be played thefollowing weekend. Program includes a 30 minute pre-game and a 15 minute post –game. Broadcasts are produced in the US with narration by renowned experts SamuelJacobo and Hipólito Gamboa and commentaries by legendary Jorge Campos, withthe support of our coverage in Mexico. The team from Estadio W in Mexico, made upof renowned sports persona, is lead by Francisco Javier Gonzalez, one of the mostpopular and respected sportscasters in the country.2.5 Hour Program / Sat-Sun (3 games per weekend)Live Air Time: According to schedule of selected gamesDelivery: Live, via SatelliteBarter Requirement: 24 minutes per game
  9. 9. Sports…Futbol Mexicano is hosted by:Samuel Jacobo Hipólito Gamboa Jorge Campos F.J. González
  10. 10. Sports…Fútbol Mexicano ¡al día! brings listeners up-to-datecoverage of Mexican Soccer - including the First DivisionLeague and the National Team (TRI), as well as all the newsabout Mexican players that succeed all over the world:Highlights, scores and interviews, brought by legendaryJorge Campos, with the support of established andexperienced sports journalist, Samuel Jacobo. Togetherthey will bring the most current news on soccer every day.Day: Monday - FridayLength: 2.5 minutesNumber of Newscasts: 5 per dayClearance Time: To be aired between 6AM and 7PM (Local Time)Delivery: Internet DownloadBarter Requirement: 1 minute per feature
  11. 11. Sports…Minuto Deportivo is GLR’s revolutionary Sports Newscast service. A quick andenergetic overview of the day’s sporting events. It brings listeners results,highlights, information about upcoming matches and the latest news on Sportsin just one minute! A huge spectrum, with the participation of Grupo PRISA’sworld renowned correspondents.Its agile length makes it the perfect choice for Talk or even Music formats, bothin AM and FM. These six (6) :60 second daily sports features easily adjust to therest of the station’s programming.Day: Monday – FridayLength of Program: 1 minuteNumber of Daily Newscasts: 6 per dayStart Time: Pacific Mountain Central Eastern 4:00 AM 5:00 AM 6:00 AM 7:00 AMClearance Time: To be aired between7:00 am – 7:00 pm local timeDelivery: Internet downloadBarter Requirement: 1 minute
  12. 12. HEALTH A Service for Hispanic FamiliesFirst Ever Latino President of the American Cancer SocietyDr. Elmer Huerta hosts Salud y Familia, a health-topic showthat looks to answer our listeners’ questions and healthconcerns, all while helping our community. Salud y Familia gives listeners the opportunity to ask the doctor all their questions related to health and wellness and finds a way for listeners to learn how to prevent the most common health conditions that affect Latinos in the U.S. and Latin America. This would include cancer, heart disease, diabetes, HIV AIDS, and tuberculosis. The final goal of his show is to improve the listeners’ general wellbeing and quality of life. This is a show that GLR offers through its affiliated stations network to help Hispanic families, showing our commitment to the Hispanic Community in the US. Day: Monday - Friday Length of Program: 1 hour Clearance Time: Pacific Mountain Central Eastern 10 AM-11 AM 11AM-12 N 12-1 PM 1-2 PM Delivery: Live, via Satellite / Web Download Barter Requirement: 7 min
  13. 13. ENTERTAINMENTFlash Grupero is an informative and yet fun feature on Mexican Regional Music. Allthe news and the gossip about listener’s favorite artists, in just ninety seconds!Expert Gerardo Rojas, best known by his fans as El Gigio de la Calle, gives us aquick and energetic review to the latest releases, concerts… and more! The showcreates a connection between Mexicans on both sides of the border, even thoughthey are separated territorially; they are still emotionally united through thisplatform.The agile length of Flash Grupero makes it the perfect choice for AM and FM Musicformats. These three (3) ninety second daily features easily adjust to the rest of yourstation’s programming.Clearance Time: To be aired between 5-11 AM LT or 3-7PM LTDelivery: Internet DownloadBarter Requirement: 1 minute per featureSpot Time: To be aired within the hour of clearance
  14. 14. MUSICThis program broadcasts live, in Mexico andthe US, featuring the best of regionalMexican music and more. Don’t missunique segments like Tu Banda en tu Tierra,Que Buenas Emociones and Que BuenaSorpresa. The show is hosted by “LosHermanos Escamilla” – El Coyote y ElCharal.Day: SundayLength of Program: 2 hoursLive Air Start Time: Pacific Mountain Central Eastern 5:00-7:00 PM 6:00-8:00 PM 7:00-9:00 PM 8:00-10:00 PMDelivery: Live, via SatelliteBarter Requirement: 3 minutes per hour
  15. 15. Music…40 Principales is a new CHR/Pop countdownof the Top 40 Hits of the week that GLRlaunches in the US, after proven success inSpain, Mexico, Colombia and Costa Rica,among other countries. The show is hosted byexpert Hugo Martinez.Music and More…to Tune-in  The top hits and new music releases  Inside scoop and news  Exclusive interviews with the biggest artistsLength of Program: 2 hoursClearance Time: To be aired between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm local time,Saturday or Sunday.Delivery: Via Web (Available for download every Friday by midnight)Local Inventory: 6 minutes per hour (Total of 12 minutes per weekly show).Network Inventory: 3 minutes per hour + 5x one minute spots to be aired onea day Monday to Friday (Total of 11 minutes per weekly show).
  16. 16. Music….40 Principales, the largest group of Latin popstations worldwide, produces a live forbroadcast, “unplugged” concert, with the toppop artists of our time in Televisa’s legendaryEstudio Azul y Plata. Recent concerts havefeatured top artists such as Juanes, RBD, Julieta Aleks SynteckVenegas, Café Tacuba, Sin Bandera and AleksSyntek, among others. The program airs liveacross all countries where 40 Principales ispresent, and listeners throughout the Americascan call-in to ask their favorite artist their mostpressing questions. Paulina Rubio Frequency: 4 to 6 Times per year Length of Program: 1 hour Delivery: Live, via Satellite, ISDN or CD Julieta Venegas Barter Requirement: 5 minutes RBD
  17. 17. DELIVERY ALTERNATIVESI. LIVE VIA SATELLITE:GLR Networks uses the Intelsat Americas 5Satellite, located at 97º degrees East, providingoptimum elevation angle from the East andWest coasts.  Uplink of programs with two channels 211and 212  Space segment on Intelsat Americas 5, KU-Band  24/7 technical support and customer service center  Private label receiver/dish packagesReceive-Site EquipmentIf you do not have the necessary equipment toreceive our signal, we will provide you with aMEPG II/DVB Platform with compliant receiver  30-inch elliptical dish antenna  Single Output KU LNBF  Nagravision Encryption  Remote Control  75 m Elliptical Antenna  Easy Installation
  18. 18. DELIVERY ALTERNATIVESII. LIVE VIA ISDN - DIGITALYou can also receive via ISDN line, with reliablequality auto transmission for AM and FM stations.  ISDN compatible codec  Must have digital lineIII. LIVE VIA HOTLINE - ANALOGFinally, we will also deliver via hot-line:  POT Comrex codec  Use a regular telephone/fax business line  Automatic coupler lineIV. WEB DOWNLOADS – for deferred transmission:  Access:  MP3 format audio  Go to: Affiliates >> Downloads Our Affiliate Sales Team will provide you with your own access code!
  19. 19. AFFILIATE CONTACTSMarilyn Santiago786 536