Social Business Design Introduction


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This is an introductory presentation on SBD that I will be making at a knowledge management roundtable later this month. All feedback welcomed!

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  • Great Presentation!!
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  • I like the focus on possibility spaces and see the angle on how serious gaming fits into SBD.

    I'd like to see informal practices fit into the Elements of SBD on slide 12. Not sure how that would work. However, from my point of view, the collaborative solutions that emerge from solving exceptional problems are driven by informal practices that develop at the edges of a possibility space. I'm skeptical that serious gaming is likely to address the issue.

    I've looked, for example, at IBM's Innov8, especially the customer service module, and the range of possibilities supported is fairly restricted. In my mind, for serious gaming to incorporate SBD it needs to practice it as part of its own strategy. To me that means the possibility space needs to permit 'gamers' to co-create the assumptions governing the game. Unfortunately, that pushes the whole endeavor towards the Chaotic rather than Complex domain.
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  • Thank you all for your wonderful feedback, you rock!
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  • Well done!
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  • Marigo - a well done summary of the idea of SBD and what it is and its departure from 'business as usual'. The gaming analogy really drives the points that you make home. I think it is equally important that you covered some underlying business needs that have not shifted ast all - innovation being one. SBD will be a better means to those ends.
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  • Social Business Design Introduction

    1. 1. Social Business Design: Marigo Raftopoulos Strategic Essentials An introduction to business renewal November 2009
    2. 2. What is social business design? • Evolved out of classical thinking about the social nature of humanity • Workplace organisation, management & technology need to better integrate and adapt to the social needs, preferences and nature of people • The new economy requires a different approach to building knowledge systems, social capital and human capability • Learning capability is the true capital of a firm - open systems, interactions between employees and between employees and stakeholders
    3. 3. Related to Design Thinking • A process of practical, creative resolution of problems or issues that looks for an improved result • A combination of empathy, creativity and rationality to meet user needs and drive business success
    4. 4. What does SBD influence? • Organisation structure Creating Spaces • Job,workflow & process design Creating Experiences • Organisational culture & values Facilitating Community • Organisational systems & technology Enabling Participation • Ensuring your business remains a viable enterprise that is future-ready
    5. 5. Key drivers for SBD • The end of business as usual - the post-industrial model of competition & consumption becomes unsustainable • Turbulent business environments driven by shifts in technology, economics & community values • Rethink our business models & core value propositions • Shifting expectations of staff (work- life balance) and stakeholders (ethics, accountability & sustainability)
    6. 6. SBD drives business innovation SBD redefines business culture Culture drives innovation
    7. 7. And there is no destination. SBD Continuous renewal & is being in perpetual beta adaption
    8. 8. This is what SBD is... Building & leveraging Facilitating community, Open plan, open source distributed intelligence networks & sociability and open engagement
    9. 9. This is what it isn’t... Command, control & Heirarchy and power Fear, secrecy & closed bureaucracy networks
    10. 10. 20 years in the making of SBD • Organisational development • Learning organisations • Systems dynamics & systems thinking • Social & organisational network analysis • Design for creativity & innovation • Complexity science in business • One for the geeks - Cluetrain Manifesto anyone?
    11. 11. Aren’t we social already? • The post industrial model of business tends to be ‘anti-social’ - mechanistic, hierarchal, paternalistic, closed systems • This hidden legacy is contained within existing structures, processes and systems that are anchored to the ‘best practice’ of the past • The legacy system was designed for stable, simple, planned environments • We are now in an era of complexity that requires businesses to be designed for innovation & agility - and sustainability
    12. 12. Key elements of SBD: spaces, community, experiences, participation !!3'(@%>(5'?% !!=,)5;&1(.-'% !!A'1B,#C'?% !!=,&&(>,#(.-'% !!D$*&'% !!:(&;'5%>(5'?% Experience & !"#$%"$#&% '$("$#&% E=#'(.)$% EG(/*&*1(.)$% participation 70(/'5F% =,@@;)*12F% stimulates the senses by creating an emotional connection to the ,#-%&**&*% !)*"&+*% task at hand. This creates E=#'(.)$% EH)(>&*)$% intrinsic value and HI0'#*')/'5F% 9(#./*0(.,)F% motivation !!9(#./*0(1,#2% !!"#$%&'(#)*)$% !!:,&;)1(#2% !!+)),-(.-'% !!7'&<%#'$;&(.)$% /(0(/*12% !!3'/4%1,,&5%6%78%
    13. 13. The role of technology in SBD • Technology is an enabler, not a systemic solution • Outdated corporate IT & intranets are not communication & collaboration friendly • Brilliant new collaborative, KM & communication tools help enable SBD • Wikis, packaged content • Blogs, widgets, mini-sites • RSS, data feeds, open APIs • Social bookmarking • Social networks
    14. 14. Let’s look at this a Just for Fun! different way...
    15. 15. Game designers are experts in SBD • Definition of a “game”: • a possibility space • a series of meaningful paths & choices • a series of patterns, problems & puzzles to solve • a form of practice for real life challenges • a system in which players engage in gameplay defined by rules that result in a quantifiable outcome
    16. 16. SBD elements by a Game Designer: Possibility Give players the tools Empower so they want Create a space to to create an empire to save the world explore & experiment their own way
    17. 17. SBD elements by a Game Designer: Participation Emergent gameplay Non linear story telling Player created content entices & stimulates fascinates & exercises the engages through action & strategy players mind co-creation
    18. 18. It’s about creating a possibility ...and discovery space open to interpretation, reinvention & recreation
    19. 19. We are fighting a losing battle What game designers against the human brain; it continually soaks up new know... patterns, puzzles & gameplay
    20. 20. New frontiers, new possibilities • Game designers create possibility spaces where people discover, create & solve their own puzzles - rather than plan it all for them • Possibility spaces do not pre- determine problems & solutions, they let them emerge • Player centered content creates infinite possibilities & permutations - and engagement • Seen in the growth in popularity of multiplayer games, augmented reality, simulations & virtual reality
    21. 21. Games (and business) need to be designed to allow people to engage with These are precursors for their innate knowledge, intelligence & innovation & productivity capabilities - and each other
    22. 22. possibility space design culture experience interraction innovation social business summary design
    23. 23. Design for tomorrow • Current research: social & ecological sustainability are inextricably linked • New ideas on sustainable development need to come from bottom up within businesses: • employee empowerment • community collaboration • organisational culture & values • integration with core business • Organisations need to be fully sustainable and sustaining • Baseline level of social & technical competence is essential to build innovative capacity - delivered by SBD
    24. 24. Thank You! Marigo Raftopoulos Strategic Essentials Strategic|Games|Lab Twitter: @marigo