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Lessons Learnt from LinkedUp



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Lessons Learnt from LinkedUp

  1. 1. Lessons learnt from LinkedUp Linking Web data for Education Marieke Guy MAC-Etel Conference, Prague, October 16-17, 2014
  2. 2. LinkedUp Linking web data for education ● EU-funded project – November 2012 – October 2014 ● Aim: forward the exploitation and adoption of public, open data available on the Web by educational organisations and institutions ● Project partners: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität (Germany), the Open University (UK), Open Knowledge, (UK), Elsevier (US), the Open Universiteit (Netherlands), Lattanzio Learning Spa (Italy). ● Open education data – data related to or used for education
  3. 3. LinkedUp
  4. 4. What are out Outputs? What is our impact?
  5. 5. LinkedUp Challenge Three consecutive competitions: Veni, Vidi, Vici ● Looking for interesting and innovative tools and applications that analyse and/or integrate open web data for educational purposes ● Aimed at anyone from researchers and students, to developers and businesses ● From innovative prototypes and tools through to large-scale deployable systems ● Creating set of ‘open web data success stories’
  6. 6. • Call > • Development period > • Submission date > • Evaluation > • Shortlist > • Deliberation > • Awards
  7. 7. LinkedUp Challenge Winners – success stories ● Veni winner: Polimedia, a tool that improves the analyses of radio and newspaper coverage of political debates in Holland ● Vidi open track winner: TuvaLabs, a tool which supports improvement of data literacy skills ● Vidi focused track winner: Electronic Discharge Letter (eDL) mobile app) ● Vici winners will be announced at the International Semantic Web Conference 2014 next week
  8. 8. LinkedUp Catalog Web datasets relevant to educational applications ● Catalogue of Web datasets relevant to educational applications ● Provided according to the standard of the Web of Data (Linked Data) ● Example data sets: bibliographic, geospacial, administrative, learning analytics, event related, TED talks ● Also available on Datahub Linked Education cloud ● Supported by LinkedUp Devtalk blog
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Evaluation Framework For evaluation of open Web data applications ● Consists of predefined evaluation procedures and benchmarking criteria ● Used in LinkedUp Challenge ● Requirements include: interdisciplinary coverage, integration of high-quality web data, integration with local data, context and filtering, scalability and performance and multilingualism. ● Reviewed after each stage of the challenge – resulting in a useful tool
  11. 11. LAK Challenge/Dataset Web datasets relevant to educational applications ● Linked Data (including full text) of all publications and journals in the Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining communities ● LAK Data Challenge - annual competition ● Asks “What do analytics on learning analytics tell us?” ● Interactive LAK Data workshop collocated with the LAK Conference
  12. 12. Open Education Working Group People, projects and initiatives ● Brings together people and groups interested in open education ● Wants to initiate cross-sector, cross-domain, global activity that encompasses the various facets of open education ● Active mailing list and Twitter feed, activities are co-ordinated through bimonthly working group calls ● Includes open data in education, open educational content, open learning and teaching practices and open accreditation. ● Activities include events, co-ordination of projects, handbook, initiatives
  13. 13. W3C Group Open Linked Education community ● Focus point for the community to collect, capture and adopt practices ● Brings together existing initiatives and practices currently employed to sharing education-related data on the web ● Includes vocabularies and best practices. ● The LinkedUp consortium will lead the community group from Summer 2014.
  14. 14. Open Education Handbook Collaboratively written living web document ● Targets educational practitioners and the education community at large ● Introduction to various open education topics including open education data, open education resources, learning and teaching practice, open source tools and open accreditation ● Online version and open ebook format that can be viewed online or printed
  15. 15. LinkedUp Toolbox Support tool for competition organisers ● For open data competition organisers ● Can be applied by those organising academic or industry competitions ● Has six sections each containing resources: Competition framework; Evaluation framework; Guidance schedule; Data; Promotion methodology; Legal and IPR. ● The resources are available in formats including video, text, mindmaps, tables, decision trees and Q&A
  16. 16. Coming to an end With results that will live on… LinkedUp has: ● Enabled the building of a multi-faceted, global community around open data in education ● Promoted a clearer understanding of the potential of open data in education ● Shared a unified project message: that we want to see open and linked data available in the education space and see it useful and used