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Galapagos Presentation To ABC & Screen Australia


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Serious game proposal

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Galapagos Presentation To ABC & Screen Australia

  1. 1. (Title page) Galapagos (add one line synopsis)
  2. 2. The Idea Doctoral research Sustainable, competitive food chains Business Sustainability strategy strategy Strategic, innovative, Triple bottom line, sustainable entrepreneurial cities Engagement? Better ways to strategize, learn & communicate “Next Gen Leaders”
  3. 3. Why Serious Games? • Fail-safe learning • Explore environment possibilities Playfulness Imagination Simulation Creativity • Extend • Extend beyond comprehension bounded reality
  4. 4. Our serious game model Cognitive engagement Reflection Strategic Motivation Feedback/ Learning learning goals Results Outcomes Comprehension Learning by doing Sources: Clark Aldrich, Marc Prensky on game-based learning
  5. 5. Pedagogy • Learning through game play, user experience and player engagement • Target audience: Ages 12 and up (potential business applications) • Raise awareness and knowledge of threat to our food supplies due to unsustainable business and environmental practices • Inform consumer decision making on purchasing and consumption decisions • Engage in public policy debate and development
  6. 6. The pitch • By 2121 our planet is struggling to feed itself and our survival depends on the colonization and resource management of the nearby planet of Galapagos…
  7. 7. Imagine…. • ‘Jurassic Park’ • Meets ‘Railroad Tycoon’ • Via ‘Civilization’ • Meets Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Truth’
  8. 8. GAMEPLAY: Example - Jurassic Park
  9. 9. GAMEPLAY: Example – Railroad Tycoon
  10. 10. User Experience • Goal: – Sustainability • Method: – Resource management • Experience: – Point, click, play
  11. 11. Player Success • Keep triple-bottom line scorecard balanced – Economic – Environmental – Social • Build a successful, sustainable and profitable business empire – And keep your job as the CEO • Save the planet
  12. 12. Player Failure • Economic: bankruptcy, looting, crime • Environment: Droughts, floods, bushfires, cyclones • Social: Riots, protests, malnutrition • You’re fired!!
  13. 13. Scalability • Core game play • Number of missions • Type of media for in-game info • Depth of story
  14. 14. Player engagement • Artistic expression • Creative pleasure, satisfaction • Fun through empire building, sandbox • Integration of video
  15. 15. Game development • Blue Tongue Jurassic Park Game – one of the most successful simulation games • Game engine for Galapagos to be determined – Variety of options available – Driven by game play & budget
  16. 16. The team • Concept Design & Executive Producer: Marigo Raftopoulos, Strategic|Games|Lab • Game Design: Joe Velikovsky& Chris Mosely • Game Development: Chris Mosely, RedtribeGame Studios • Subject matter consultant: Marcus Gibson