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Managing active data: storage, access, academic dropbox services


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PPTs from chairing session at JISC Managing Research Data (JISCMRD) Components of Institutional Research Data Services workshop, 24th October 2012

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Managing active data: storage, access, academic dropbox services

  1. 1. Managing active data:storage, access, academic dropbox services JISC MRD Workshop, Nottingham , 24th October 2012
  2. 2. Managing active dataWhat we know:• Researchers need to store data• They often do so on discs, memory sticks etc.• Institutions provide network storage• Researchers need to access data and share files• They often do so using email, discs, drop box etc.• Institutional systems are rarely provided
  3. 3. The Holy Grail? “What is needed is a tool to transparently synchronise local and network storage, effectively providing an offline cache which provides the convenience and speed of local disk access combined with the resilience of network attached storage”Jez Cope, Research360
  4. 4. Issues…• Large files & size of data• Managing storage locations• Cost of storage• Ease of use• Network transfer• Versions, conflict• Access rights• Metadata
  5. 5. DiscussionKey questions to explore relating to managing active data• what has worked/is working;• what lessons have been learnt and how generalisable are they;• what challenges remain;• how can these challenges may be approached and what do institution/project intend to do;• what DCC / MRD activity may help make the challenge more tractable.