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Learn The Millionaire Mindset and Take Your Business TOTALLY To New Levels And Achieve TOTAL PROSPERITY! Have A Life Of Abundance and Adventure, Rather Than One Of Maintenance. JOIN US:
or For More Info: Call 888-216-3062 x202

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  1. 1. Are You A SMALL BUSINESS Owner or Entrepreneur? • Are You Satisfied With Your Income? • Do You Get Vacations Or The Time Off You Deserve? IF NOT, I Want To Give You A HELPING HAND To Learning How To Take Your Business and Goals To TOTALLY New Levels And Achieve Do You Ask The Question, What Would A Millionaire Do? • If You Knew What A Millionaire Knows… • And You Thought What A Millionaire Thinks… • And You Did What A Millionaire Does… • YOU WOULD HAVE WHAT A MILLIONAIRE HAS!
  2. 2. Do You Know The Money Making Vehicles of Entrepreneur Success? The Ins and Outs of the Most Lucrative Opportunities • Available To You Right Now Used By Leading Experts. • IT DOESN’T TAKE MONEY TO MAKE MONEY, • IT TAKES THE ABILITY TO TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION IN INTELLIGENT WAYS. Do You Like To Be A Master Of Influence? • You Will Realize There Is A Way To Sell Anyone Anything. • THESE SKILLS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CREATING BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN REVENUE • The Secrets To Creating Deep Emotional Hooks In The Subconscious Mind For Irresistible Selling.
  3. 3. Could You Use A Better Credit Score, or Credit Repair and Enhancement? • Find The Resource That Will Provide You With A Powerful Program For Credit Concerns, Questions, and Challenges Improve Your Personal or Business FICO Score! • Do You Need To Conduct Your Business Through The Use Of Asset Protection and Tax Planning? You Will Get The Answers To The Who, What, • Where, When, Why, and How Questions. • Teaching You To Implement The Various Wealth Tools Of The Affluent. Acquire Much Needed Information On How To • Actually Conduct Your Business and Everyday Affairs Through The Use Of Legal Entities Will Be The Emphasis.
  4. 4. This Educational Experience Is All Available In A 2-Day Course, Taught by “The Millionaire Maker”, Marshall SYLVER. Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Will Learn How To Run Their Business(es) SMARTER – NOT HARDER. • You Will Learn Vital Tools To Build A Successful Business (Marketing, Prospecting, Lead Generation, and Closing). • Learn Foundational Skills On Asset Protection and Tax Planning • Ways To Increase Your FICO Score and Enhance Credit Availability. • Untimately, Learn How To Live A Life Full Of Abundance and Adventure, Rather Than One Of Maintenance.
  5. 5. When You Attend The Receive 5 Albums Of Training Materials (Includes 30 CDs and 8 DVDs) WWMD – What Would A Millionaire Do? VOW – Vehicles Of Wealth Irresistible Influence Credit Repair & Enhancement Asset Protection & Tax Planning
  6. 6. YOU ASK….How Much Is All This? • With The 5 Album Training Set (Includes 30 CD’s and 8 DVD’s as listed on preceding page.) With The TOTAL PROSPERITY • Course? (The 2-day Educational Experience Class.) The Seminar Investment: $1995.00 “Sounds GOOD, but I can’t do this now”, You Say! You Should Put Yourself First! And To Take Advantage Of This Opportunity, I Want To Offer YOU A SYLVER Helping Hand. In Return, This Gives You The Tools To Build A Successful Business and Learn How To Fill Your Life With Vacations and Time Off And Still Have Your Income. Can YOU Bring Others To Enroll In The TOTAL PROSPERITY Course?
  7. 7. Marshall SYLVER, The “Millionaire Maker” and has created an Opportunity For You And Your Referrals (Taking The Course) To Enroll & , His Seminar Company For 2009! Marshall Is Known As: The #1 Leading Expert On Subconscious Reprogramming and Irresistible Influence. Sylver Has Entertained, Educated, and Transformed The Lives of Thousands Of People For Over Twenty Years. He Is the Author Of Passion, Profit, and Power, and Through Informercials Has Sold Over A Million Copies Of His Personal Development Programs Worldwide. Marshall’s Teachings On Personal Development Have Been The Main Attribute To His Worldwide Acclaim.
  8. 8. He Has Now Created One of The Largest Entrepreneurial Opportunities Of All Time. You Can Make $1000. In Commissions For • Each Referral You Sign Up To Take The Course. • Just Signing Up One Person Is 50% Of Your Seminar Investment Returned To You. There Is Also A Sponsor Bonus For Your • Referral Signing Up One Person. You Will Earn An Override Commission Of $400. This is An Additional 20% Commissions To You. • This is A Total Payout of $1400. To You For Just One Sign Up Referral! Just Do The Math!
  9. 9. A 2-day Educational Experience, with All 5 Training Albums of CDs and DVDs, for only $595.00 Very Small Investment For The Opportunity To Learn The Expert Millionaire Mindset and Take Your Business TOTALLY To New Levels! DO THIS Again and Again, Making An Additional $1400.00 In Commissions For Each Referral For All Of 2009! For More Info: Call 888-216-3062 x202 It is a Business Opportunity To Make A Difference In YOUR Financial Future. DON’T DELAY! You Only Have 2009 To Make These Large Commissions!