The knowledge tree exercise


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For the City of Melbourne

The knowledge tree exercise

  1. 1. The Knowledge TreeKnowledge Questions Tag Ideas or Better QuestionsQuestions must be accessible and topical to We will provide blank tags at the base of the tree,generate interest. We can start with these: all color coded to identify the four key questions“How do we make Melbourne a... or topics. We will ask participants to (a)* Playful City contribute ideas or (b) ask a better question.* Entrepreneurial City There will be uncolored blank tags for new* Healthy City topics. Participants will be told of the exercise at* Sustainable City my lightening talk, and encouraged at various stages during the day to participate & share. A Knowledge Tree that Grows The Knowledge Tree exercise can be repeated at several events leading to the Gamification Summit and the Games for Change Festival. The tree is about 1m in height and should sit on a table. We can allow the Knowledge Tree to continually fill with tags (adds to its visual impact) and we will process the tags within a month of the event to come up with: • A shortlist of robust questions • A list of preliminary ideas or solutions We can then work with the City of Melbourne to select the best questions to drive the “City Challenge Game” at the November events. A great example of ongoing community contribution to City Challenges. Marigo Raftopoulos * 0412 183735 *