Advantech Design & Manufacturing Services for Medical Devices


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Advantech can help you get the most out of your technology investment. We offer customized design, own manufacturing plants, quality assurance, logistics and after sales support.

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Advantech Design & Manufacturing Services for Medical Devices

  1. 1. Design & Manufacturing ServicesAdvantech can help you get the most out of yourtechnology investments throughcustomized design, manufacturing, qualityassurance, logistics, and after-sales support.With our highly trained experts andcomprehensive global network, Advantech GlobalServices supports customers around theworld to maximize business success.
  2. 2. Healthcare Computing Solutions
  3. 3. Various Digital Healthcare SolutionsMedical Devices PIT (Patient Infotainment Terminal) HIS (Clinic/Hospital)Fitness Console Special Care Home Care
  4. 4. Design & ManufacturingYour server for• Medical devices• Hospital information systems• Fitness devices
  5. 5. Design & ManufacturingYour Medical PC• Medical devices• Hospital information systems• Fitness devices• Patient Infotainment• Special Care devices
  6. 6. Medical Panel PC Scenarios 15”~17” Wireless RFID(patient identified) Alarm light Silent in the room 15” HD display Touch screen Programmablehot-keys 15”~17” Touch screen Outdoor visibledisplay Wifi/Bluetooth Outstandingaudio /videoperformance 20”~24” Superior computingplatform Compliance ofmedical regulation Customized interfaceof device integration Intuitive humaninterface with multi-touch option 15”~17” EHR/EMR Emergency Bottom Wireless/ Bluetooth RFID Camera Handset MSR/ SmartcardReader Fanless and silent
  7. 7. Design & Manufacturing• Other concepts
  8. 8. Medical Tablet PC Scenario 10.4”~12” Wide viewingangle Touch screen &Digitizer Camera/Webcam Wifi/Bluetooth Fingerprint/RFID/barcode scanner Smart card reader Lightweight 7”~10.4” Touch screen Bar codescanner/RFID Wifi/Bluetooth Multi-media player Lightweight Emergency button 7”~10.4” Touch screen Outdoor visibledisplay Camera Wifi/Bluetooth Lightweight 10.4 ~12”” Touch screen Outdoor visibledisplay Wifi/Bluetooth Outstanding audioperformance 7”~10.4” Touch screen Emergency button Landlineconnectivity Wifi/Bluetooth,Zigbee, NFC etc.
  9. 9. We offerFlexibility Total solution approach backed by global networkCapability Design & local customizationReliability Solid infrastructure and quality assuranceEfficiency One-stop shopping solutions
  10. 10. Global PresenceSales offices, Manufacturing facilities, Service Centers, R&D
  11. 11. Design & Manufacturing in house!• Small-Volume Production• Board & System Products• DMS / DTOS Projects• Engineering Sample Services• Complex Product Lines• Flexible & Quick Production• Mid-to-High-Volume Production• Board & System Products• Chassis Design & Production• DMS / DTOS Projects• Mature Product Lines• Cost-Effective ProductionTaipei, Taiwan Kunshan, china
  12. 12. · ISO9001 (Quality)· ISO14001 (Environment)· ISO13485 (Medical)· ISO17025 (QA lab)· TL9000 (Telecom)· OHSAS18001 (Health & Safety)· QC080000 (Green)Global Quality Certifications
  13. 13. 3D ME drawing DesignRendering/MockupCheck RealizationIdeas DevelopmentBoard ThermalSimulationAirflow Simulation System ThermalSimulationMechanical Engineering & System Design
  14. 14. Embedded BIOS Embedded OS Industrial Cloud Application• EFI Core Architecture• EFI BIOS Utility• Embedded Controller• Microsoft Embedded OS• VxWorks• RTX• Linux•Android• CloudBuilder• iManager• SUSIAccess• Emb’Store• SUSI API LibraryEmbedded Software Services
  15. 15. Design Quality Validation SkillsPhoenix SpecialProduct DesignGlobal RegulationPhoebus SpecialProduct DesignHALT TestIP TestFunction TestWave Form MeasurementH/W CompatibilityEnvironment TestApplication-Specific Test(e.g., Medical/Auto/Ship/Transport)Global Approved LabPower/EMC/Network ReliabilityThird Party LabEMC/RoHS/Safety ReliabilityAdvantech UniqueVery Standard
  16. 16. In-house HALT chamberHighly Accelerated Life Test Earlier Product Introduction Quickly discover design & process limitations Increase product reliability (MTBF) Reduce development time & cost Eliminate design problems before release tomanufacturing
  17. 17. On-Going Reliability Test Monitor and confirm the product reliability in Mass Production Sampling by lot or quantityHigh & LowTemp. Test• Spec +/-5℃• Power ON/OFF 100times• Operation 12hrsVibration &Drop Test•Assembly &PackagingRigidityEMI test &SafetyInspection•Ensure EMI &Safety uniformityVoltagemeasurement &InsideInspection•ConfirmproductionchangesX-Ray Test•SolderingInspection
  18. 18. Design & Manufacturing ServicesCall your Advantech Contact Windowfor more information, or call +31 76 532 3100Thank you