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Do's and Don'ts of Interviewing for Mutual Fund Managers

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Do's and Don'ts of Interviewing for Mutual Fund Managers

  1. 1. Put Your Best Foot Forward Put your best foot forward You’ve secured a media interview – get prepared! The Do’s & Don’ts of Interviewing
  2. 2. Media interviews aren’t easy to get. Leverage the moment: Position yourself as a thought leader • Email the interview to clients & prospects • Post the interview on your website • Use as a handout at industry conferences
  3. 3. DON’T: Engage in hyperbole DO: Be truthful and honest
  4. 4. Don’t: Use promissory language DON’T: Use promissory language DO: Use words like “we believe” or “may”
  5. 5. DON’T: Predict the future DO: Say “I/we feel” or “in our opinion”
  6. 6. DON’T: Say anything is certain DO: Say “has the potential to,” or “we see potential opportunities for”
  7. 7. DON’T: Discuss non-fund performance (i.e.: SMAs, predecessor accounts) DO: Remember to say “historically” when discussing beating benchmarks or peers
  8. 8. DON’T: Say we’re #1, top, best DO: If you can provide the backup to prove it
  9. 9. DON’T: Quote any yields. It can be very complex to add appropriate disclosures to reprints. DO: Save that information for one-on-one meetings
  10. 10. Don’t: Use promissory language DON’T: Discuss stocks you’re about to trade DO: Discuss your top 10 holdings
  11. 11. DON’T: Call yourself an expert DO: Tell about the tenure of your team or experience over varied market cycles
  12. 12. DON’T: Say “unique” or “first” in your process or strategy DO: Say “one of the few” or “among the first”
  13. 13. Why choose SunStar Strategic? Adhering to permissible compliance language is a delicate dance. We’ve been helping our clients hone their interview skills for over 25 years. Give us a call and we’ll help ensure you put your best foot forward. Strategy | Message development | Proactive media outreach | Coaching | Marketing Follow us on LinkedIn