Gamers can change the world!


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This is a talk I prepared for Trampoline in Melbourne September 2010. It's about designing and developing serious games to produce epic social wins!

Gamers can change the world!

  1. 1. marigo raftopoulos saving the world - one gamer at a time
  2. 2. this is the face that can save the world TED Talk2010, jane mcgonigal, institute for the
  3. 3. and here are some more
  4. 4. a generation of gamers with 10,000 hours of gameplay by age 21 same amount of hours they spent at school jane mcgonigal, institute for the future
  5. 5. game mechanics is the new thing engagement empowerment inducing flow social create experiences safe-fail play
  6. 6. induce immersion produce an EPIC WIN!
  7. 7. serious games can create a possibility space game designers are expert in creating possibility spaces: inspire imagine create
  8. 8. a space with unlimited boundaries where we can view the world differently
  9. 9. of course, serious games must be fun and engaging
  10. 10. but life isn’t always fun
  11. 11. and we still induce terror on each other
  12. 12. and it doesn’t have to be this way
  13. 13. superstruct, world without oil experiments show that gamers can be engaged in collective innovative decision making
  14. 14. do gamers let this happen in their games? RTFM noob
  15. 15. or this? fail, L2P!
  16. 16. not this owned! u suck
  17. 17. or this epic fail
  18. 18. we can create a better planet by playing better games let’s take on jane mcgonigal’s challenge
  19. 19. gamers may have had an image issue
  20. 20. but our current generation view games differently
  21. 21. gamers can create empires
  22. 22. build communities and civilisations
  23. 23. they are engaged
  24. 24. they are empowered
  25. 25. old skool isn’t cutting it any more
  26. 26. we’ve moved beyond producing widgets
  27. 27. collaboration is the key real life virtual augmented
  28. 28. we have the tools we need
  29. 29. the blurring of boundaries between real and virtual is a key enabler
  30. 30. experience from abc opportunity for x|media serious games comp collaboration
  31. 31. let’s build a guild of gamers to produce an epic win an australian serious games initiative? australian institute for the future? national collaborative of gamers, designers, developers, writers, poets & dreamers?
  32. 32. thank you! @marigo 0412 183 735